Southridge Capital: An Industry Leader and Philanthropic Powerhouse

Southridge Capital, LLC is a professional organization that specializes in diversified holding matters; which, includes advisory and structured financial services amongst a host of other services the campy provides to its clients. Headquartered in Connecticut, Southridge Capital provides comprehensive services to the Northeast Region of the United States and even international clients by utilizing proven financial strategies that have helped hundreds of public firms over the past two decades. Steve M. Hicks, CEO, and Founder of Southridge Capital tasks himself with formulating all types of strategic concepts and business development matters for the firm.

Having invested nearly $1.8 billion dollars since the company’s conception in 1996, Southridge Capital has proven their extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. The company is proud to offer advisory services such as financial analysis, optimization for balance sheets, and legal settlements. Southridge Capital also provides structural financial services such as building credit, securing the company’s finances, and solutions to complex financial problems. With services like these being provided to their clients, it is easy to see how Southridge Capital has established themselves as an industry leader.

The company is also globally oriented; Southridge Capital conducts extensive research and background checks on a potential client before they come associated with them. Using this strategy, Southridge Capital has avoided representing any “shady” clients and exclusively works with companies that have positive impacts on their clients and their physical environments. Southridge Capital also believes in strong communal ties.

In 1998, CEO, Steven Hicks, founded the Daystar Foundation with the help of his wife. The Daystar Foundation was found to affect the lives of people in need directly and to have a positive impact on the local community. Southridge has donated thousands of dollars of the past two-decades to organizations such as the Ridgefield Fountain Landmark, Walnut Community Hill Church, the Bridgeport Rescue Mission, Save a Child’s Heart Foundation, and the Ridgefield Sunrise Cottage, amongst an impressive list of charitable partners. You can check out their Facebook and Twitter page.


Freedom Checks Are A Solid Investment Opportunity That Investors Would Be Foolish To Pass Up

Freedom Checks are a term that has been introduced to the mainstream by way of expert investor and writer Matt Badiali. While many have mistakenly avoided the opportunity, those who know better, and that know who Badiali is, have looked into them deeper and have profited quite a bit. Like any other investment, the more an investor puts into them the more they get back, and Badiali wants investors to earn as much as they can. In order for a company to be a part of the program, it must earn 90% of its revenue from the storage, production, transportation, and processing of natural energy resources; specifically oil and gas. In order to be able to send investors Freedom Checks, the company must be an American company, and investors can get a piece of the pie with as little as an investment of $10.

The actual name for Freedom Checks is Master Limited Partnership, which is also known as MLP. These business partnerships allow the companies and investors to enjoy the tax benefits that limited partnerships enjoy, and companies who take part in the program have plenty of cash flow. The oil fields that these companies refine their oil from must be located in the U.S.A., and Congress enacted the statute, known as statute 26-F, to preserve these American companies and to give their investors monthly or quarterly payments.

Fracking has allowed American gas and oil companies to reach more oil than ever before, and these companies should be seeing massive profits soon. All an investor has to do to get in on this opportunity is purchase shares in an MLP, which is just like purchasing stock shares, and wait for their checks to come to their home or for profits to be placed into their brokerage account. Investors should see payments increase over time, whether they invest in more shares or not, and when they go to sell their shares, they can pay taxes at capital gain rates. At this time there are over 500 companies that are MLPs where investors can purchase shares and sit back and receive payments. Thanks to experts like Matt Badiali, the American public is becoming more aware of opportunities like Freedom Checks.

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Avery Ranch Golf Club Offers Some Impressive Wedding Packages

A weddings venue is one of the most crucial pointers in any wedding detail or planning. Selecting a venue that is both accommodating and comfortable for the couple, as well as the guest is one of the most difficult decisions a couple faces. This comes with the countless visits to different sites to try to compare all. However, if you are a couple looking to have a golf course wedding, then the Avery Golf course ranch is the ideal place to have your perfect wedding.
Among the many golf course wedding venues near me, Avery Ranch Golf in Austin, Texas stands as the only golf club in Austin that has almost every service that a couple may need during the wedding. It stands in the outs casts of Austin with the most amazing views as well as facilities that can accommodate up to 200 guests.
With the decision of either an outdoor or an indoor ceremony, Avery Ranch Golf offers the best of both situations. Thus any decision you make on the place you want your wedding taking place within the ranch, the services are not limited. Therefore, it makes it easy for the couple not to struggle with decision-making.
The spectacular views of the ranch offer an ambiance of fresh, up to date facility with the breath of fresh air that surrounds the place, making a wedding photo shoot an exciting moment with the best of backgrounds as well as a variety. With a few minutes’ drives to the location, the Ranch is found along the Brushy Creek banks.
Working toward bringing out the magic, and the spectacular moments of a wedding, the facility is designed in a way that all the services that are offered in the location are of top-notch quality and provides no interruptions or in convinces to the couple as well as the guests. Thus, it’s ample parking as well as the availability of all facilities guarantees a successful stress-free wedding all the way.
Among the services offered at the place, catering for the wedding is one of the services that have put the ranch on the spotlight with the exceptional service delivery that is guaranteed on any event that is covered by the Golf club. This means that both the wedding ceremony and reception can take place at one single location, which minimizes many movements for the couple’s guest and makes sure that minimal time is taken, with a lot done within the timeline given.
With a touch of class, glamour, and beauty, Avery Ranch Golf in Austin, is the only Golf club that gives a couple the wedding of their dreams with their exceptional delivery of excellent service in all areas of work assigned to them.

