Ronald Fowlkes Is A Tactical Gear Expert Who Now Gives Back To His Local Hockey Team:

To former United States Marine and St. Louis area police officer Ronald Fowlkes, mentorship is a critical component in developing quality young people. Ronald has always loved giving back to his community and his country and continues to do so today in his spare time. Ronald works very hard in the tactical gear business, a business his is uniquely qualified to work in do to his in-depth knowledge of tactical equipment from years of personal use in combat and police work. Ronald Fowlkes has recently found a very simple and easy way to give back to his community. The best part about it for him is that it is in helping out with something that he loves. Ronald is the off ice trainer for the triple-A team for the St. Louis Blues Hockey team. Hockey is one of Ronald’s great passions so he loves helping out. He is also responsible for the team’s equipment.


Ronald works daily in his business life providing valuable equipment to soldiers and peacekeepers and has a passion for making sure that equipment is well maintained and properly used. He understands how important equipment can be. Ronald Fowlkes’s roles as equipment man for the hockey team helps him instruct kids about the importance of looking after the gear they use to train and play. Ronald gained first-hand knowledge of the importance of maintaining equipment when he served with the Marines as well as with police forces in the St. Louis region. He is very passionate about passing his knowledge onto the next generation of American kids. Ronald also shares many personal stories with his kids he works with. This gives the kids insight into the fact that there are people out there every day working hard to keep them safe in this country and all over the world.


Ronald Fowlkes is a Business Development Manager in the tactical gear industry with Eagle Industries Unlimited. This company has been supplying the law enforcement, military and sporting world with the very best in tactical gear for over thirty years now. Ronald Fowlkes is a perfect fit for this type of business because he has such extensive military and law enforcement experience in his background. He was twice promoted on merit while serving in the Marines and has served for over 13 years in law enforcement positions. Simply put, Ronald Fowlkes has used in real life, the type of tactical gear that he expertly sells today. Ronald was previously deployed with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization while he was serving in the military in Iraq and he is an instructor with the United States Military hostage rescue. All of these specializations have given him huge insight into the world of tactical gear.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Taking The Bradesco Bank Further In Its Sector

Known for his decades of work at the Brazilian bank Bradesco, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was appointed to lead the business as Chief Executive Officer about six years ago. He was promoted by the retiring Mr. Lazaro de Mello Brandao who had been at the post for decades but had decided t move on when he reached 91 years of age.

Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been an integral part of the Bradesco Bank since he was 16. He started a clerk and moved up the ranks over his lifetime. His contributions to the Bradesco Bank brought him to the post of Marketing Director which was a gateway for him to higher positions. He established a stronger communication between Brazilian media and bank in his capacity of Marketing Director for which both he and bank were acknowledged.

Over the years, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been at several posts in leadership, having worked at almost every post in the ranks of the business. One of his greatest contributions was the purchase of the HSBC in Brazil which was huge buy as well as the biggest acquisition for Bradesco and the one of the largest in Brazil in 2015.

Because of that, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was named the Entrepreneur of the Year for 2015. The deal cost the Bradesco Bank $5.2 billion. Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was leading the deal in his capacity of President which he started holding in March 2009. Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi proceeded to purchase the Brazilian branch of the HSBC after receiving the approval of Mr. Lazaro De Mello Brandao who was working as Chairman of the Board. It was a bold move, but the vast purchase skyrocketed the Bradesco Bank and allowed it outperform the Itau Unibanco in three categories.

The Bradesco bank went ahead of the Itau Unibanco in terms of branch network, total investment funds, and the number of account holders. In other categories, the two financial establishments rivaled in 2014 n terms of assets, loans granted, and deposits. Up t date, the Bradesco Bank is one of the largest banks in the country with its many successful acquisitions and more than eighty years of being in the business.

Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was later elected to succeed Mr. Lazaro de Mello Brandao as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. The former has finished his tenure, and his successor is already at the helm of the financial institution.

The Bradesco Bank is currently spread out across the world with 5,314 branches and more than 108,000 employees providing clients with banking, investment banking, retail banking, insurance, private equity, asset management, and private banking. The Bradesco Ban also has two subsidiaries. The Bradesco Seguros contains eight of the Bradesco Businesses, and the other subsidiary is called Bradespar.

The founder of the bank was Amador Aguiar who worked in banking for the majority of his life and passed away several years ago. He was the first leader of the bank, and the current CEO is the 4th.


Chris Burch Develops Nihiwatu

Chris Burch is a fantastic entrepreneur who is continuously working on projects for his companies. In the past few years, he has worked hard to complete the Nihiwatu Resort. This resort is one of the best travel destinations for anyone who wants to go on a luxurious vacation. The resort took several years to finish, and Chris Burch invested millions of dollars in the project.


