George Soros’ political influence and his philanthropy

George Soros’ political influence and his philanthropy. Any person who has been keen to follow the world politics and money matters has read about the self-made Billionaire George Soros. To many, he is a saint. He donates millions of money to different organizations around the world. Being a victim of indifference, the funds all the organizations that aim at bringing social justice. He is a liberal who would like to see the world become more tolerant to every person. He has supported lawyers who represent immigrants in legal battles, LGBT community, Drug addicts and sex workers. Many know Soros as an outspoken anti-Trump.

George Soros fled his country during the Nazi war of 1944/5. He and his family barely escaped. Being a Hungarian Jew, he was up for execution but was lucky to have made his way out of the country using some fake papers which he used to conceal the real identities of his family. He moved to England where he joined the London School of Economics. He worked a railway porter during the day and a night-club waiter a night so he could support his family and still pay the university fee. Upon his graduation, George Soros left England for the USA where he started his career in the financial world.

According to a profile published by Open Society Foundation which is one of George Soros most significant accomplishment, George migrated to the US in 1956 and built a fortune for himself. He has since been using his money to fund many democracies in Europe and Africa that aim at bringing in a more democratic world.

George came into the limelight in the early 1990s when he placed a bet against European pound and won more than one billion dollars. This bet oversaw the collapse of the pound by15 percent but put George Soros in the limelight. He started being invited to Interviews. According to an article published on the business insider, it is at that time that George Soros became a target of the unfounded right-hand conspiracies. In 1997, Soros gave an interview at NBC Nightline. The interview was titled the world according to George Soros. Some of the scholars ta the interview said that George aggressively uses his money to fight what he finds terrible in the world.

The media spotlight combined with his generous contribution to different movements has made him the center of right conspiracies. A google search of George Soros brings about 19,000 results. Through his organization, George has donated approximately $ 12 billion. All this he attributes to his great success in the financial market giving him an upper hand at philanthropy. Soros’ philanthropy dates back to 1979 when he gave scholarships to Back South African during the apartheid period. Since then, his money has become a voice for the oppressed.

Vincent Parascandola, a Star in Financial Matters

Vincent Parascandola serves as a financial advisor for AXA Advisors LLC, a reputable financial firm that deals with wealth management for high net worth individuals. Mr. Parascandola boasts over two decades experience in the financial industry, and currently, he works as a senior executive vice-president for AXA in Central New Jersey area. His overall responsibility involves ensuring growth and development of over 225 financial professionals serving under his jurisdiction. Specifically, Vincent is responsible for recruitment, training of new staff and growing the company’s profit margins.

Vincent Parascandola is an alumnus of Pace University– Lubin School of Business where he attained his degree in computer science. Over the course of his career, Vincent has been able to amass a wide range of skills that have been pivotal in his illustrious career. He is skilled in retirement planning, life insurance, financial services, asset management and estate management. Mr. Parascandola started his career at Prudential where he served as an insurance officer. While working for the firm, Vincent realized outstanding performance, which earned him National Rookie of the year award. Later, he left the firm to join MONY Life Insurance Company where he served in various roles for over a decade before he shifted to AXA Advisor in 2005. Vincent also had a chance to serve other roles that include chairperson of the AXA’s Advantage Group and systems analyst for Irving Trust Company. Visit Pocomuseum for more.

Vincent Parascandola has a notable presence in various social media channels, which include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn among others. He shares pictures, and advice on various financial topics and activities of his career. Vincent’s social media channels command a huge number of followers who benefit from his financial advice and other aspects of life.

Vincent’s cutting-edge skills in financial matters and leadership have earned him many awards including the coveted GAMA Career Development Award and Master Agency Award. He has also participated in various business conferences and meetings across the globe. Vincent was a keynote speaker at LIMRA distribution conference and GAMA national Meeting. He was also invited by his alma mater where he gave a captivating speech during a graduation ceremony of the 2014 class. Check out Vimeo for more.

Eric Lefkofsky Develops Software Solutions for Cancer Researchers

Cancer is one of the most pervasive and wide-spread diseases worldwide. A complex disorder, “cancer” refers to one of a number of seemingly infinite disorders stemming from the uncontrolled reproduction of body cells. It is a leading cause of death and a common threat to health and well being. Thankfully money has been flowing into the industry through donations and investment, supporting cures for many cancers and research on-going in treating countless others. Yet there is a new problem. With cancer knowledge evolving and advancing, shouldn’t technology support technology evolve as well? This is the philosophy around Tempest, a technology firm co-founded by Chicago entrepreneur Eric v.

According to Lefkofsky. “Technology has not permeated health care and [cancer care] the way it has permeated other industries.” Lefkofsky and Tempest seek to streamline the accumulation of Cancer research and it’s availability through data networks. Tempus partners with hospitals and organizations like Duke University School of Medicine, UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the Mayo Clinic to organize and store cumulative cancer research and patient data. This allows hospitals to compare its statistics to the data of other treatment and research centers, as well as offering software tools to help interpret their findings.

