Leading Supplier of Sports Fashion, Fabletics is Making a Splash in the Ecommerce World

It is no small feat to make a mark in the online fashion world. There is plenty of room for error and the big ecommerce companies like Amazon have already cordoned off a good section of the market. But this was no deterrent for the Fabletics Brand that has already risen to a value of $250 million after only a few short years in business.


Fabletics Unique Brand of Success



Fabletics relies on innovative approaches to marketing to beat the competition. Rather than the conventional relationship with clients, they offer a subscription business model. The real attraction for new clients is a warm community of supporters in personal goals for fashion and fitness. Fabletics takes the time to join their clients in these interests and this create a valuable relationship with a close community.


Even more importantly, this is a significant change from the traditional notion that the best quality and selection only comes from a distant brand that places prices and customer service far above the heads of the common folk.


Fabletics offers next-level customer care and service along with some of the most fascinating design and top-quality materials at an attainable price. These are the very characteristics a modern consumer is looking for in a fashion line that will be as symbol of their new look.


What is the Principal behind this Success?


Grogg Throgmartin, the general manager of the Fabletics Company, was very clear on his intentions to attain the image of a High-End Retailer and how this will be dependent on the level of customer service they are providing.


According to Mr. Throgmartin, “Our level of customer service allows us to offer personalized help and support for a lifestyle that leads to a healthier body and terrific designs. Furthermore, we offer styles and prices at the best rates imaginable.”


“And,” continues Mr. Throgmartin, “we haven’t even spoken of our unique showrooming method”.


Showrooming has been a major obstacle on the path to prominence, but Fabletics has adopted a unique approach and great success. Clients can search online for the products and goods they are looking for, and then visit the physical locations for the final purchasing. Customer then know what they can expect to find and the level of customer service they will receive.


The Fabletics company also takes measure to get to know their clientele and their goals and needs. They have a carefully crafted questionnaire called the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz. If you are looking for a strong ally in your personal fitness and fashion goals, consider taking the quiz and joining the Fabletics Community Today.

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