See How Significant the Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group Was

The best way to assess whether a company is customer-minded is by finding out if its solutions would meet the needs at hand. If the company can’t meet the needs of the people it serves, it lacks influence and command tone in the area. Without the presence of the companies like Fortress Investment Group, people would not experience propitious opportunities, creative solutions, and new ideas they enjoy today. This group has acted as an avenue for wealth generation, which people should utilize. Anyone looking for the biggest alternative asset managers would go for Fortress Group. It has been consistent and reliable in delivering practical and wonderful solutions.

When some people are about to invest, they are careful to think about the consequences ahead. If they find a cover up for these consequences, they don’t fear investing. The company helps the investors to make their transactions more efficiently with the highest level of accountability. As it stands now, SoftBank Group Corp has acquired Fortress Group. This will not only help the company to create more opportunities and progress, but it will also help it compile and consolidate more assets. Those who understand financial matters know this acquisition is meant to bring more prosperity and wealth. Fortress Group has become a great greenlit project today since the $3.3 billion acquisition deal. Many other companies would not have met their asset goals if Fortress Investment Group didn’t intervene.

It has helped these companies to define their expansion, growth, structure, and direction. Although the acquisition by SoftBank took place, Fortress Group still has the authority and independence to carry out its operations. Even before the company was acquired, it had been known for its pragmatic and creative ideas that led to the sustainability, expansion, and growth of its assets.Fortress Group has taken advantage of the social media to intensify its presence in the market. It uses social media to leverage its workforce and networks across the world. Fortress Investment Group does everything possible to ensure its culture is not comprised in any way. LinkedIn is what Fortress Investment Group uses to capture the market, influence other companies, touch more people, and generate more clientele. Even the employees in this company find the dedication and commitment the company has to its services awesome.

Depression Alert by Neurocore

Neurocore is pegged on dealing with mental ailments through the introduction of technological procedures and walking through natural and simple ways to deal with these mental disorders or diseases. Neurocore has improved their expertise in dealing with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), ASD, Memory, Migraines, Stress, Sleep and Depression to mention a few. Visit to know more about Neurocore. Nerocore receives multiple cases of patients visiting with different kinds of depression at different levels. Depression is mostly triggered by traumatic events. The symptoms of this ailment tend to worsen making it chronic. This condition not only affects an individual but also a family member. Neurocore has established a drug-free program to deal with depression.

Depression is a very common mental ailment in the United States. This state affects almost sixteen million adults every year. It begins in adulthood but is experienced mostly by women. A large number of those who suffer from this disease do not seek medical attention. The stigma associated with depression is one of the main reasons individuals shun from seeking mental services.

Depression has a colossal impact on an individuals’ life more than anyone would think it does.


Below are several factors that prove the extent of damage depression can create.

  1. There are a variety of depressive afflictions

The most familiar type of depression is MDD (Major Depressive Disorder) which is recognized by low self- esteem, continuous sadness every single day for more than a fortnight. Postpartum Depression which is experienced after baby birth, this condition lasts for a fortnight or it could go all the way to a year. SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) this kind happens during the winter or in seasons of little or no sunlight.

  1. Symptoms may not be obvious

The signs and symptoms may differ from one individual to another. Some signs show and others may not reveal at all.

