Lovaganza’s filming efforts geared towards the 2020 celebrations for unity

Lovaganza organization is the cocktail representation of all global cultures. Its social agenda is to create a future generation with seamless acceptance among nations of diverse culture.

The initial approach towards this uprising is by using the cultural qualities of the past, present, and future, hugely represented in entertainment with music and cinema as history, art, beauty and customary laws. Lovaganza aims to be the avenue that leads to a revolution ultimately by showcasing this art to the world

They have objectively geared their effort towards achieving the realizations with three celebrations, where they will showcase the world’s rich diversity. These are:
​Lovaganza 2020 for unity
Lovaganza 2025 for peace
Lovaganza 2030 for abundance

Apart from the celebrations, Lovaganza’s strategy has taken the shape of the old CINERAMA and the exciting WORLD’S FAIRS.
The 2020 four month celebration had been previously scheduled for 2015, but was postponed to use the fast emerging technology.

To make known this festival, as well as the Lovaganza mission, a Traveling Show will begin in 2017 followed by three movies showcased in the travels. The Immerscope technology will present the films in 3D and 2D theaters.


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The first movie titled “Follow Your Sunshine” was shot in Frigiliana, set in the 1950’s and released in September 2015.
The effect of Lovaganza’s agenda resonated with the community during filming in the small town. The actors were seen wearing costumes reflecting the culture of the native city. That stimulated the connection of the people to their roots.

Caravaca, a local, noted that Lovaganza production of the film would market their town as a tourist destination for a cultural adventure.

The spectacular convoy films began at Warner Bros studios in Hollywood, proceeded to Lampoc, Disney Ranch, Lancaster, and Agua Dulce all in California. They have also shot in Barcelona (Spain), Frigiliana (Spain), Grimuad in France, Tahiti, Utah and a Maasai Village in Kenya.

The 2020 festival will be concluded in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, and America as the Hands across the World ceremony. A film to document the journey and message is currently underway in France, the United States, and Spain among other nations, before moving onto India, Africa and the rest of the world.

Class Dojo Is Doing Their Best To Improve Schooling Conditions For Students

Class Dojo is a company that is dedicated to improving the quality of education students are able to receive. They have created a platform for learning that greatly improves on the communication that is available to parents, teachers, and students. This allows parents and teachers to engage their kids better to give them a better experience. While using the program, teachers are able to connect directly to their students or even parents in order to give notes, feedback, or just general advice. Parents are also able to get on the app and check in on their children to see their performance as well as how they are behaving.


Within the platform, teachers will be able to submit pictures, stories, videos, notes, and much more to the class board that all participants of the class can see. This way all the memorable moments in school are captured and saved. Teachers are able to use the app at any time in order to stay in contact with parents, as it supports direct and constant communication. This means sending notes home or making calls at inconvenient times is no longer necessary.


Technology has continued to improve over the decades, and because of this Class Dojo has finally been able to be realized. There are not many other tools for communication and learning out there, especially not ones that are easy to get involved in, nor are they free. The creators of Class Dojo knew this, which is why they decided to take action and create a program to help children learn and develop better with proper communication and encouragement. Signing up and getting involved in Class Dojo is easy and only requires an invitation from a classroom’s teacher.


Students can also get signed up on Class Dojo, and they can also set up their own avatars to separate them from their classmates using the app. Kids under the age of 13 need to have parental consent in order to participate, but this is only a safety feature. The app is very friendly to all ages as well as safe. No personal information is every asked for or required from any users. It safe to say the company’s ideas are working, as more than two thirds of US schools are using Class Dojo today.

Bruce Levenson Now Filing A Sticky Lawsuit Against AIG

The sale of the Atlanta Hawks was a big event in 2014, but there are still some details being worked out. These details don’t involve anyone that currently owns the Hawks, but rather their former owners of Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment, including UCG owner Bruce Levenson. This current situation involves former general manager Danny Ferry and the Atlanta Hawks former insurance company, AIG. Due to the sale of the team, AHBE decided to buy out Danny Ferry’s contract and as part of their current policy with AIG, they were entitled to claims involving losses from such an action. AHBE filed a claim, but so far AIG has refused to honor that claim. AHBE is seeking damage compensation in court for not having been paid the amount owed in the claim, and they also want coverage for attorney fees.

Bruce Levenson formed AHBE when he purchased shares of the Hawks’ ownership in 2004. Prior to that, he had spent his career as a journalist and owner of a news publication group called Unified Communications Group (UCG). This company started out as a source for oil production news, but gradually expanded to cover other industries such as technology and telecommunications. They also developed GasBuddy, an app that helps drivers find low gas prices at stations near them.

