NewsWatch TV: A Reliable News Outlet With Glowing Reviews To Boot

A dependable news source through and through, NewsWatch TV has become millions of peoples go-to outlet for a nonpartisan, fact-based, and captivating deliverance of the news. Whether you fancy consumers trends, entertainment news, or breakthroughs in technology, there’s no shortage of information on NewsWatch TV. NewsWatch TV’s mission is simple: deliver the unvarnished truth to avoid an embellished and distorted conveyance of the facts. Since they don’t exercise smoke and mirrors tactics, NewsWatch TV’s earned an honest reputation. What’s more, they’ve gained support from a broad audience.

While NewsWatch’s good rapport with the public is an undoubtedly tremendous feat, the list of A-list celebrities they’ve interviewed is perhaps more impressive. Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, and Denzel Washington are among a few of the Hollywood elite they’ve partnered with. If you’d like to tune in to one of their shows, NewsWatch TV broadcasts weekly on the ION Network and bi-monthly on The AMC Network. At their core, NewsWatch TV is an outlet dedicated to bolstering companies from all walks of life. Here’s what these brands have to say about NewsWatch TV.

Avanca, a campaign movement NewsWatch TV endorsed, raved about NewsWatch in a recent interview, stating that NewsWatch is both “professional and knowledgeable.” Above all else, Avanca was eternally grateful for the $456,551 NewsWatch TV helped raise over just one month. What’s more, NewsWatch TV received an outpouring of adoration from Contour Design after partnering with them on a marketing endeavor. Thanks to NewsWatch TV’s diligence and expertise, Contour Design “received 697,924 online impressions.” Saygas, a Smartphone manufacturer, is perhaps NewsWatch TV’s greatest success story. When asked to promote Saygas’s products and services, NewsWatch TV did so with artful execution, generating over $1.3 million in sales for the company.


The four-decade of experience that Anil Chaturvedi has gained over the years

Anil Chaturvedi is a banker with forty years of experience in the industry of banking. Over the years Anil Chaturvedi has had the chance of gaining the reputation needed for him to be successful in the banking industry. Previously he worked with so many companies that have been of help when it comes to the experience that he has now. To help is clients he uses the insights that he has gained over the years. Often different companies and banks will consult Anil Chaturvedi for the ideas that he has concerning banking matters and economic. The banks and companies will take the advice given by Anil so seriously to help with the finances and banking.

At the early age of his career, after he graduated from university with a master’s in business administration, he first started his career at State Bank of India. At the company, he offered his services as the manager of the marketing department and development of the business. While he was at the company, the company grew to $500 million in four years. That’s was the reason why he was given the title of many of the year. In 1991, he left the company and joined ANZ Grindlays Bank where he was the vice president of the company. He later moved to Merrill Lynch, and he spent 17 years at Merrill Lynch. That is what has marked the golden year of his career path.

At Merrill Lynch, that’s where learned all the skills of banking, and he got to be in the senior rank that is in the global industry banking. Currently, Anil Chaturvedi offers his services to Hinduja Bank that is based in Switzerland, where he is the bank manager editor. Anil has been of help to the company because they have gained the needed popularity as they have marketing strategies that are unique and effective. The goal that he has is that he will bring more business from European to India because of the trade laws in India are changing over the year to be less strict, and they have become flexible too.

Mina Ebrahimi – Entreprenuer, Philanthropist, Mentor

Mina Ebrahimi is the founder and CEO of Saint Germain Catering, a 100% women owned and operated catering company that opened its doors in May of 1998 in the Washington D.C. Metro area. Since opening Saint Germain Catering, Mina Ebrahimi has won the 2014 Enterprising Women of the Year Award, as well as the Washington Business Journal’s Top 40 under 40 of 2010. Saint Germain Catering is also certified by the WBENC, also known as the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council which certifies that a business is owned an operated by at least 51% women, daily operations must be completed by the business owner, and requires documentation as well as an in-person interview.

