One Girl Faces an Entire Nation In Order to Live.

Hungry and starving a mother and her 13-year-old daughter cross the frozen Yalu River in the dark. The bitter cold numbs their fingers and toes as they make their pilgrimage from North Korea to China hoping to escape from the sexual abuse and political persecution. North Korea under Kim Jong Il’s regime is a nation predicated on torture, fear, deception, while expecting devotion from its citizens. These citizens are executed indiscriminately from starvation or disease. Once in China the two were forced in to human trafficking, 13-year-old Yeonmi Park watched her captor force her mother to the floor and rape her. Yeonmi and her mother, Byeon Keum Sook, were separated and Byeon sold as a slave-bride for less than the cost of an used Iphone. For Yeonmi and Byeon, it is better to face death than suffer at the hands of oppression. Eventually, the two came together and escaped in to Mongolia and then sent to South Korea. Where they began to live freely. Her 2014 speech at the One Young World Summit has two million views on Youtube. Yeonmi Parks has written a book titled “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”. Ms. Parks story has captivated millions of people around the world. Even her critics have crawled out of their spaces and accused Yeonmi of fictionalizing her story and being an agent of the United States. According to NY Yeonmi says “I know the truth of North Korea. The oppression and the tragedy. It cannot be silenced.” The now 22-year-old will not allow an entire nations suffering to be ignored by the outside world. Regardless of all the horror she has been through, Yeomni has faith in humanity.

Finding a Lawyer Who Is Right for Your Case

The vast majority of people who are in need of legal advice usually feel extremely nervous about their situation. For example, when an individual has been pulled over, arrested, and charged with a DUI, they have many things racing through their mind. They wonder if they are going to spend a lot of time in jail. They wonder if they are going to have to pay a hefty fine. They wonder if their license will be removed, if they will lose their job, if their insurance rates will go up, and how their reputation will be affected. All of these things can completely overwhelm a person. For this reason and many others, it is important for a person to get in touch with a well-qualified attorney like Ross Abelow.

It is important for people to understand that attorneys specialize in specific fields of law. A criminal attorney is going to have expertise in DUIs and cases where a person has been charged with a crime like theft, assault, or even murder. A lawyer who specializes in family law will be able to assist a person who is dealing with a divorce or child custody case. It is important for a person to understand that when they are involved in a legal situation, they cannot hire the first lawyer who is advertised online or any other place.

Something else that people need to realize is that it is important to hire an experienced attorney. Attorneys receive much training while they are in school. However, this does not mean they actually have what it takes to win a case. For this reason, an individual who needs legal services needs to ask about the experience the lawyer actually has. They need to find out how long the individual has been working as a lawyer, how many cases they have dealt with, and how many cases they have actually won.

Individuals can call attorneys in New York to receive a free consultation. This will allow them to explain that the exact circumstances they are in. From there, they will be able to give them advice that will help them decide if they actually have a case and what steps they need to take.

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Nobilis Healthcare Company Fighting to be among top Crème in the Industry

Most healthcare services in the United States are provided by the private sector. These companies according to Google own and operate hospitals, clinics as well as insurance companies. Although most community hospitals in the US are non-profit, 21 percent are profit. These companies are making deep investments in the economy and the industry and as a result have become extremely profitable. The US top healthcare companies are ranked in the fortune 500 companies list. This is largely due to adoption of new and affordable healthcare acts and regulations as well as new lucrative partnerships, mergers and acquisitions. Big pharmaceuticals and biotech companies have invested billions in research and development resulting in new medicine and technology. These developments have proven to be extremely profitable thus attracting deep-pocketed individuals and institutional investors. These companies are finding new and innovative ways to either maintain or improve on total sales amidst the waves of change blowing in the industry. The fact that there are about ten companies in the top 50 most lucrative companies proves the dominance of the healthcare sector in the economy. The healthcare industry is very profitable with equal opportunities for both investors and entrepreneurs. With services and developments like mobile health services, preference for services that are on demand at flat fees and data transparency, there is an ever increasing opportunities. These companies are meeting the sophisticated expectations of consumers to resist the status quo and make profits by curving out niches in the market.  However, most profitable companies are either pharmaceuticals or biotech companies. Companies that run hospitals and clinics are ranked further down in the industry and do not appear in the fortune’s list. Nobilis Health Corp is one company that has steadily risen up the industry through profitable partnerships and investments. The company is currently trading in the US stock markets. It is listed in both the TSX exchange and NYSE exchange. In 2014, it changed its name from Northstar Healthcare to Nobilis Health as part of its initiative to venture into the stock markets. The name change was aimed at removing any confusion with companies trading with the name Northstar. Nobilis owns and operatives ambulatory as well as acute care facilities, health clinics and surgical centers. It is situated in Houston, Texas, and has acquired a number of lucrative facilities to expand market share.

