Shampoo for Curly Hair!

Curly hair can be soft, bouncy, and tangle free when taken care of properly. I’ve had curly hair my entire life, and I have tried countless products. Most shampoos I used dried out my hair, and created split ends. Conditioners over conditioned my hair leaving it oily and slick. For a long time I believed I was doomed to either buy super expensive hair care products, or ruin my hair by using chemically filled cheap products. Trying to find a product that isn’t too expensive, isn’t chemically filled, but instead made with natural ingredients has been a long and tiring process.

My sister (who has even curlier hair than I) actually recommended Wen hair to me. I didn’t believe her right off the bat, but decided to do some researching on my own. To my surprise Wen has very few products, which enables them to focus mostly on quality instead of quantity. I immediately fell in love with the fact that their cleansing conditioner was an all in one product! No more having to lather my hair until it is bone dry and brittle? I was ready to buy it then, but I wanted to research more to be sure.

After further digging, I discovered that their Guthy-Renker endorsed  products were full of natural ingredients such as; almond oil, Shea butter, and chamomile extract. But what truly amazed me was the price, it wasn’t crazy expensive like most natural products. Before I bought I checked the reviews of the product. As soon as I saw the eBay reviews being 4-5 stars I bought myself a starter kit! My hair is no longer damaged as it once was, I don’t need to use hair spray (or mousse), and I absolutely love that I’m using natural ingredients to keep my hair clean.

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