  1. May develop from external factors.

Depression doesn’t have an indefinable cause. People, however, experience a high risk of developing it through stressful events like abuse, divorce, unemployment or even financial constraints. Further research suggests that biological factors also contribute to depression. Those with a proven family history of symptoms of depression are likely to go through the same. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Jason Hope: Innovations to Expect on The Internet

With the rapid change of the internet of things, there is need to get an expert opinion so that users can have an idea on the direction of this innovation. Hence, Jason Hope, an entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has a keen interest in futuristic innovation has given some predictions on the where internet of things is heading. With his vast experience in the technology world, Hope has predicted the following;

With the world becoming a global village, part of the reason being the internet of things, many devices have become interconnected raising the issue of security. These devices have sensitive information, such as bank details of users, which if it finds its way to criminals lasting damage can be done. Jason Hope has predicted that these security risks will make security research a priority.

Jason Hope has also predicted that experts will try to decentralize systems to reduce the security risks. He has noted that blockchain technology will assist in this innovation as it uses cryptographic processes to make the control system more decentralized. The blockchain technology makes the internet of things to be more scalable as compared to other methods that were previously used. The technology will make it difficult for the malware to affect big chunks of systems.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) will help in reducing cost issues, minimize latency issues, and increase reliability when dealing with the internet of things. Jason Hope notes that AI will assist in making a more detailed analysis of the data. This comprehensive analysis of data will help large organizations to make more informed decisions in lesser time. Also, AI will go a long way in helping to scale the systems by maximumly utilizing cloud capabilities with the help of fog computation.

The internet of things will help business to be more effective when marketing their products. This effectiveness has already started to take shape as we can now see targeted adverts on Twitter and Facebook. The internet of things is availing data to marketers that they can use to target potential customers. Also, Jason Hope predicts that businesses will use developmental approach by combining products and technologies to develop solutions to problems that they may be facing.

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How Sheldon Lavin Revolutionised OSI Group

OSI Group Company is one of the largest companies in the world offering food solutions. In 2016, Forbes ranked OSI Group No 58 in the food and beverage market. The company has set up its operations in 17 different countries; it has more than 65 facilities and at least 20,000 employees. All these great successes are attributed to this one incredible man, Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon Lavin became the Chairman and the CEO of OSI Group in 1975. Before joining the company, Sheldon was a financial advisor of the Otto & Sons before it was branded OSI Group. He was later a partner to the company.

Sheldon Lavin was born in 1932. His passion for accounting and finance started long before he joined university and for this reason, he decided to major in accounting and economics at the University of Illinois. He also attended Roosevelt University in Chicago where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in business. After the completion of his studies Laving started up his firm which offered financial advice to companies, and he did this for fifteen years. His determination and ambitious nature were some of the qualities OSI Group admired and decided to hire him.

The reason why OSI Group needed Sheldon’s expertise is that during that time, the company wanted to expand its operations to the surrounding European countries hence they neede someone with financial knowledge to handle the transactions. And this proved to be a great success as Lavin made OSI Group become a multi-billion global food enterprise. Under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership, the company has been able to enter and operate effectively in foreign countries. Some of the first countries to partner with OSI Company were Brazil, Spain, Germany, and Austria. Lavin’s progressive ideologies also enabled OSI Company to make significant acquisitions which propelled their growth. Purchases such as Tyson Food and Baho helped them to establish their presence all over the world.

Sheldon Lavin is also an active participant in charitable organizations. McDonald House Charities being one of them, he has been able to improve the lives of the local communities around him. Vision World Academy in India awarded Lavin a Global Visionary Award because of his tremendous effort to help people achieve their dreams.

Neurocore: Enhancing The Power Of The Brain

Neurocore, a reputable corporation with a noble cause, champions, facilitates and practices brain enhancing techniques. Founded 14 years ago, this brain performing center enables individuals to grapple with the complexities and strains of everyday life via a sequence of memory building approaches and customized solutions. Their primary services include personalized training regimens, memory boot camps, and routine assessments. From depression and anxiety to insomnia and ADHD, Neurocore targets each matter using data-driven approaches that are backed by science. The topic of mental health is often mired in controversy, but Neurocore aims to portray brain-related anomalies as a manageable issue as opposed to a debilitating stumbling block. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Kirk Cousins, a professional football player, proved the efficacy of Neurocore’s practices after undergoing a series of brain-enhancing programs. In fact, experts forecast that brain training will rapidly infuse itself into the sports sphere. Reason being, athletes seldom allow their brain to rest, making relaxation increasingly elusive. As an attempt to forgo this reality, Dr. Royer, Neurocore’s founder, recommends introducing athletes to his science-based brain training. As it happens, this very exercise is what boosted Cousins’ mental stamina, increased his drive, and sharpened his memory. Here’s how the process unfolds. Read more about Neurocore at

After a stressful or otherwise triggering situation, participants pick a movie of their choice and are asked to give said film their undivided attention. Given our susceptibility to distraction, this task is easier said than done. If the small electrodes attached to the individuals head detect any mental interference, the DVD automatically shuts off. The movie will only reconvene when the individual’s brain has abandoned the disturbance. Over time, this teaches the brain how to engage in a specific task. Similarly, the brain learns how to detach from issues that don’t demand immediate attention, in turn improving sleep patterns and diminishing unwarranted stress.