Recap of the 2015 Purina’s National Dog Show

The Purina News 2015 National Dog Show was another huge ratings success this year, and the winners certainly did not disappoint. The dog show has become a tradition on Thanksgiving day following the Macy’s New York parade broadcast. This was the 14th year this annual event brought a new type of sports to both pet lovers and sports enthusiasts across the nation. The event was hosted by John O’Hurley, David Frei, Mary Carillo, Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski.

As originally reported on Pets Lady, here are the winners in the seven competition groups, as well as the coveted Best in Show pooch.

The Hound Group
The Hound Group featured four winners, considered the oldest type hunting dog among other canines. The winner was Chelsea, a Scottish Deerhound. Second place went to the American Foxhound, third place to a Whippet, and fourth place was the Bloodhound.

The Working Group
These hearty and reliable dogs are best known for their utility status, being able to hunt and even protect livestock. The winner of the Working Group was a Newfoundland named Winslow. Second place went to the Samoyed, third place to a Doberman Pinscher, and fourth place was the Bullmastiff.

The Toy Group
These little competitors are among the cutest, basically lap dogs breed for competing. The winners in the adorable Toy Group were Sonnito the smooth coat Chihuahua in first place. Second place went to the Japanese Chin, third place to a Brussels Griffon, and fourth place was the Yorkshire Terrier.

The Terrier Group
The Terrier Group comprises a huge array of different variety terriers, and this years winner was Charlie the Skye Terrier. This breed are best known for their energetic and feisty personalities. Second place went to the Scottish Terrier, third place to a Smooth Fox Terrier, and fourth place was the American Staffordshire.

The Non-Sporting Group
The Non-Sporting group is the spillover from the Working Group, resulting in one of the largest and more diverse groups. The winner in this category was Ruby the French Bulldog. Second place went to the Coton de Tulear, third place to a Keeshonden, and fourth place was the Lhasa Apso.

The Herding Group
The Herding Group is made up of dogs whose sole purpose is moving and gathering livestock from one location to another. The winner in this group was a Beard Collie called Zack. Second place went to the Australian Shepherd, and third place to a Briard.

The Sporting Group
Gun dogs are bred to hunt waterfowl and game. The winner in this group was Matt the Ascob Cocker Spaniel. Second place went to the Gordon Setter, third place to a Wirehaired Pointing, and fourth place was the Curly-Coated Retriever.

The Best in Show
With over 150 breeds to choose from, finding the best of the best is a daunting task to say the least.

Choosing A Great Litigation Lawyer

Are you getting stressed out because of a serious legal issue you are facing? Need a highly competent lawyer in Brazil to help resolve your legal issue? When it comes to dealing with legal matters, there are good lawyers to help address the matter appropriately. However, you will need to do your research and ensure that you get the right lawyer.

Many people choose to speak with various attorneys about their circumstances due to the fact that some lawyers may be more qualified than others, and some legal representatives might furthermore charge less or offer clients payment plans that aren’t possible at other legal offices.

When you are ready to enlist the services of a law firm or lawyer, your next action could be to ask friends, family members, neighbors, and other professionals you deal with for referrals. Many people will be happy to recommend a good lawyer.

If you are dealing with a conflict or dispute that involves any type of business or corporate situation, then you will certainly need the legal advice or guidance of a business litigation lawyer to help clear up the problem. A litigation lawyer or attorney has a thorough knowledge of the rights procedures and other issues concerning business cases.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is well known for serving a quality client base of major corporations and multinational companies. Clients are frequently satisfied by Mr. Ricardo Tosto’s outstanding abilities, whether it’s handling a settlement process in the litigation case, or going after a tough case in court trial.

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