Sheldon Lavin- Building a Food Processing Empire

Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin is a business tycoon in his own right. With his knowledge and expertise, OSI Group has quickly risen to the top of the ranks in the meat distributing world. Sheldon Lavin’s path to the meat processing world was not direct.

With a degree in finance and accounting, Sheldon Lavin was a financial consultant for Otto & Sons in 1970. He originally declined ownership of the company as he instead opted to be their financial advisor, however, when Otto retired and his sons were looking for investors in order to continue growing food company, Sheldon Lavin decided to join them as a partner. Thus the name changed from Otto & Sons to OSI Group. Under his tutelage, the company continued to grow internationally and today has 55 branches in more than 16 countries.

For his hard work and dedication towards growing OSI Group into the top meat distributing company that it is today, Sheldon Lavin was honored with the Global Visionary Award in 2016. This award recognizes individuals who work hard to transform their dreams into reality, persevering despite any hardships. Sheldon Lavin was honored with this for the leadership skills used to grow OSI Group from a small, local meat distributing company to the global empire that it has become to learn more: click here.

Sheldon Lavin states that he always envisioned himself being his own boss as innovation runs in his DNA. He attributes the success of his company to the fact that though it is a global company, it is not run with all the strictness. Though there are rules that employees must abide by, they operate like a family, and that separates them from their competition. They operate in informal atmosphere where everyone goes by their first names and they eat lunch together. It’s important to the culture of the company that they operate like a family.

Currently 81 years old, Sheldon Lavin hoping to continue growing OSI Group. He is still actively involved in the daily operations of the company. A true business tycoon, Lavin shows no signs of slowing down.

Beneful Fun Commercials

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The Achievements Of Betsy DeVos As Education Secretary

There are several major steps that have been taken by Betsy DeVos in order to change the education policy of America. Just her presence as the Secretary of the U.S. Education Department signals that something important is happening with the state of public education in this country.Betsy DeVos is a billionaire who belongs to Michigan. She has been working tirelessly for decades in order to promote school choice. She is also avidly involved in providing alternatives to parents in terms of traditional public schools. This is why Betsy DeVos is being considered as an ideological Secretary Education.She has always stated that her priority with regard to K-12 is the expansion of charter schools. These are publicly funded but operated privately. Besides, she is also promoting vouchers. These are using public money in order to pay for private schools and religious schools in various ways. In this way, parents will have more choice regarding the school they would like to send their child to.

She has always worked on her agenda without any break. She is keen on offering choices to parents so that they can pick a school for their children.Even before she was appointed to this post, Betsy DeVos had been a reformer in the K-12 realm. She has also managed to make a mark in higher education. She has made major changes in the student financial aid system. She has rolled back the regulations which had been put in place by the previous administration.She has also implemented a bipartisan initiative. In this, the low- income as well as middle-income college students will be able to get access to Pell grants all the year round.Betsy DeVos has hired Candice Jackson as the acting head of the Office for Civil Rights.Since she is the education secretary, hence she has a national platform where she can mainstream all her ideas about school choice.

The fact remains that most Americans are sending their kids to the neighborhood public schools. These are educating the majority of schoolchildren of the country today.Betsy DeVos along with her husband, Dick DeVos have been working for decades on school choice. In fact, these two were instrumental in pushing through the charter school law of Michigan in 1993. Besides, they support the voucher programs too. In this way, it is quite clear that she wants to privatize public education in the US. She has a strategy that has been devised for each state.Betsy DeVos is the top education official in the country. Now she can push her vision for school reform. She supports the efforts being put in by a conservative group called the American Legislative Exchange Council. It is creating model legislation for the school vouchers that states can pass in their legislatures.

OSI Group, One of America’s Best Food Industry Suppliers

OSI Group ranks in the top one hundred largest privately held companies in America according to Forbes. It provides food products to retail food service outlets. On the menu are things like meat patties, sausage, hot dogs, and fish. They also offer bacon, pizza and other dough products, along with vegetable products.

The founder of what is now OSI Industries came to United States in 1909. Otto Kolschowsky opened a small meat market and worked hard to live up to his reputation of providing quality products to his customers. The local meat market he established was called Otto and Sons.

A major rung on the ladder to recognition OSI Group has achieved was the step where he became a major for Ray Kroc’s McDonald’s Restaurants, in 1955. The business arrangement was cemented with a handshake between Mr. Kroc and Otto’s sons.

OSI Group has not been slow to adopt new and modern practices. This can be seen by the fact that they adopted the process of cryogenically freezing their fresh meat products to make certain the meat could be held and transported safely. Another big breakthrough on the way to the top was the incorporation of the use of patty forming machines.

Otto and Sons became OSI Industries, a company that employs 20,000 people and has both national and international offices plants. The company has its international headquarters in Aurora, Illinois.

The company operates in 65 locations in seventeen companies around the world. It has been given awards recognizing management of health and safety risks. OSI has also been seen to be a leader in environmental management.

OSI Industries has gained recognition as a top food processor because of its reputation for innovation and hard work in the retail and private arena of food processing companies in the US and abroad.

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