Agera Energy ,the New York Energy Company

A rapidly growing energy company in the United States offering affordable energy services known as Agera Energy ought to be your Choice. The energy supplier company values its clients and treats them with total respect considering all the possible factors ranging from cot to their needs. The company is based in Briarcliff, New York State and was established in the year 2014. The principal founding officer of Agera Energy is Mr. Jeremy Schupp who is now serving as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairpeson of the company.

Jeremy Schupp ensures the smooth running of Agera Energy and provision of quality services. The company provides the client with individualized energy plan which helps in total fulfillment of the customer’s needs. It is this approach of service delivery that makes Agera Energy a reputable energy company. Many companies underserve their clients, but at Agera Energy, the customer is of great value.

Agera Energy, the Upcoming Energy Supply Company

Agera Energy is a well-known upcoming energy retailing company which sells electricity and natural gas. It also offers household and business companies with efficiency services. The company has its main offices at Briarcliff Manor in New York State, but its functions extend to over fifty states within the country. The owner and principal founder of the company is Mr Jeremy Schupp. He doubles as the chief executive officer with high educational profile and excellent leadership skills which help him in the smooth running of the company.

Agera Energy was launched in 2014, and it has been progressing in terms of the deliverance of quality services. At Agera, the customer is highly valued, and that is why the company offers customised energy plans. When you visit Agera Energy, you will be guided on how to make elaborate decisions on energy options. After that, you will be given individualised energy services as per your needs.

The marvelous life and business journey of Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu Qiangdong is today one of the most notable entrepreneurs in China. He is the founder and CEO of the prosperous e-commerce platform, Today, is one of the two top e-commerce platforms in China. As of 2018, Liu was estimated to be worth more than $12 billion. This billionaire has a marvelous life and business journey.

Childhood and early life

The billionaire and entrepreneur, Richard Liu was born in Jiangsu province in China of a humble family. Liu has a reasonably normal childhood like those of many children from those days. His family earned their living through a family shop run by his father. Not being well off, everyone in the family had to work hard to make ends meet in their coal-shipping side business too. Liu was introduced to business at an early age of three by his father who took him has his aide in selling watches in their family shop.


Liu’s parents wanted their son to get a good education and soon after he was done with his primary and secondary education, they send him off to The People’s University of China. Here he enrolled for a Bachelor’s in Sociology. While at this institution of higher learning, Richard Liu Qiangdong also focused on diversifying his skill set to become more lucrative to employers. In a quest to expand his skill set he learned computer programming. This skill would prove to very vital to his future success while at the same time earning him pocket money while still in school.


This founder and CEO jumped into entrepreneurship in 1998 when he left his two-year employment stint at Japan Life. He had worked at this company for two years and eventually became the Director of Computers. He went ahead to open a magneto-optical products shop in Beijing a business that turned out to be very successful. In a span of fewer than four years, he was already running 12 shops. These shops would form the form the foundation of when he opted to take his operations entirely online in 2004 and expand his product offerings.

Luxury Property Development Spells Success For Zeco Auriemo And JHSF In Brazil

A clear and innovative vision is a powerful thing for a business leader to have, and Zeco Auriemo has truly proven this fact through the duration of his real estate profession. As the CEO, he has also shown, though, that being able to execute on one’s innovative vision in reality is just as important if a leader wishes to bring real success to an organization. Thankfully, this is exactly how Zeco managed to bring JHSF into the spotlight, and few of its peers even have a chance of topping what the company has done in Brazil, particularly when speaking of the more luxurious end of the country’s real estate ecosystem.

Zeco Auriemo impressed many people because he was still extremely young upon accepting his current role with the company, not even reaching his 30s before taking over. His mind is more than well-suited for this task, and he has proven that over and over again with his efforts to constantly push JHSF’s market reach to the next level. He has found that international growth is a great way to build a better and more expansive portfolio. He has also found that developing properties that offer great luxury to potential clients can be incredibly lucrative for a real estate organization because high-income client base can be more easily and directly targeted.

