Eric Lefkofsky Develops Software Solutions for Cancer Researchers

Cancer is one of the most pervasive and wide-spread diseases worldwide. A complex disorder, “cancer” refers to one of a number of seemingly infinite disorders stemming from the uncontrolled reproduction of body cells. It is a leading cause of death and a common threat to health and well being. Thankfully money has been flowing into the industry through donations and investment, supporting cures for many cancers and research on-going in treating countless others. Yet there is a new problem. With cancer knowledge evolving and advancing, shouldn’t technology support technology evolve as well? This is the philosophy around Tempest, a technology firm co-founded by Chicago entrepreneur Eric v.

According to Lefkofsky. “Technology has not permeated health care and [cancer care] the way it has permeated other industries.” Lefkofsky and Tempest seek to streamline the accumulation of Cancer research and it’s availability through data networks. Tempus partners with hospitals and organizations like Duke University School of Medicine, UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the Mayo Clinic to organize and store cumulative cancer research and patient data. This allows hospitals to compare its statistics to the data of other treatment and research centers, as well as offering software tools to help interpret their findings.

An adherent to The Giving Pledge, Eric Lefkofsky founded the Lefofsky Family Foundation with wife in 2006 to facilitate donating over half of their income. They seek to do their part as philanthropists to solve high-level issues founded in science, ethics, and art. Though Tempus is a for-profit business venture, Lefkofsky applies his need to serve to the format of Cancer research, serving the industry with technology that he hopes will revitalize the industry.

Although humble, Lefkosfsky remains optimistic.

“I’m confident that in five or 10 years, the average oncologist will be connected to a system like Tempus. Whether or not it’s Tempus, it’s too soon to say.”

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