From 1988 to 2000, Mina Ebrahimi helped her family open and run Saint Germain Cafe, a successful French Cafe and Bistro located at Tyson’s Galleria in Mclean VA. Here, along with their in-house bakery, they offered full service breakfast, lunch, and dinner service that was expanded by the addition of catering. The Saint Germain Cafe was soon catering events for Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Ave, and Nordstroms.

Mina Ebrahimi has also been involved with a number of philanthropic pursuits, including a position as Board Member for the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School at the Matthew J. Ryan School of Medicine from 2013-2015. It was during this time that she started a Department for Minimally Invasive Interventional Radiology, as well as contributing to Oncology research (specifically breast cancer in women) and the Working Dog Center at University of Pennsylvania.

In addition to running her own successful business and volunteering at the University of Pennsylvania, Mina Ebrahimi started a foundation designed to help and empower women to become economically independent and start their own businesses. The Mina Ebrahimi Foundation was started in 2014 and continues to this day, empowering women to start a business, helping women find funding for their businesses, and assisting women with advancement in their careers. Mina currently mentors anywhere from 5 to 8 women per year to help them achieve the successes that she herself has seen as an economically independent business woman and entrepreneur.


Randal Nardone – the skilled Fortress CEO.

When five people sat and founded one of the leading asset management firms, Randall Nardone was among them. That was in 1998, about two decades later the hedge fund manages about $65 billion worth of investments for its range of clients across the globe. He has quite a résumé that speaks highly of his leadership.Randal Nardone pursued his studies at Boston School of Law and in the University of Connecticut. In the former, he attained his law degree before preceding to the latter where he got a Bachelor of Arts in English and Biology. Upon completion of his studies, he worked in some places with his last stint before Fortress being at the Union Bank of Switzerland where he worked as from 1997 to 1998. At the bank, he held the prestigious position of their MD.Randal also worked at Blackrock Investment Management before UBS. He also served as an executive committee member and partner at Thacher Proffitt and Wood law firm.All these work prepared him for his work at Fortress.

Being the co-founder of the asset management firm, he has been with them since its inception holding various positions in the process.His recent post and one that he owns now is he is the CEO of the firm. He initially served as the interim CEO of the company from 2011 up until 2013 when he permanently took up the position. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the prestigious firm.Randal Nardone was elected for this position in 2006, and he has held it since. At the moment, his law qualifications coupled with his long involvement with the firm has made him be in charge of the company’s finance and legal matters.At the firm, he has orchestrated some milestones for the assets management firm. He was at the center of the sale of all outstanding stake to Soft Bank Group. The Japanese owned firm paid an amount in the region of $3.3 billion with class A shares costing $8.08 from $5.83.

Randal Nardone strongly held the conviction that in addition to opening up credit sources, the deal would hasten the firm’s growth. Randal’s great leadership together with his colleagues can be witnessed by how excellently present and previous employees rate the firm.Many have complimented the working environment at the firm, the learning opportunities for employees and many strongly recommend the place for employment. Another thing that speaks highly of him and his colleagues is that Soft Bank Group left the management they found intact. This was a massive show of confidence towards Randal Nardone and his colleagues given that Soft Bank Group had made a lumpsum investment. Randal and his colleagues didn’t disappoint as they steered the company towards the success it has witnessed today.With a net worth of about $1.8 billion and a ranking of 557 according to Forbes list of billionaires, it can be safe to say that Randal Nardone has propelled himself to the top through hard work and skills among other virtues which have been essential for his journey.

GoBuyside (NY)

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Randal Nardone Brings Years of Expertise and Management Skills and Character to IPO Company Fortress Investment Group

Very few individuals are able to run a billion dollar investment management firm and this can be said of previous chief executive officer Dan Mudd who will be soon taking a leave of absence for investment management firm Fortress Investment Group. Dan Mudd is being sued as he is allegedly been giving pipe dreams to investors and informing clients of loans that were both risky and misleading as the Securities and Exchange Commission looks to join in with the FBI to investigate the business practices of the leaving CEO at Fortress Investment Group. However, some such as Randal Nardone have been able to now as the interim CEO with Fortress Investment Group, help the company gain trust of their clients and manage the approximate 43.6 billion dollar assets that are under management by Fortress Investment Group. He will continue to grow the company with his immediately take over.