These two business tactics from Zeco Auriemo’s brain are currently bringing in for JHSF an amount of real estate revenue that the company can be more than satisfied with. Zeco is additionally the father to two children and the husband to a happy wife in Sao Paulo, Brazil. For many, business life has infringed on precious family time, but Mr. Auriemo is determined to prevent that from happening, and he places a heavy amount of his focus on these people.

Jeffry Schneider Lifestyle and Business Contributions

Jeffry Schneider

The founder and principal Ascendant Capital Investment company Jeffry Schneider joined this line of financial investments to help investors make the right decisions in their businesses. He was interested in providing financial services alternatives and identify gaps in the markets that investors can invest. He resides in Austin, Texas, United States but previously he lived in Manhattan working at Axiom Company. Jeffry Schneider is a graduate from the University of Massachusetts Amherst where earned B.A. with this knowledge he can manage various investors. He works closely with more than 35 employees to ensure the smooth running of the company.

Jeffry Schneider has transformed many entrepreneur’s businesses by providing the best financial services in the united states. Working at Ascendant Capital investment provides joy, and more interest to jiffy Schneider since helping others leads to him being successful. He has set significant plans for the future of the company including shifting from the conventional assets to alternative ones which are likely to bring steady rewards in Ascendant capital company.

Jeffry Schneider is always inspired by “How to Win Friendsˮ a book that encourages him to be honest and understand the real value of others. He has given his employees the opportunity to implement their ideas in the company and trust them to do it on their own thus promoting growth and development. Recently, Jeffry Schneider`s company affiliated with Ascendant Alternative Strategies company where he is a registered representative. The company is also a member of the FINRA/SIPC.

To give back to the society, Jeffry Schneider joined hands with Elizabeth Stephens to support the needy people including those who have cancer. He also funds many charitable organizations including Gazelle Foundation, children’s home, Worries and wonders among others. Jeffry Schneider finds joy in helping the needy alongside his professional work; he spends his salary to help others.

Herbalife Nutrition Creates a Two Year Partnership with IMPACT Basketball

Herbalife Nutrition is the premier nutrition company in the world whose objective is to develop a healthier and happier world. It was founded in 1980, and since its establishment. Herbalife Nutrition has formulated a policy for changing people`s lives by manufacturing nutritional products. The company offers the highest quality and science-backed products, close tutoring from Herbalife Nutrition independent distributor. All employees at Herbalife are trained to provide crucial nutritional advice to all their clients.

Herbalife Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports community-based programs focused on providing high-standards nutritional products. The company is also a proud sponsor for various teams and over 190 athletes in the world.

Early this year, Herbalife has partnered with IMPACT Basketball and renamed their newest facility in Las Vegas as the Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basketball Center. As the primary sponsor, Herbalife sports nutritionist will be providing basketball players within modifying the nutritional programs that will assist them to improve their game performance. The partnership also guarantees athlete`s access to Herbalife24® NSF Certified for Sports product line in Las Vegas, Sarasota, and Los Angeles.

The Herbalife IMPACT Basketball Centers are associated with ProActive Sports based in Santa Ana, California. Herbalife Nutrition team of experts has been working with many athletes for over the years, providing personalized nutrition care as they practice for NFL.

IMPACT Basketball hosts various NBA players, international athletes, college and high school players. IMPACT has been in the first line to promote and improve skills of all players interested in enhancing their skills and participating in international champions tournaments. IMPACT embraces talents and does not bias; their trainers have tones of experience to ensure they train all players to reach great heights.

Herbalife24® products are legalized and certified by NSF for sports as they are purely made from natural products that are acceptable to be consumed by athletes. Verification label is placed on all packages to show they have been verified. The Herbalife 24 products are exclusively available through Herbalife Nutrition independent distributors.

According to a tweet from Sean Parker expressed satisfaction for the unique opportunity to help athletes stay healthy and active. He is the executive director of a prominent company, Teach for America. He added that research shows that kids who take part in sports show excellent performance in academics, and their rate of dropout is lower as compared to others. Young players develop essential skills such as teamwork and time management.