Dick Devos and the FAA

Have you seen the latest news in Washington? Dick DeVos has joined his wife, the US Secretary of Education on Capitol Hill. How is Dick DeVos getting involved? Last year, he began working with the Federal Aviation Administration. He joined 12 others at a meeting last year and was nominated for the position on the Management Advisory Council in September 2017.


The FAA has already made several changes in 2018. This includes the $40 million approved for the new GSO tower. Changes had been a long time in the making after President Trump challenged aviators in America, as well as the FAA. Trump criticized American airports as falling behind. This has prompted a number of changes in airports across the United States, which is something that Dick DeVos has seen firsthand.


The first time he began working with an airport was in 1999. His hometown airport in Grand Rapids had just re-launched under Gerald R. Ford International Airport. The new airport was still having trouble with revenue, so Dick DeVos was brought in by the CEO. Th first thing that he did was call the CEO of AirTran Airways and asked if the airline would open up new destinations. The airline agreed and began opening up new terminals to St. Louis, Denver, Orlando, and Vegas.


Most people don’t realize that DeVos has anything to do with the FAA. After all, he is the former CEO and president of the powerful Forune 500 company Amway. Now DeVos works on his own with a private equity firm called The Windquest Group. Working with his hometown airport was part of a grander plan to bring in more commerce to the city, which is why a convention center was also built in downtown.


Dick DeVos thought that if he was able to bring in business travelers he could change the way that his city got new visitors, and he would add new destinations were already on the convention center market to get businesses and entrepreneurs in the habit of flying through Grand Rapids. This strategy worked and now the airport has gone through a $45 million renovation, which included building a new business center and food court area.


While DeVos has been working in aviation for quite some time, people also may not realize that he is the co-founder of a pilot school and charter school in Grand Rapids called the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


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