Randal Nardone is not just some random investment manager, but has been named by Forbes magazine in the year 2007 as one of the world’s billionaires as he accumulated over 1.8 billion dollars in networth. Randal actually had joined fortress in 1998 as one of the investment firm’s co founders and principals who became a billionaire according to his hard work, investments, and after the company’s public offering. With their initial public offering or IPO in their early to year of 2007 it has helped him increase his wealth. He also served as one of the board of directors and Fortress Investment Group firm since 2006 as a member and has had many previous work experiences that would qualify him for this job.

Where working as the operating managing director for the company UBS as well as helping raise capital and gain clients for a banking giant known as Swiss and operated as a principal for the financial management firm know that BlackRock. Randal Nardone gained his expertise and education while working, but also from the University of Connecticut and later held his JD from the University of Boston from their School of Law. He worked for the law firm of Thatcher Proffitt & Wood. where he operated as a member, as a part of the executive committee, and as a partner of the firm, and he is now working hard to establish a new foundation for Fortress Investment Group as stock prices fell when the appearance of Dan Mudd activities and leave an absent. Randal Nardone will take the company to new heights.

The Academy of Art University Tackles Russian Diplomacy Through Fashion

The Academy of Art University, located in the heart of San Francisco, may have just unknowingly discovered that fashion can bridge the growing diplomatic divide between the United States and Russia. Heavy stuff, for sure, but that’s the power and magic of art, and fashion has always been, above all its utilitarian purposes, a statement to the world. Academy graduate, and fashion journalist, Dairia Kymber saw the power of fashion at work, after accepting an invitation to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia.

Kymber was sent to Moscow, Russia’s capital and largest city, to cover fashion week for Buzzfeed. Her experience was mind-opening and heartening for those of us back home, watching tensions grow between the countries. Kymber discovered everyone she encountered to be warm and opening, and the culture of the exotic and distant country to be intoxicating.

Kymber had the added fear of traveling to a country not well known for its treatment of minorities, as an African-American. Not that encountering strange, new people should be all that intimidating for any graduate of the Academy of Art University. The school, founded by painter Richard S. Stephens in 1929 as the Academy of Advertising Art, is the largest, private art academy in the United States, and its South of Market campus sits right in the middle of all the urban strangeness that is the bay city.

Though the Academy of Art University was the first art school to send its students to New York Fashion Week, the Russian event was something that Kymber couldn’t quite prepare for, despite her best efforts. She found the striking mixture of modern trends alongside historic, Russian styles to be unique and exciting, just as fashion must be. It was designer Anastasia Dokuchaeva who most caught Kymber’s eye, blending cutting-edge choices into a fusion of futuristic joy.

It was Kymber’s connection to the Academy of Art University, graduating with a master’s in Fashion Journalism in 2016, that led to Buzzfeed’s offer, and she’s grateful she ignored the current political tensions. She found the architecture of Moscow every bit as inspiring as the art she saw on the catwalk.


Peter Briger- Principal credit department at Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group was started in 1998 as a private equity firm. In 2007, it became the first big private equity firm to become a publicly traded company after it launched its Initial Public Offering (IPO). The group today is a global investment management company that is traded in the New York Stock Market. The firm manages over 43 billion of assets belonging to over 1,750 investors. The firm has over 900 employees and has its headquarters in New York.The firm is run by three principals; Wes Edens, Randal Nardone in New York and San Francisco-based Peter Briger. Fortress Investment Group services include asset-based investing, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions and operations management.

The assets managed by Fortress include real estate, financial vehicles, and capital that create cash flow over a long time. The firm has been in the industry long enough and has helped many people manage their financial assets. In the two decades that Fortress Investment Group has been in the investment industry, it has managed numerous cases of mergers and acquisitions. The staff at the company understand the industry very well and have a good relationship with other professionals in the industry.Fortress Investment Group helps businesses raise capital through debt and equity markets. With all information, it is clear that this company is a specialist in capital markets. Through the experience gathered managing various portfolio companies, the firm has deep institutional knowledge in different sectors.

