Enlightening People About How OSI Group McDonalds Hamburgers Are Made

Nowadays, people are concerned about getting to know more about the ingredients of the products that they consume. For instance, McDonalds serves many clients daily. As a result, they work hard to meet the demands of each of their clients. Most of the OSI Group McDonalds clients want to know more about how the ingredients and the manufacturing process of the hamburgers sold at the fast food restaurant. Some people have even conducted experiments to find out whether there are any preservatives used on the OSI Group McDonalds hamburgers. OSI Group McDonalds is a company that values transparency. As a result, they notified their clients that none of their products have preservatives.

The company went a step further to enlighten people about the manufacturing process of the hamburgers. Business Insider was obliged to visit one of the company’s food processing plants in Gunzberg, Germany. The plant has a production capacity of 5 million hamburgers daily. Some of the clients who get hamburgers from this plant include Quarter Pounder, Big Mac, and McDonalds. OSI Group McDonalds is popular for producing quality meat products such as hamburgers. Their positive reputation has lasted for more than a century. As a result, they have been working together with McDonalds for many decades. Since McDonalds had become an international fast food joint, their symbiotic relationship influenced the growth of the food processing company-OSI Group.

OSI was in charge of setting up the factory in Gunzberg, Germany. They also signed an agreement, and McDonalds would take almost 90% of the meat products produced at the facility. At the OSI Group McDonalds food processing plants, the staff is not allowed to work when they have a stomach bug. For starters, they are diagnosed then treated by professional medical practitioners. As a result, the meat products at the food processing plants cannot be infested by bacteria and viruses. Also, there are no preservatives used during the manufacturing process. OSI Group has incorporated strict quality requirements to ensure that their clients receive quality products. The staff also remove their plastic pens and jewelry as a way of ensuring that no foreign materials will be found within the meat. Furthermore, anyone entering the factory must wear protective clothing.

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