Allied Wallet Is Connecting the World with Innovative E-Commerce Payment Solutions

Consumers as well as businesses are witnessing a technological revolution in e-commerce payment systems, which uses AI technologies and Allied Wallet is one such leading payment services provider that has created state-of-the-art merchant payment systems, which are used world-wide (Chronicleweek).

Allied’s CEO, Dr. Andy Khawaja, thrives on the challenges, which the company often faces with these new technologies as they continuously work to innovate online payment systems that will provide more efficient transactions and vastly improve the customer’s online shopping experience.

Dr. Andy Khawaja also values the company’s diverse culture of happy, ambitious employees that are excited to come to work and who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure Allied’s success in reshaping the future of e-commerce.

Recently, Allied Wallet has partnered with China UnionPay to expand their operations into European markets. Together, Allied Wallet and China UnionPay will offer China UnionPay cards to European customers that will be accepted by over 40 million businesses around the world as well as access to millions of ATM’s across the globe.

China UnionPay is one of the biggest card payment issuers in China with over 6 million cards already in use. In working with Allied Wallet, China UnionPay will gain incredible industry market share in Europe by offering new co-branded cards, which Allied Wallet will manage under the agreement.

Allied Wallet and China UnionPay are anticipating that in the first year alone, they could issue as many as 10 million new cards to European consumers, which will be tremendously beneficial to both companies.

Allied Wallet is a privately-owned company that was formed in 2002 with headquarters in West Hollywood, CA and several offices located throughout the world. Allied Wallet offers diverse global payment options, including mobile POS services, prepaid cards and an eWallet app. Allied Wallet is fully committed to protecting consumer data and has been recognized by many publications such as Fortune Magazine and Wired, for its service and commitment to their customers.

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