Why Dan Bethelmy-Rada Created R.A.W

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the types of products they use on their skin. They need to know that the products are made from organic products, and safe for their bodies, and also that they promote a green environment. People want products that are 100 percent natural and those that have a minimum impact on the environment. R.A.W is the best initiative that L’Oréal has created in making sure their brand is environmentally conscious. Bethelmy-Rada and his team are using and respecting all the principles of green chemistry to make sure that the products are not only natural inspired but one hundred percent raw.

The formulas used to make these cosmetics rely on an assorted list of natural mineral elements. The elements are highly bio-degradable and sourced from different parts of the world. They use Bolivian quinoa husk, Moroccan volcanic Clay, and Bulgarian coriander and an assortment of other natural ingredients sourced from around the globe to make products which are free from silicone, sulfates, and parabens. This revolutionizes the beauty industry in that the fear of having skin infections and conditions that resulted from artificial additives has been eliminated.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s products contain more than 70 percent of these natural ingredients, and 98 percent of them are completely bio-degradable. The ingredients are sourced from plants and minerals, with a few additional ones gotten from seaweeds, honey, and fungi. The packaging of the products also promotes environmental protection. The shampoo bottles are made from recycled plastic.

One of the huge challenges the line had in creating their products was ensuring that the products were authentic. For instance, finding clay was a challenge for the brand, because most would get ruined or contaminated in other ways during transportation. They had to push back the launch until they were able to source the right clay. Then, there was the challenge to change the mentality of their salon professionals so they could embrace the natural products.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada created a digital campaign to ensure that all the stakeholders in the use and promotion of their products understood why natural products were ideal. The positive response from consumers is enough evidence that they made the right move.


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