Hicks of Southridge Capital

Stephen Hicks serves as CEO and principal of the investment manager, Southbridge Capital. He is also its founder, having done so in 1996. Prior to doing so he had already been active in the investment industry for many years. To date, he has been in this industry for more than thirty years. He first entered this world by obtaining his B.S. in Business Administration from King’s College followed by an MBA from Fordham University. It was while working for a hedge fund that he first got the idea for Southbridge. Fate gave him the chance to do this when this hedge fund ceased all of its operations.


The hedge fund did not close down immediately, allowing Hicks to still get paid while he started his new company that is Southbridge Capital. Today, he spends for of his time on an average day reviewing the fund’s portfolio both for his own investments and for those of his clients. And he is not the only extremely knowledgeable employee at the bank. He works with an equally as knowledgeable and experienced team. In gleaning the most current data to help them and their clients, Hicks and his team are assisted by an in-house search engine.


Currently, Hicks is most interested in the current rise of cryptocurrency and legal marijuana sales. He sees both of these things as clearly being the next big thing for investment managers. However, Hicks knows that a close eye is necessary for even these “next big things” because anything could happen and the deals could go south. He has learned in the past that it is always best to resist the temptation to put too much money in these that look extremely promising. He learned this a few years back by investing a ton of money in such a promising company known as Petals. Shortly thereafter it failed and he lost all of that money. He has also learned not to trust the government when it comes to business dealings. For more details you can visit newswire.com



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