Real Real Holiday

The holiday season is a prime time to sell or invest in luxury items. One of the top sellers is Hermes which is consistently at the top of everyone’s list due to excellence in luxury goods. However, there are also brands that have fallen behind this year in sales. These include brands like Tory Burch and Tom Ford which have failed to reclaim their resale value over the last year. A surprise lack of sales for Miu Miu also puts this brand towards to bottom in terms of profitability as the holiday season approaches.

One of the biggest drops this year was Kenzo which fell nearly 20 percent which shows a steady decline in the brand’s popularity. Surprisingly, Dior Homme saw a fall in 1à % of its resales this year. This comes as a shock as the new director for the brand was just named this year. However, it does not seem to be enough to push sales into a higher stratosphere this year. On the other hand, Dior woman continues to rise in popularity much in thanks to the release of the popular saddle bag earlier this year.

The RealReal lists all of these brands in a holiday report that helps customers pick the best items. The report covers the most and least popular items listed on the site. The idea of the report is to help streamline sales and push the most popular brands even more such as Gucci and Hermes. The company is an ideal place to look for a holiday gift for a loved one at a better price due to its second hand state. This is the best in holiday shopping for those who like the finer things in life, but do not want to go broke getting what they want out of life.

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