Prioritize Your Life With These Tips from Upwork

Becoming creative with prioritizing tasks has just gotten more unique but incredibly simpler. Upwork, the most valuable hub for freelancers to earn money, posted a blog in March featuring the 10 powerful tips for sailing your tasks and increase your productivity.

The most interesting way to get through your to-do list is batch processing, assigning energy levels and zooming in and out. In batch processing, you will employ the same methods a factory would by tagging your task. The blog mentions the app ClickUp often, which has a fabulous feature for tagging your tasks. For instance, you would label any task dealing with computers as “computer tasks”. Next is “zooming in and out” which means breaking up big tasks into smaller tasks. By far the most interesting is organizing by energy levels. In other words which tasks require more energy? Label it accordingly. You can also use this feature in ClickUp.

The next three methods are: capture everything in writing, preparing your list in advance and keeping your list in one place. Writing your task down is easy. However keeping it in one place? Not so much. You may be tempted to place Post-It notes everywhere as a reminder, but that is discouraged because it creates clutter and stress.

You would also want to prepare your list the night before when you have time. Your energy is greater in the morning.

The last few tasks reviewed involves time, re-evaluating your list, and stress-free delegation. Assign priorities to your tasks and keep re-evaluating. If you work on a team, Upwork suggests ClickUp once again to capture comments and convert them to tasks to delegate to your team.

Upwork serves as a bridge for freelancers to connect with employers looking to hire for a decent fee. For some(ok, most) freelancers, making big money is the goal but Upwork allows you to build your portfolio without having to contact companies cold. On Upwork, you have the option of getting paid hourly or at a fixed rate. So, prioritize your tasks wisely!

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