Good Morals Always Pay Back

In the business as well as the finance sector there is a lot of bad reputation. This reputation is the reason Ms. Helane Morrison decided to expose the culprits in the act. She had been in the industry for thirty years already, but her virtues had never wavered. Instead, she was more determined and focused in keeping the sector as friendly as possible.

During the international economic crisis in 2007, many individuals were challenged since most of them lost their investments. Many of the investors were in a dilemma of whether their investments were safe as they depended on them for their plans. During this calamity, several disapproving actions were brought to light such as fraud, falsified documents, and a bevy of mishandled deals. These practices led the stock market to plummet to the ground. Additionally, many people lost their jobs and people lost faith in the financial sector. Almost instantly, investors liquidated their investment to gold instead.

The oncoming 2016 presidential elections did not make matters any better. It brought a lot of frustrations to investors and economists, and they could not calm down. These activities often take a toll on the economy leading a majority of the investors to hold on to their assets which in turn slows down the stock exchange market. The numerous scandals and chaos that were coming from the financial sector scared off potential investors from putting in their money.

On the other hand, the economy does not pay the laborers enough to sustain them, therefore becoming the aspect that saved the investment banking sector. Employees had to invest as a way to make additional income hence, became a favorite mode of accruing wealth among the middle class.

Ms. Helane had worked for about ten years in business trials and defense of private securities and eventually her passion was noted by the government where her hard work was put in the limelight by the government. She then earned a job at San Francisco office of the US Securities and Exchange. From this position, Ms. Morrison had the chance to protect individuals as well as several organizations from the hands of fraud.
She maintained this position for eleven years, being in charge of prestigious implementation strategies. Finally, Helane was reward by becoming the first Head of Commission and Regional Director.

After completing her degree and a doctorate in journalism, Ms. Morrison worked as the Editor in Chief Of the university’s law review where she gained her experience. She also gained a deep passion for equality hence keeping her in the industry. In 1991, she had worked impressively hence her position was raised to a full partner.