The Importance of Defending Your Rights

In the United States, we are given certain rights protected by the Constitution. Our forefathers wanted this country to be the most sought after and ideal place to live in the world. Though some might argue that this isn’t truly the freest country in the world, we wouldn’t be as well off if it weren’t for the rules and regulations set into place by the government.

But what happens when someone abuses the system? What can we do? If you’re an average American that works for a living, or even an immigrant trying to make a better life, you may not have the funds or even the slightest idea how to even begin defending your rights. Well, that’s where organizations come in.

There are groups out there set in place to help people who lack the knowledge, money, or ability to stand up for their constitutional, civil, and human rights. Now, it’s not like everyone with power abuses the system, but there are a lot of self-righteous CEO s and members of management that abuse and ignore the rights of their employees.

For instance, if you think back, you’ve probably worked overtime for a job in the past. If you’re paid by the hour then, most of the time, you get paid time and a half your normal wage to reward you for your willingness to work hard and help out when needed.

But, if you think really hard, then you’ll probably remember a time when you were approached by a member of management and told that you had to work mandatory overtime. Though it is illegal to force someone to work more than forty hours per week, there are ways around it. If you lack the funds to fight back in court and you live in a state that doesn’t have a union you might think you’re out of options. Read more: Jim Larkin |LinkedIn

This is not true at all. In all honesty, there is no need to contact an organization, though many exist. There aren’t many attorneys that would turn the case down, even if you didn’t have any upfront cash. The law is clear on the forty hour work week. The FLSA, or Fair Labor Standards Act, protects the right of not only the forty hour work week but the rights of overtime pay, minimum wage, and even child labor. If you took a case like this to court, you wouldn’t be guaranteed to win, but your chances would be great.

Another touchy topic in the workforce is Discrimination. It doesn’t matter what an employer discriminates against, there are laws and organizations to protect you from any type of this disgusting practice. One such organization is Human Rights Watch. This is a global organization that is ready to bring any discrimination to a screeching halt.

Now, we move on to a story about the freedom of speech. This constitutional right is one highly protected and regarded among journalists and the media. Yet, it’s still one that is abused often.

Jim and Michael were two journalists and owners of a small town newspaper called the Phoenix New Times who were put under scrutiny after revealing some information about their town’s sheriff, Joe Arpaio. On October 18th, 2007 the two were arrested in the middle of the night and thrown into the County Jail. It seems that the sheriff didn’t like the people of the town knowing that there were grand jury proceedings asking for notes from reporters who’d written articles about him.

Being seasoned Journalists, Larkin and Lacey knew their rights and how to defend them. After their release, they sued the county and won a hefty sum of $3.75 million. They used the money to start the Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund. The organization helps to protect civil, constitutional, human, and immigrant rights all throughout Arizona.

So remember, There is always a way to stand up for your rights. Don’t just take it lying down when someone infringes upon your freedoms. And, even if you’re not sure what to do, there is always someone ready to help.

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Leading Supplier of Sports Fashion, Fabletics is Making a Splash in the Ecommerce World

It is no small feat to make a mark in the online fashion world. There is plenty of room for error and the big ecommerce companies like Amazon have already cordoned off a good section of the market. But this was no deterrent for the Fabletics Brand that has already risen to a value of $250 million after only a few short years in business.


Fabletics Unique Brand of Success



Fabletics relies on innovative approaches to marketing to beat the competition. Rather than the conventional relationship with clients, they offer a subscription business model. The real attraction for new clients is a warm community of supporters in personal goals for fashion and fitness. Fabletics takes the time to join their clients in these interests and this create a valuable relationship with a close community.


Even more importantly, this is a significant change from the traditional notion that the best quality and selection only comes from a distant brand that places prices and customer service far above the heads of the common folk.


Fabletics offers next-level customer care and service along with some of the most fascinating design and top-quality materials at an attainable price. These are the very characteristics a modern consumer is looking for in a fashion line that will be as symbol of their new look.


What is the Principal behind this Success?