Burch attended Ithaca College and majored in business. He wanted to become a successful business owner like his father. Although his father owned a business, he never made a ton of money. Chris Burch grew up with a middle-class lifestyle that he enjoyed.

While attending Ithaca College, Chris Burch and his brother started a clothing company. The name of the company was Eagle Eye, and the brothers sold sweaters to local college students. Although it began as a small business, the brothers were eventually able to grow the company to serve multiple colleges. Owning a small business was a great learning lesson for Chris. He decided to let his brother manage the apparel company while he focused on other ventures.


Chris Burch has made numerous investments during his career. He has also worked with prominent celebrities on various business opportunities. Chris Burch owns a small equity position in Voss Water, and Chris Burch believes that the company has the potential to expand in the future.

Although Nihiwatu Resort is now open, Chris Burch continually checks on how the resort is doing. He firmly believes that the resort is one of the best places to have a vacation in the entire world. It is located in Indonesia, and it offers breathtaking views for anyone who stays there.

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Chris Burch plans to add to his real estate investments in the coming years as well. He is a firm believer in generating passive income from real estate.

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Matt Badiali: How You Can Create Significant Investment Returns with Freedom Checks

The tax classification of an organization is hugely important. If a corporation is able to meet the requirements for certain tax classifications they could potentially significantly reduce if not entirely eliminate their tax liability. In terms of business operation, this can mean the ability to turn a significant profit or even make an unprofitable business into a profitable one. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

In the oil and natural gas industry of the United States of America, there is one text classification that is the most coveted by far. This classification is known as a master limited partnership. The existence of a master limited partnerships was relatively obscure until the recent viral video by Matt Badiali is published where he describes a form of investment that he has referred to as Freedom Checks. Corporations that operate as master limited partnerships must meet a specific set of requirements as set forth by Statute 26-F. One of these requirements is that the corporation must pay out portions of their revenue to their shareholders on a regular basis. This may not seem like a revolutionary concept at first glance. Corporations have been paying out portions of their revenues for decades in the form of dividends.

However, if you look more closely at the fine print, you will quickly see that these Freedom Checks have a much greater potential than regular dividends. This is due to the fact that master limited partnerships are considered to be returning capital instead of providing in, whenever the issue their payments. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

An individual’s tax classification is almost equally as important as businesses. As a result of the payments being considered a return of capital, you would only be subject to the capital gains rate of tax. The capital gains rate of tax is significantly lower than personal income tax. In comparison to dividends, which are treated as personal income, for the same amount of investment return you would be required to pay significantly less tax on income from Freedom Checks.

Matt Badiali first discovered this investment opportunity in the process of researching a project in the oil and natural gas industry. As part of this process, Matt Badiali was traveling the world meeting with leading figures in the oil and natural gas industry. In the same way that he has conducted his other research, he was seeing investment opportunities from a first-hand perspective in order to create actionable unique investment advice for the average investor. Watch:


Chris Burch and The Concept of Sharing Risks

It is said by the wise that we should all be wary of the man who urges us to do something in which he doesn’t incur any risk. This attitude of sharing one’s risk has long been ingrained in the history of man, and it is still relevant right now. There are best-selling books written about it, and most of the business operations today still practice this principle. One of the few business leaders today who still appreciate this principle in operating in business is Chris Burch, the master businessman, and he stands out today in business mainly for such principle.

The Building of the Nihiwatu Resort

Right now Chris Burch has built one of the most beautiful resorts in Indonesia, and so when he would suggest people to also build a resort for corporate purposes, you know that he is also sharing the risks that he gives. After being a successful businessman in the world of retail and investing in different fashion brands, Chris Burch is busy these days in venturing in another area, which is in the field of hospitality.

The world of hospitality is something that needs a lot of expertise and requires a level of dedication that cannot be found in anyone. However, Chris Burch is confident that he has the skills and that he could still be able to find the energy to handle such venture with the help of businessmen and hoteliers like James McBride. With his help, Chris Burch has built Nihiwatu, the resort in Indonesia, which has been ranked the Travel + Leisure in 2016 as the Best Hotel in the World.

About Chris Burch

It may be accurate to start a description of Chris Burch by saying that he’s the Founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, which is one of the most outstanding creative brands today that help in making sure that clients and companies can get the creative solutions they need.

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It is the investment philosophy today of Chris Burch to always find the best talents. Through this, the company can generate the best ideas and get the right vision needed to implement the direction of the company.