Infinity Group Australia: Managing Finances for the Australian Public

Graeme Holm is an Australian businessman who is most well-known as the founder of the Infinity Group Australia. The company that he established is based in New South Wales, and it focuses on providing services to the Australian public that would allow them to manage their finances effectively. The company has seen tremendous growth through the years, and with their expanding services, many people are being assisted and are getting out of debt. Those who wanted to get the assistance from the company should send primary information like their monthly income and expenses, and they should wait for a couple of weeks before their request is granted. The Infinity Group Australia reviews every application sent to them, and they are analyzing each data to determine how they could help the client. Graeme Holm is proud to say that his company is well-received by the public, and one of their accomplishments this year was the removal of a $90,000 debt from a young client that already had a family. Graeme Holm invites the public to try out the services that his company provides, and see for themselves how their lives are changed because of their effective financial management plans. Graeme Holm presented three services offered by the Infinity Group Australia as of the present, and these are debt reduction, wealth creation, and retirement solutions.

The primary mission of the Infinity Group Australia is to eliminate their client’s debt. Australians are one of the most in-debt nationalities in the world, and figures are showing that more than 30% of Australians are in-debt. One of the reasons was the accessibility of credit cards, and Australians tend to get what they want if they have access to it. Infinity Group Australia helps their clients from spending too much and prohibiting the use of credit cards to ensure that no new debt would be created. They are also encouraging their clients to pay in cash to avoid the temptation of spending uncontrollably.

Another service offered by the Infinity Group Australia is the creation of wealth. By introducing their clients to wealth-creating opportunities like investing in the stock market, they help their clients become more financially independent, building their fortune from nothing.

For the retirement solutions services, the Infinity Group Australia helps their client to answer questions like how much money they wanted to see inside their wallet every week after their retirement, or what kind of lifestyle they wanted to maintain after they retired. Infinity Group Australia assures their senior clients that they will be exhausting all possible resources to help them prepare for their retirement, and the company will be able to secure them a better and comfortable future. Many retirees have proven that the retirement solutions services from the Infinity Group Australia have helped them live an easy and enjoyable life post-retirement. Learn more:

Freedom Checks Sounds like a Scam, but Feels Like an Investment

Freedom Checks are the latest investment opportunity from guru Matt Badiali, and he is so sure of the payout he’s filmed infomercials. Although many dismiss Freedom Checks as a scam, the truth behind is it may be a viable investment opportunity. It works off a new tax plan that allows certain natural resource companies to operate tax free. In order to achieve this benefit they have to adhere to certain standards, one of which allows the payout of $34.6 billion dollars to MLP stakeholders. This is the opportunity that Matt Badiali wants to share. Read more about Freedom Checks at

MLP stands for master limited partnership, which is a business partnership that can be publicly traded. The use of such partnership can allow businesses to have tax advantages and generate more cash flow, but require that cash to be paid out to investors. In order to fit the requirements such companies have to distribute 90% of their revenue to their stakeholders, which arrives in the form of monthly to quarterly checks. These stakeholders have to do nothing, all they have to do is buy shares and sit back.

Like anything it is an investment, and is only as good as the company whose shares are purchased, but the possibility if so great Badiali is telling everybody. Anyone of any age can purchase Freedom Checks, all they have to do is buy shares in the companies. Shares can be purchased for as low as $10 dollars, but must be purchased before July 1st.


Matt Badiali is a graduate of Penn State University. He is a noted geologist and investment expert in the realm of natural resources. He travels the globe researching and examining the mining and drilling operations of various companies. He can tell which companies are good investments by the way they produce and process the natural resources they deal in. His expertise has led many to make profitable investments, and he is an editor for Banyan Tree Publishing. The investment website employs foremost experts to offer advice to low-level investors.

Badiali is a knowledgeable source to take actionable advice from, so what he says about Freedom Checks cannot be easily dismissed. On the whole Freedom Checks sounds like another scam, even uses the same script as some known scams. But it is not a scam, it is an investment. It promises a profitable outcome but like any investment it may not bear fruit. But the payout coming if it does is too good to ignore. Read this article at Money Morning.