An adherent to The Giving Pledge, Eric Lefkofsky founded the Lefofsky Family Foundation with wife in 2006 to facilitate donating over half of their income. They seek to do their part as philanthropists to solve high-level issues founded in science, ethics, and art. Though Tempus is a for-profit business venture, Lefkofsky applies his need to serve to the format of Cancer research, serving the industry with technology that he hopes will revitalize the industry.

Although humble, Lefkosfsky remains optimistic.

“I’m confident that in five or 10 years, the average oncologist will be connected to a system like Tempus. Whether or not it’s Tempus, it’s too soon to say.”

Beneful’s Affordable for All Pet Owners

Many people buy Beneful dog food for their dogs for many reasons including its affordable, it is made with good ingredients, and their dogs love it. The best thing about Beneful is that on their website you can access coupons that can make your dogs food even more affordable than it already was. On top of using coupons from Beneful’s website if you buy Beneful dog food from Walmart they not only have the lowest price but they also will price match to make the price even lower than it already is. If you are interested in getting your dog Beneful food for a low price be sure to lookup where your nearest Walmart is located.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Part of New Initiative

One of the most concerning physical ailments and diseases for all men across the world is prostate cancer. Unfortunately, the awareness of the disease is still relatively low and most people are not aware of all of the benefits that can come with early screening. In an attempt to educate more people about the disease and encourage people to take advantage of early screening, three major organizations are teaming up to help eligible people receive a free screening.

The three organizations, which are Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the National Football League Alumni Association, and LabCorp have formed a joint venture to try and educate more men and increase the overall access to the very important prostate screening. Over the next few months, more than 2,000 men that are older than 40 years old and meet other physical eligibility requirements will be able to sign up and receive a free screening at any of the nearly 2,000 locations across the country. Even after the first 2,000 free slots, those that are eligible will still be able to sign up for a screening at a much discounted rate of only $25.

One of the primary partners of the initiative, Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global, has continued to provide cancer-screening services to customers. Today, the organization has a network of five hospitals that serve a range of patients that are fighting different cancer problems. The organization offers a very unique approach to preventing and treating cancer including surgery, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation, and other therapy services. The organization currently has its hospitals located in several major markets including Chicago, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. The new initiative is just the latest step of the organization to try and help people learn more about their risks, develop plans to screen and prevent, and hopefully treat the disease.

The Elegance of Richard Mishaan Design in Your Home

Richard Mishaan is one of the most prolific and talented interior designers that have ever traversed the surface of the earth. He has established an impeccable reputation in the world of interior design due to his wide experience. He has been the owner and the Managing Director of one of the A-list Décor Companies known as Richard Mishaan Design in the greater New York City area from February 1991 to date; this translates to more than a 25-year experience in this field.His outstanding work experience has equipped him with some of the most remarkable skills that enable him scale steadily up the ladder of success.

His wide scope of skills includes: interior design, brand development, space planning, product design, custom furniture, concept design, textile and industrial design, apparel and antiques specialization and residential design. His wide range of skills has made him an undisputed favourite for many home and property owners in most parts of America. He has applied his mind and skills in several residential mansions in most parts of Florida, New York as well as in many Luxury Hotels in Colombia and the Dominican Republic. This exquisite talent has held out Richard Mishaan Design as the mix masters in the world of Interior Design.

Richard Mishaan has a flair for making unique designs which are often as a result of combining a set of diverse and distinct items to produce a fascinating and elegant ambience to the homes and hotels in which he works. His work is often described by his customers to have an ‘enchanting and soulful effect’ since the resultant beauty just gives a kiss of life to their homes.It suffices to state that Richard Mishaan Design is a force to reckon with in the Interior design industry considering the incredible quality of work that they undertake in refurbishing a room. It is also in consideration of the fact that Richard Mishaan Design is headed by one of the finest Interior Designers with unmatched reputations in the industry.

Ways to Beef Up Your Credit, and How Freedom Debt America Could Help

It’s OK to have a low credit score, although the absence of a high, respectable score may result in fewer freedoms than your friends and family members. Those with high, 700-level scores might get better deals on insurance, rental homes, and much, much more. Fortunately for you, it’s always possible to raise your score, no matter how bad your financial situation is. Try these tips out.

While it’s painfully obvious paying bills on time proves beneficial for boosting your financial credibility, many people fail to pay bills on time, many of whom have enough money in their bank accounts – they simply forget. Set up reminders automated payments to reap the benefits of appropriate payment behaviors.

Stay away from opening oodles of credit cards, lines of credit, or other forms of debt simultaneously. If at all possible, only open one new account every few months, hopefully proving to credit bureaus that you’re more responsible than you used to be.

Ask a close friend, parent, or family member to add you as an authorized user to their credit card account – if they’re reliable. Even if they don’t provide you with a credit card, you’ll still reap the benefits of on-time, in-full payments.

Pay money down on a secured credit card prior to using one – you’ll never have an outstanding maximum balance again.

Even if you might not readily recall them, Freedom Debt Relief often runs commercials on popular television networks, offering potential clients the freedom of cutting their debts in half, if not further. Freedom Debt Relief was created in 2002, and has since helped over 100,000 clients lower their outstanding debts without filing bankruptcy. Despite what some may think, Freedom Debt Relief is a legitimate company, having earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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