James River Capital Founder Paul Saunders Has Eliminated Burnout From The Workplace

Paul Saunders founded James River Capital in 1986, though it wasn’t until 1995 that it became its own independent firm. For a while, James River Capital acted as a department of another investment company known as Kidder, Peabody, & Co. Kidder offered up the rights to the company in 1995 to Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt, who then turned it into a leading private investment company.

The manager selection process at James River Capital is vigorous in order to achieve a high level of diversification in expertise and talents. The philosophy at James River Capital is focused on diversified approaches using traditional and alternative investment methods to improve the return on strategically adjusted risks.

Paul Saunders is not only the founder of James River Capital but also the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. He has spent his entire career in the finance and investing industries because of his long acquired passion for trading. He first graduated from the University of Virginia with a finance degree, followed by attending the University of Chicago to earn his Masters in Business Administration. Prior to founding James River Capital, Paul Saunders worked with A.G. Becker, Warburg Paribas Becker, and Kidder, Peabody, & Co.

Many hardworking people out there today have experienced burnout at some point in their career. Some people even experience it on a regular basis, which is certainly not a good thing for their health or career. Burnout is simply the exhaustion and stress that arises, physically and mentally, from working too much in small periods of time. No matter how well-equipped humans have become to deal with stresses in life, long periods of sustained stress can cause very noticeable declines in health and career performance. Learn more: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/1266783D:US-james-river-capital-corp

The signs of burnout are noticeable to everyone in the work environment and usually includes a change in attitude, lack of motivation, and even low confidence. Burnout is much more likely to happen to employees that are feeling undervalued as well. The more people work, the more they want to see in return for their efforts, otherwise, they start to get burned out with what they are doing.

Paul Saunders takes very serious steps at James River Capital to minimize any burnout for employees and even himself. Employees that are feeling satisfied with their work and opportunities are willing to work harder and be more productive, which relates to increased profits for any company. One of the simplest steps to get started to minimize burnout for any business is to help employees set achievable goals within the company to maintain productivity and confidence.

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