The Famous Celebrities on You Tube Platform

You Tubers are internet celebrities who are well known for posting and sharing videos on YouTube platform.

Wendy Huang is an Australian You Tuber,who is very popular on social media platforms. Wengie has been on YouTube platform for five years. She is the establisher of one of the most visited sites specialized with beauty in YouTube. She is the pioneer of The Wonderful World of Wengie. Wengie has been working with clients at country level and international level. She has managed to establish many projects on media campaigns and platforms.

Wengie has been featured in enormous women publications. On her career, she has managed to work with various brands such as Colgate and Bonds. Wengie is also the Chief Executive Officer of Style Alley. Style Alley is the current marketplace where fashion selling and buying gets carried out. Wengie is a specialist in YouTube channels creation. Her channel has also featured as the 5th most subscribed YouTube channel in Australia.

Currently, A Sweden celebrity, PewDiePie is the most famous person in you tube. He is an independent citizen who has managed to trend and have the highest number of subscribers in the platform. DiePie is a video game commentator who pays a lot of attention to his fans. He has also formed a community in YouTube, where he answers frequently asked questions by his fans.

Many comedy stars have also managed to conquer in the world of entertainment. Their channels have been receiving the highest number of views and followers. Ray William Johnson and Jenna Marbles have been on the list of the most famous comedians in YouTube. William Johnson has managed a total of 10.7 million subscribers. Johnson hosts the Equal Three show. This show has made him a very popular You Tuber.

William Johnson has also featured other prominent celebrities such as Robin Williams and Silverman.

Yuya is another famous You Tuber, who posts beauty tutorials. She covers the same field with Wengie. Yuya is a Mexican beautician who owns a beauty tutorial channel and a secondary channel which features her brother Sergio. Being a 22 years old lady, she has managed 1.1 billion views and a total of 11.5 million subscribers. Mexican Television featured her because of her fame and better interaction with fans.

Eric Rap Battles, a You Tube series has been attracting an enormous number of fans. This series has managed a total of 1.9 billion views and 12.6 million subscribers who follow this series. The entertainment session is what attracts many people to this platform.

In conclusion, You Tubers educates people on social media platforms .

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