Grogg Throgmartin, the general manager of the Fabletics Company, was very clear on his intentions to attain the image of a High-End Retailer and how this will be dependent on the level of customer service they are providing.


According to Mr. Throgmartin, “Our level of customer service allows us to offer personalized help and support for a lifestyle that leads to a healthier body and terrific designs. Furthermore, we offer styles and prices at the best rates imaginable.”


“And,” continues Mr. Throgmartin, “we haven’t even spoken of our unique showrooming method”.


Showrooming has been a major obstacle on the path to prominence, but Fabletics has adopted a unique approach and great success. Clients can search online for the products and goods they are looking for, and then visit the physical locations for the final purchasing. Customer then know what they can expect to find and the level of customer service they will receive.


The Fabletics company also takes measure to get to know their clientele and their goals and needs. They have a carefully crafted questionnaire called the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz. If you are looking for a strong ally in your personal fitness and fashion goals, consider taking the quiz and joining the Fabletics Community Today.

Major Celebrities Have Found Interest in Kabbalah

From Madonna to Paris Hilton and the late Sammy Davis, there have been plenty of celebrity interest in Kabbalah. Their reasons vary, from the way that the Kabbalah Centre in Las Angeles have helped them through tough times, to an interest in converting to Judaism. One thing is for certain and that’s that Kabbalah has seen a rise in popularity among some of Hollywood’s most notable stars in the following: click here.

Each star had something personal to say on their reasons for making a spiritual investment in Kabbalah and in visiting the Kabbalah Centre. In the case of Sammy Davis, he found the religious connection between Kabbalah and Judaism to be something that spoke to him on a personal level and was very fascinated with its traditions and the struggles of the Jewish people. Madonna mentioned before on the topic that one of the main motivations for Kabbalah was that individuals were put on this earth to help each other. That the teachings of the Kabbalah Centre, for example, are meant to help you in your everyday life and to find your place to give back to the planet in some way.

The Kabbalah Centre, a non profit organization, is located in Las Angeles, California. Due to its prime location, it’s no wonder so many celebrities are finding spiritual sanctuary within its walls. The Kabbalah Centre provides Kabbalistic teachings and Zohar courses to all their students. There are also teaching opportunities and study groups to be found worldwide. Philip Berg and his wife Karen Berg were the founders of this presentation of Kabbalah. The Kabbalah Centre founded in 1965 and previously went by the name of The National Research Institute of Kabbalah. Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein was the dean at the time. After his death, Berg and his wife changed the name of to the Kabbalah Centre and expanded on the teachings provided.

Teachings at the centre include the bible, astrology, and Klippot, to name a few. There are over fifty branches located worldwide, with the major cities including Los Angeles, Toronto, London, and New York. The Kabbalah Centre provides much philanthropic duties to their local communities through its Charitable Causes initiative, which includes volunteer work by its members.

Providing Leading Surgical Operations at the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center

Dr Jennifer Walden is a leading and experienced plastic surgeon based in Texas, America where she has an office in the Mable Falls. She is currently the most sought out surgeon in the specialty of plastic surgery. Walden worked for the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat before founding her private practice, the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. The inspiration to pursue this line of profession was received from Dr. Sherrell Aston during the early years of Walden’s training.

Areas of surgical specializations

The Walden Cosmetic and Surgery Center specialized in aesthetic and facial surgeries, nose surgery or famously called the rhinoplasty, breast reconstruction as well as breast augmentation, breast reduction and face-enhancing surgeries.

Walden was certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has since been actively involved in her practice. She is an ardent and active member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, where she serves as a vice commissioner of communications as well as its spokesperson. Dr. Walden has won many distinguished accolades and awards, apart from the many scholarships, which have led her to continue her expertise in the field. Click here to know more.

Dr. Walden’s brief academic background

Jennifer Walden received a Bachelor of Arts in Biology Degree from the University of Texas, and graduating with Honors and the top student in her class. She went ahead to further her education and received a PhD from the same institution, in the Texas Medical Branch, where she emerged as a Salutatorian. She was consequently elected as the President of the Alpha Chapter of the Medical Society.

