Neurocore: Enhancing The Power Of The Brain

Neurocore, a reputable corporation with a noble cause, champions, facilitates and practices brain enhancing techniques. Founded 14 years ago, this brain performing center enables individuals to grapple with the complexities and strains of everyday life via a sequence of memory building approaches and customized solutions. Their primary services include personalized training regimens, memory boot camps, and routine assessments. From depression and anxiety to insomnia and ADHD, Neurocore targets each matter using data-driven approaches that are backed by science. The topic of mental health is often mired in controversy, but Neurocore aims to portray brain-related anomalies as a manageable issue as opposed to a debilitating stumbling block. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Kirk Cousins, a professional football player, proved the efficacy of Neurocore’s practices after undergoing a series of brain-enhancing programs. In fact, experts forecast that brain training will rapidly infuse itself into the sports sphere. Reason being, athletes seldom allow their brain to rest, making relaxation increasingly elusive. As an attempt to forgo this reality, Dr. Royer, Neurocore’s founder, recommends introducing athletes to his science-based brain training. As it happens, this very exercise is what boosted Cousins’ mental stamina, increased his drive, and sharpened his memory. Here’s how the process unfolds. Read more about Neurocore at

After a stressful or otherwise triggering situation, participants pick a movie of their choice and are asked to give said film their undivided attention. Given our susceptibility to distraction, this task is easier said than done. If the small electrodes attached to the individuals head detect any mental interference, the DVD automatically shuts off. The movie will only reconvene when the individual’s brain has abandoned the disturbance. Over time, this teaches the brain how to engage in a specific task. Similarly, the brain learns how to detach from issues that don’t demand immediate attention, in turn improving sleep patterns and diminishing unwarranted stress.


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