Brown Agency Celebrates 4th Of July

The Brown Agency, a modeling agency known for giving models the chance to break into bigger scenes, celebrated the 4th of July in style at its Austin, Texas headquarters. The event marks another milestone for the modeling agency and its founder Justin Brown in his quest to build an even bigger empire under his name. With household names like L’Oreal and Dell working with the Brown Agency, Justin Brown is able to connect models with brands that will help them stand out from others in the profession.

When Justin Brown set out to create a modeling agency he was well prepared for what the task entailed. His long friendships with many of the biggest movers and shakers in the world of fashion. With these connections already available all Brown had to do was find models looking to advance their careers and he would be able to form a modeling agency. He managed to do this and thus the Brown modeling agency was formed.

The key to the success of the Brown Agency is its combination of high fashion and commercial debuts. Justin Brown puts his models on the runway in some of the biggest fashion events of the year. The fashion weeks in Austin, Miami, and Dallas are great examples of venues Brown uses to give his models a chance at high fashion. These events catch the eye of the leaders in the fashion industry and allow his models to gain the recognition needed to move forward.

The brands that Justin Brown works with are some of the biggest commercial brands out there. Everything from automotive manufacturers like Toyota to the luxury fashion of Louis Vuitton are among the names Brown Agency have worked with at some point in the past. His brand goes beyond the fashion and commercial modeling that most agencies stick to. The Brown Agency is also involved in theater and placing its models into theatrical roles as well. This means that many of the models he works with can later expand their careers into acting roles as well. With this level of variety in the ways that talented models can advance, it isn’t any wonder why Justin Brown has so much to celebrate. For more info, visit the company’s crunchbase page and website at


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