The charges at the Walden Surgical Center vary depending on the kind of procedures and the operations undertaken to a client, but have remained constant for a period of 9 years since the start of the practice. A face-boosting operation costs $10,000 whereas an augmentation costs $ 7,000. Rhinoplasty costs about $7,000. Dr. Walden has led in a field dominated by men and hence inspired the women folk.

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Chris Burch’s Luxury Resort, Nihiwatu, Is Voted As World’s Best Hotel

In 2016, Travel + Leisure voted Nihiwatu resort as the best hotel in the world. Chris Burch could not believe that his resort could make such an accomplishment within a year of being in operation. The luxury resort has loads of amazing sceneries such as waterfalls, private swimming pools, sandy beaches, and private villas. These facilities have ensured that the hotel does not only rank highly, but also becomes the preferred destination for many tourists.

James McBride and Chris Burch bought the property in 2012. The two entrepreneurs embarked on renovating the hotel to ensure that it provided its customers with memorable experiences. The renovations cost the investors over $30 million. After three years of renovations, the resort was renamed to Nihiwatu, before its highly publicized opening in 2015. These improvements helped the resort to provide the locals with work.   More to read on

Chris Burch is a serial investor having invested in a variety of businesses and brands. He has also founded and co-founded brands that have been able to achieve international success. Some of the international retail brands are Tory Burch and C. Wonder. After successfully investing in other fields, he decided to venture into the competitive hospitality industry.

During his recent interview with the Business Jet Traveler, Burch said that he was pleased with the success of his resort. He added that his motivation to invest in the property was to preserve the beautiful island where the resort is located. The investment also provided him with the opportunity to give back to the society. Burch believes that the scenery provided by the hotel is unmatched. He notes that features such as a spa under a waterfall and a butler in every room make the resort a must-visit for many tourists. Nihiwatu has 27 private villas. Every villa has its plunge pool and access to several modern facilities.

About Christopher Burch

Chris Burch is a renowned investor, shrewd entrepreneur, fashion guru, and philanthropist. The founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital focuses on building new businesses and brands. He started entrepreneurial activities while still in school when he incorporated a company in partnership with his brother. He enhanced the entity’s profitability margins and growth before selling it.

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Through Burch Creative Capital, Chris owns many brands, including Poppin, TRADEMARK, Nihiwatu, Coccon9, and ED by Ellen DeGeneres. Most of his investments are in the tech, organic food, and hospitality industries.  Check   According to his website, in his 40-years career, Burch has used his extensive experience and vast knowledge as an entrepreneur and investor to facilitate the growth of over 50 companies. Click on for related article.

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The Features Of Traveling Vineyard That Are Worth Looking Into

When people look at Traveling Vineyard, they think about all of the features that come with working from home. However, the features and advantages go beyond all of the usual work from home advantages. While it is good to be able to set one’s own hours and work whenever they want from anywhere they want, this is not all that Traveling Vineyard has to offer people.

There are tons of other features that people are compelled to look at with Traveling Vineyard. It is good enough to have caring wine leaders give people the training that they need to move forward. However, there are events that wine guides should take part of in order to celebrate their efforts.

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One thing that the wine guide should check out is the Harvest Committee. This is one of the most important aspects of being a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard. This is where wine guides know about all of the new things that are coming out. This is also a good thing for people that attend. They get to learn more about the wine products that are available to people. After all, the way to excel as a wine guide is to know about wine. People love to visit wine parties where the wine guide knows more about wine than the attendees do.

Traveling Vineyard is the type of job that is best for people who are very passionate about wine. They get to teach different people about different wines and the cultures that they come from. Therefore, people who visit one of these events are going to have more knowledge about their favorite wines. They can be more proud of their favorite choice in wine because of the knowledge that is gained through the Harvest Committee. Traveling Vineyard is very intent on making sure that their guides succeed.