Breaking The Rules With Doe Deere

Doe Deere is an Internet sensation who has made her life’s work through the beauty industry and being herself. As a fashion blogger, she was subjected to many rules that she knew couldn’t all be right. Because she is a unique personality, she has branched out and broken many of these rules. While some things she sees as guidelines, she thinks that you should not make the fashion rules your bible in the way that you dress. She does have some favorite fashion rules that she loves to break no matter what she is doing or where she is at.

Fashion may tell you that you need to dress for the occasion, Doe Deere will tell you that you should dress however you want. Unless there is a specific dress code for the event that you are going to, feel free to dress how you would like. While it may be important that you don’t wear sweat pants to a black tie event, you should consider your options before you go out in the same slinky evening gown that every other woman will be wearing. Be lively and try to find something that will stand out in all of the right ways.

The general rule of thumb when it comes to makeup is that you should not wear a bold lip and a bold eye. The general rule of thumb when it comes to makeup with Doe Deere is that you should be wearing that bright pink eyeshadow with the lime green lipstick. If you want to have a smoky eye and a red lip, do it. The most important part of wearing two bold makeup options is to ensure that you feel confident about the choice you have made regarding your makeup.

If you have brightly colored hair, you may already be breaking a fashion rule. Fashion, though, has adjusted to unnatural hair because it is becoming so popular. What the fashion industry wants you to do, though, if you have unnaturally colored hair, is to wear only dark or neutral colors. Doe Deere doesn’t think you should be caught wearing only black just because you love your hair to be bold, bright and beautiful. She wants you to know that you can wear any colors you, please. Your hair has nothing to do with the outfits that you have chosen to wear.

With all of the fashion rules that Doe Deere breaks, she has made quite a wave in the fashion industry. Her followers are growing and she is picking up popularity, especially with her Lime Crime makeup line. This is something that she sees as a way to send off her middle finger to fashion. She knows what she likes and she does not want any fashion guru to tell her what she can or cannot wear.

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