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Paul Mampilly is an American investor and the former hedge trustee. He works at Banyan hill publishing as the senior editor of their newsletter. He founded the newsletter profits unlimited which has over 90,000 subscribers. The newsletter is meant for directing the subscribers into stocks that are prepared to develop higher. The publication is primarily advertised for Americans with least investment encounter and also to investors who want to expand their portfolio development. Through his advice, people have got in touch with him saying that they have made profits. In addition to writing profits unlimited, he oversees two trading amenities: Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. Visit to know more.

Paul Mampilly attended various universities for his degrees namely: Montclair state university for his BBA finance and accounting, Seton Hall University for his degree in Business Administration, Fordham graduate school of Business for his MBA finance and lastly Polytechnic Institute of New York University for his degree in financial engineering.

Paul Mampilly depicts his readers as main street Americans searching for realistic investment guidance from informants outside the financial publications. This is because his subscribers are looking for opportunities to hurriedly and proficiently develop their retirement accounts and better their standard of living. As the financial expert, he has an approach he refers to as reader-centric that has made it easier for him to provide advice to his subscribers. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Paul Mampilly.

On his newsletter each month he recommends a new stock to his subscribers. The newsletter aims to guide the people in making beneficial investments. He was the victor of the prestigious Templeton foundation investment contest.

Paul Mampilly presented a perceptive synopsis of stock clues for 2018 on his two articles by the title: Mega Trend will deliver huge gains in 2018 and the no. 1 stock to own for 2018. He has devoted his time to helping everyday people make money on their investments. He goes ahead to advise people.

Paul Mampilly shares his thoughts about bitcoin bubble with the public. He goes on saying that the worth of bitcoin goes on to elevate. He is convinced that the bubble is going to storm leaving investors without any money. According to him, he says that the problem is that investors become emotionally involved with their stock shares. He achievements comprise the publication of his newsletter and indicating how investors can progress by abiding by his advice to realistic investments.


Chris Burch Has Important Tips About Sources That New Startups Can Get Capital From:

Chris Burch recently gave his recommendations for sources a startup business can obtain capital from (

The first source is community banks. Community banks often offer loans to small businesses if the idea is properly pitched to them. It may necessary for a startup owner to have a high credit score as well.

The second source is Peer-to-Peer Lending. This system allows a startup owner to ask investors worldwide to contribute to your startup project.

Chris’s third recommended source is crowd funding. He suggests this might actually work better than peer-to-peer because it is possible to offer your investors some sort of reward for contributing to your startup. There is a 50 percent chance of receiving a positive answer.

Venture capital is the fourth source Chris lists. This is money that is received from investors who get certain rights to your business in return. These type of investors have a say in how your business will be run due to their contribution. To gain money from this source, you have to be able to show exactly how your idea is going to work and what its growth potential is. Having a business plan is essential.

Lastly, Chris says that title loans are another source. These loans should be seen as a last resort. This is not a conventional method of getting cash fast. This method works for people who own a new car. The loan will be up to the value of your car and you can receive the money the same day that you communicate with the loan company. You do not have to have a great credit score.

Chris says to try these sources and you up your chances that one of them will be able to help you. He also recommends not forgetting any organization that helped you get your business started.

About Christopher Burch:

Christopher Burke is CEO of the company he founded – Burch Creative Capital, check The firm is based in New York City. It specializes in the management of venture investments and brand development. Chris Burch is one of the worlds most successful businessmen.

Chris has worked in film and worked with entertainment stars like Ellen DeGeneres. His career has seen him work and invest in industries as varied as fashion and real estate.

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Robert Ivy Leads The American Institute Of Architects Into The Future

Robert Ivy, the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) is ready to work with the Trump Administration and the 115th Congress to address the rebuilding of our country’s infrastructure. He is especially focused on the design and construction of our hospitals, schools and other public infrastructure.

Robert Ivy is in charge of AIA, which has a membership composed of architects who design and build beautiful structures; he also finds time to think about the other areas that should be of interest to everyone in his profession. The AIA announced a 10-year focus on developing solutions to public health issues, sustainability and resiliency in the face of natural disasters in cities. This announcement was made at a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative where political, business and cultural leaders from around the world meet annually.

AIA has started to fulfill the solutions it proposed by giving research grants to an international city’s university where the group will stage a hack-a-thon to create software or a phone app supporting their plan. AIA is planning ahead in many areas. To remind everyone of how AIA could aid public health, Robert Ivy pointed out the fact that Central Park came into existence as a solution to the substandard housing that once occupied the same space. To clean up the area, Central Park a recreational space filled with open spaces of green grass and trees was built.

