Isabel Dos Santos is Fighting Against Stigmatization of Women in the Workplace

Isabel Dos Santos, one of the richest women in Africa, has brought attention to African stories. The daughter of former president of Angola Jose Eduardo Dos Santos weighed in on the topic of the economic empowerment of African women during a United Nations debate held in New York. She has among key figures who are striving to inspire young women and the youth to pursue their dreams and ambitions in business. Isabel Dos Santos believes that among the most successful individuals in Africa, many of them became successful because of the continent’s vast entrepreneurial spirit.

The African entrepreneurial spirit which is making successful people in Africa is being undermined by stigmatization of women at the workplace. Isabel Dos Santos believes that the stigmatization has robbed the continent of valuable innovators. It has also made many women not to live up to their ambitions. She is rallying for women to access the same job opportunities, education, as well as potential for growth as men for not only Africa, but also the world. The movement to make a big difference has already started changing the attitude as well as instilling a national confidence in women.

Isabel Dos Santos believes that women can achieve great financial stability by creating jobs for them, providing training to them as well as breaking sexist stigmas. This way, countries in Africa including Angola will have more influence in the international economy.

Born in 1973 in Angola, Isabel Dos Santos grew up to become a successful businesswoman with a net worth of about two billion US dollars, according to Forbes. She became successful in investing in growing companies in Angola. She was named one of the top 100 most influential women in the world by BBC in 2015.

She travels around Angola meeting women and youth talking to them on how to become successful in the crowded world of business. She gives talks to Yale students about entrepreneurship and women empowerment. Isabel Dos Santos encourages African women to take advantage of opportunities emerging as a result of the increased reliance on artificial intelligence as well as technology. At the University of Warwick, Dos Santos was featured advising a young woman to set sub-goals that will lead her to her goals and be patient while executing her ideas.

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