Besides owning the Hawks, Forbes billionaire Levenson has dedicated a lot of work to foundations such as Hoop Dreams, and Jewish organizations like Birthright Israel and the Jewish Federation. Levenson helped start and supports the Holocaust Museum, a museum in Washington DC where the stories of Holocaust survivors are told. He even took the whole Atlanta Hawks team to this museum in 2014, where his mother-in-law who is also a Holocaust survivor told her story at each stop. Levenson also sponsored the Concert Against Hate in 2015.

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Levenson


A Client who was represented by Labaton Sucharow’s receives an Award from the SEC.

Labaton Sucharow is a pioneer company in the provision of whistleblower representation services. The firm was started in 2010 after the United State Congress approved legislations that led to significant changes in the financial industry such as the formation of the whistleblower protection program. An informant of the Securities and Exchange Commission who was represented by the Labaton Sucharow law company was recently offered $17 million by the organization for providing useful intelligence that helped in revealing wrongdoings in the financial sector. This was one of the largest financial incentives that have ever been offered by the commission to a whistleblower. The SEC whistleblower rules indicate that the source should be given 10 to 30 percent of the money that is collected as penalties due to information that they provided.

The Labaton Sucharow’s client helped the SEC to unearth the fraudulent undertakings of a main company in the industry. The identity of the whistleblower is unknown since he used an attorney to offer the information to the commission. Jordan A. Thomas is the head of Labaton Sucharow’s whistleblower representation practice. He serves the law firm as a senior attorney, and he has sufficient information about securities since he served at the SEC as an assistant director. He was also among the officials who helped in the formation of the law that protect the whistleblowers.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has been implementing various measures to encourage the public to inform it on the fraudulent undertakings of various companies in the financial sector. This includes the offering a financial reward and assuring the whistleblowers that they will not be fired by their employers. The SEC also has the Investor Protection Fund, which has a deposit of about $400 million that is used for awarding the informants.

Labaton Sucharow Law Company has been operational for close to five decades, and the main clients of the firm were enterprises, investors, and consumers who have complex cases that deal with litigations. The staff of the company is well trained, and they include financial auditors, investigators, and forensic accountants who understand the implementation of federal and state laws. The expertise that they offered enables the company to give the best representation. Labaton Sucharow is one of the leading businesses that provide plaintiff representation, and it has been recognized by the Benchmark Litigation, The Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners for the services that it offers to its clients.

Norka Luque’s Personal and Professional Journey to Stardom

Norka Luque is a highly talented female artiste from Venezuela. Although she does not hail from a musical family, her passion for singing started at a tender age. As a kid, she participate in various singing competitions adding to her interest in music.
Norka’s parents enrolled her in several classes including voice practice, flamenco, piano and ballet. However, this was on the condition that she equally concentrated on her studies. Today, Norka Luque has thanked her parents for giving her a head start in music and believing in her talent. Sure enough, she has managed to transform herself into a powerful international musician and churned out several great hits that resonate well with her fast-growing audience.

Studying in France

After her high school in Venezuela, Norka attended college in France where she studied international business administration. During her stint in France, she joined a band called Bad Moon Rising that primarily concentrated on playing funk and rock music. She became a soloist for the band and featured in several live performances that helped boost her confidence and experience.

After finishing her studies in France, Norka Luque went to the United States and enrolled in singing classes. During her time at the studio, she had a life-changing encounter with Emilio Estefan Jr., a prominent US music producer. She has stated that she has fond memories of the day she met Emilio Estefan since he took time off his busy schedule to listen to her. She was able to secure an official appointment to perform before him one week later.

Working with Emilio Estefan

The audition was held at the Crescent Moon Studio. Emilio Estefan liked her raw talent and agreed to work with her. He however asked her to continue her classes to polish up her vocals. Norka has reiterated how much she enjoyed working with Emilio because he firmly believes in team effort and treated her input with the seriousness it deserved. Together they produced several hit singles including “Miracle” – one of her greatest hits to date.

Struggle with Weight

After a personal crisis in 2007, Norka Luque gained excessive weight that had a negative impact on her career. She decided to hire a personal trainer to help her lose the excess weight. She successfully lost 32 kilograms. Today, she plays tennis and exercises regularly to stay fit and healthy. Her personal weight loss journey has been an inspiration to many of her fans.