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Architects are well aware of how a building can promote health by building it with stairs to encourage exercise. Also, the creation of access to clean water, sunlight and fresh air can increase a building’s healthiness. The materials chosen to build the structure also have an effect on the residents or inhabitants health.

In addition to the focus on health, Ivy sees architects as being an important part of collaborative projects with other professionals. Because architects are trained to construct and manage teams, he sees teams of multi-professionals working with architects to promote sustainability of the environment, reduce pollution, save energy and effectively promote human productivity and well-being.

AIA was founded in 1857 and the original membership consisted of only 13 architects. The first AIA headquarters were in New York City. Now, the headquarters or the AIA is located in Washington, D.C. The current membership of the AIA equals 90,000 licensed architects and retired architects in 260 chapters around the world.

Matt Badiali’s Lucky Discovery of Freedom Checks

The Discovery of Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali ran across Freedom Checks while he was working under a well known financial expert. He was helping on a project that allowed him to travel world, meeting with CEOs of mining and oil companies. He met with them to stay up to speed on technologies findings and trends. While Matt was working on this project he was presenting his findings of possibilities to make profitable investments in natural resources. During his meeting with several CEOs he found master limited partnerships, or MLPs.

Freedom Checks as an Investment

Freedom checks are payments received from buying shares in a master limited partnership. They are issued on a monthly or quarterly basis from MLPs to the investors which is a schedule very close to traditional stock dividends. Statute 26-F is the law that made Freedom Checks possible.

Companies can Operate Tax-Free

According to Statute 26-F companies can operate tax-fee if they become a designated agency. These companies are required to generate 90% of its profits from manufacturing and transporting natural resources. They must also pay out the majority of their profits to all shareholders. These payments are what Matt calls freedom checks.

The distributions paid out to investors are considered return of capital instead of income and that’s why investors don’t have to pay income taxes on them. If an investor decides to sell their MLP investment, profits from the sale are taxed at the lower capital gains rate. Read this article at Money Morning.

Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs)

Master Limited Partnerships are an exclusive group of 568 companies that are able to issue freedom checks. These companies primary function deals with oil and gas. They research for new wells and transport those resources as well.

Matt Badiali’s recommended Freedom Check Providers

Matt recommends SunCoke Energy Partners (SXCP), San Juan Basin Royalty Trust (SJT) and Franco-Nevada (FNV). All three of these companies provide a large amount of freedom checks to their investors.

Matt Badiali’s method to picking a Freedom Check Provider

The first thing Matt does to narrow down providers is look at their assets. He feels the company should have $1 billion or more in-demand assets. We are looking for natural resources, or rare earth minerals that are in high demand. Possible resources could be oil, natural gas, gold, silver or rare earth minerals. The second thing Matt looks for is a company that has been paying consistent or increasing payments. The third thing Matt will pay attention to is is the company has a proven history of making investors rich. Lastly, Matt looks over the company financials. He pays attention to debt, cash flows and other financial information. Matt follows all these procedures before he makes an investment.



The Chainsmokers Explain What “Sick Boy” Is About

The Chainsmokers musical style is a mix of pop music, indie, hip-hop, and dance music. Some of their main musical influences are deadmau5, Taylor Swift, Blink-182, Pharrell Williams, and Explosions in the Sky among others. The two members of this group are Andrew “Drew” Taggart and Alex Pall. Alex is from Westchester County, New York, while Taggart is from Freeport, Maine. They first came together as The Chainsmokers in 2012 and they are managed by Adam Alpert.

Their latest single, “Sick Boy”, is the beginning of a new chapter for this band. It’s a much darker song than ones they have released in the past. The Chainsmokers say that this song is the start of a new phase in their professional careers as they move beyond what they have released in the past. Drew Taggart commented in an interview that they hadn’t released a song in months which was unusual for them as they had been releasing songs on a monthly basis for quite awhile.

“Sick Boy” grew out of The Chainsmokers frustration that occurs being a famous person. People in this position tend to become a caricature of themselves. People also believe the things that are written in articles by people that don’t actually know anything about what they are talking about. Drew Taggart added that you eventually become someone you actually aren’t which is very challenging. They decided to make a song about this which ended up making the song dark. the song is also about social media and how people form opinions about other people on it about others which is something everybody is subject to.

The Chainsmokers record label is Disruptor Records. This label is a partnership between their manager, Adam Alpert, and Sony Music Entertainment. They had released a number of singles, such as “#Selfie” and “Let You Go”. Their first album was Bouquet and this was soon followed up by Collage. Their last album, released on April 7, 2017, was Memories…Do Not Open. This album was number one on the Billboard 200 when it released and in August 2017 it achieved certified platinum status.