Peter Briger

Peter Briger is the head of the credit division of Fortress Investment Group. He joined the firm in 2002 after working at Goldman Sachs as a partner for 15 years. His department is responsible for real estate and credit business. Peter Briger is listed by Forbes among the 400 global business professionals. While working at Goldman Sachs, his work was mainly focused on Asia. His role in Asia played a significant role in a deal where a Japanese banking conglomerate bough Fortress Group.Peter holds a master’s in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania- Wharton School of Business. His contribution to the success of Fortress Investment Group is significant, as he is responsible for one of the key departments of the firm.Peter Briger has been an ardent supporter of the Central Park Conservancy as well as being a member of the Princeton University Investment Company. Briger also has soft spot for philanthropy. He supports an organization known as Tipping Point which offers support to needy families in San Francisco area. He is also a board member of Caliber Schools.

Why Fortress Investment Group Still Dominates the Market

You can assess the financial strength and customer base of any company based on the assets it’s managing for its clients. Among the companies with great assets to manage is Fortress Investment Group. Its assets are valued to be over $43.6 billion. The company manages many global private investors and over 1,750 clients. The main offices of the Fortress Group are in New York. However, the company has other offices in Europe, Japan, North America, China, and Australia. One thing about Fortress is that it minds about its investment operations and other business affairs. When it comes to asset investing, the company is quite zealous and committed.

If you are looking for a company that is competent in asset investing, you need to think about Fortress Investment Group. The company doesn’t just specialize in asset investing. It also offers price, finance, and ownership of its clients’ financial assets. Most clients like the services of this company since it manages financial, capital, and real estate assets well. Fortress doesn’t invest in any industry before it does thorough research about it. The kind of investment analysts the company has developed is great. This is due to the level of experience the company has attained after dealing with portfolio firms and handling investments for many years.  Those working at Fortress Investment Group are competent and experienced. The employees in this firm know how to develop and handle business relationships. They also have expertise in different business sectors now that they have handled top companies and other reputable institutions across the globe.

When handling transactions, the company is aware of the strategic and structural challenges it expects. However, the company can assess these challenges using its competence and knowledge in operations management. If the company looks forward to handling some sophisticated investments, it first uses the assessment tools to gauge the value.The process of acquiring Fortress Group started sometime back. SoftBank Group had announced it would purchase the company, and it did so on 2017, December 27th. About 3.3 billion dollars were used in the cash purchase deal. Since the purchase deal was properly completed, the outstanding shares of the company belong to SoftBank Group. Some of the conditions that had to be met before the purchase included the approval of the shareholders of Fortress Investment Group and the receipt of approval. People with distressed credit investments or undervalued assets would benefit from the services Fortress Group offers.

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Richard Dwayne Blair Goes Over Financial Plans With Clients

Financial freedom is one of the biggest challenges that people are going to face. There are so many factors that need to be considered when it comes to financial freedom planning. One big factor that Richard Dwayne Blair considers when it comes to finances is income. After all, the person has to be making money before he can come up with a financial plan. Another thing that Richard looks at is the living expenses. Often times, people are barely making ends meet. This is one of the reasons that they seek out the help of a financial planner.

When going over the financial situation of the client, Richard Blair looks at what the client is going to have to do in order to break free. Often times, the client is going to have to give up something. Therefore, he may be encouraged to get rid of a certain bill that is not a necessity. For instance, he might be asked to cur down on the electricity so that he can save money. Other sacrifices might include cable and eating out. However, Richard Dwayne Blair does not see giving up something as the only way to save money. He also has his clients look at ways that they can increase their income.

One thing that Richard Dwayne Blair knows is that many households are not going to be able to live off of one income. Therefore, people are going to need another source of income so that they can take care of all of their expenses. When they find something they can do for extra money, then they can look into what they can do with the extra money. One of the common suggestions from financial planners like Richard Dwayne Blair is investing it in something so that they can put their money to work for them.