Herbalife Nutrition Creates a Two Year Partnership with IMPACT Basketball


Herbalife Nutrition is the premier nutrition company in the world whose objective is to develop a healthier and happier world. It was founded in 1980, and since its establishment. Herbalife Nutrition has formulated a policy for changing people`s lives by manufacturing nutritional products. The company offers the highest quality and science-backed products, close tutoring from Herbalife Nutrition independent distributor. All employees at Herbalife are trained to provide crucial nutritional advice to all their clients.

Herbalife Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports community-based programs focused on providing high-standards nutritional products. The company is also a proud sponsor for various teams and over 190 athletes in the world.

Early this year, Herbalife has partnered with IMPACT Basketball and renamed their newest facility in Las Vegas as the Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basketball Center. As the primary sponsor, Herbalife sports nutritionist will be providing basketball players within modifying the nutritional programs that will assist them to improve their game performance. The partnership also guarantees athlete`s access to Herbalife24® NSF Certified for Sports product line in Las Vegas, Sarasota, and Los Angeles.

The Herbalife IMPACT Basketball Centers are associated with ProActive Sports based in Santa Ana, California. Herbalife Nutrition team of experts has been working with many athletes for over the years, providing personalized nutrition care as they practice for NFL.

IMPACT Basketball hosts various NBA players, international athletes, college and high school players. IMPACT has been in the first line to promote and improve skills of all players interested in enhancing their skills and participating in international champions tournaments. IMPACT embraces talents and does not bias; their trainers have tones of experience to ensure they train all players to reach great heights.

Herbalife24® products are legalized and certified by NSF for sports as they are purely made from natural products that are acceptable to be consumed by athletes. Verification label is placed on all packages to show they have been verified. The Herbalife 24 products are exclusively available through Herbalife Nutrition independent distributors.

According to a tweet from Sean Parker expressed satisfaction for the unique opportunity to help athletes stay healthy and active. He is the executive director of a prominent company, Teach for America. He added that research shows that kids who take part in sports show excellent performance in academics, and their rate of dropout is lower as compared to others. Young players develop essential skills such as teamwork and time management.



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