Chris Burch Develops Nihiwatu

Chris Burch is a fantastic entrepreneur who is continuously working on projects for his companies. In the past few years, he has worked hard to complete the Nihiwatu Resort. This resort is one of the best travel destinations for anyone who wants to go on a luxurious vacation. The resort took several years to finish, and Chris Burch invested millions of dollars in the project.


Burch attended Ithaca College and majored in business. He wanted to become a successful business owner like his father. Although his father owned a business, he never made a ton of money. Chris Burch grew up with a middle-class lifestyle that he enjoyed.

While attending Ithaca College, Chris Burch and his brother started a clothing company. The name of the company was Eagle Eye, and the brothers sold sweaters to local college students. Although it began as a small business, the brothers were eventually able to grow the company to serve multiple colleges. Owning a small business was a great learning lesson for Chris. He decided to let his brother manage the apparel company while he focused on other ventures.


Chris Burch has made numerous investments during his career. He has also worked with prominent celebrities on various business opportunities. Chris Burch owns a small equity position in Voss Water, and Chris Burch believes that the company has the potential to expand in the future.

Although Nihiwatu Resort is now open, Chris Burch continually checks on how the resort is doing. He firmly believes that the resort is one of the best places to have a vacation in the entire world. It is located in Indonesia, and it offers breathtaking views for anyone who stays there.

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Chris Burch plans to add to his real estate investments in the coming years as well. He is a firm believer in generating passive income from real estate.

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