Eric Pulier: A Career Based on Philanthropy

Anyone that is looking for the most successful and valuable person in the world should not look for his net worth or the amount of money in his account. Often times, the most effective person is not the richest person. It is the person who has done a lot for his community and people throughout the world. One thing he has done was come up with tons of inventions so that people can benefit from them. One of the best things he has done was not limit himself to just one solution that is general. He has created many different solutions that different groups of people could enjoy.


One solution he has created is Starbright World. This is a social network that is created for children with chronic illness to meet with one another and share their experiences with one another. One thing about chronic illness is that children are not going to find a lot of sympathy, especially from their peers. Instead of extra care, chronically ill children are often avoided like the plague. In some cases, they are even ridiculed because of their illness. This often leaves children with illness to have nowhere to turn. Fortunately, Starbright World allows people to know that they don’t have to be alone and isolated.


Eric Pulier has also held plenty of other jobs including working for the government. He has also developed a lot of software for the internet. When one looks at all of the work that Eric has done, they will see that he has a lot of care for the community and is willing to do everything he can to make sure that different people get the help they need to get their lives on track. He may not be the richest person in the world, but he has definitely made a lot of changes in people lives.


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