Chris Burch Describes His Nihiwatu Resort

Chris Burch is an American entrepreneur who founded his first company in 1976. Since that time he has founded many more companies in a variety of industries such as fashion, hospitality, food, and technology. He became a billionaire in 2012 and this led to him being profiled by Forbes Magazine in that year’s issue of The World’s Billionaires. They credit his majority ownership of the highly successful C. Wonder as what put him over the top.

It was in the fashion industry where Chris Burch started to make his mark. He co-founded Eagle’s Eye Apparel and within 10 years it had sold $140 million in clothing. Among other clothing brands he has led into the marketplace are Tory Burch, ED By Ellen DeGeneres and Cocoon9.

It was in 2004 that Burch entered the world of hospitality. He joined up with a hotelier, Alan Faena, and together they build a hotel in Buenos Aires named Faena Hotel+Universe. This involved repurposing what had been a grain storage building, built in 1902, into a luxury five-star property. They invested more than $100 million into this hotel and it has become a remarkable success.

Topping this feat, he bought the Nihiwatu Resort on Sumba Island in 2012. This resort, located on an island near Bali, Indonesia, is made up of 32 villas. For years it was mostly just surfers who knew of this resort because it is said to have some of the best waves in the world. Chris Burch bought the property and then poured in $30 million to upgrade everything to five-star status (

Nihiwatu Resort has earned many plaudits, with some travel publications calling it the best hotel in the world. When he visits Sumba he stays at the villa named Raja Mendaka. Other villa names are Mandaka, Mamole Tree House, Haweri, and Puncak. Mamole Tree House is popular with people looking for adventure as it features two levels and a rope bridge. This one starts at $5,995 a night.

Chris Burch says that Nihiwatu Resort has 567 acres to it. There is a beautiful outdoor restaurant called Ombak which serves as the main place to socialize with others, particularly at sunset. The floor is sand and in addition to the restaurant there is also an attached bar lounge. The chefs create spectacular dining experience and the BBQ is said to be especially good. For those seeking privacy this facility also includes The Nest which is perfect for an intimate dinner.  To read more, check


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