Dr. Richard Shinto and the Wonderful People at InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare has seen a lot of growth since it was first formed in 2012. That growth is in part due to the dedication put in by members such as Dr. Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. The medical insurance field is vital to the overall health of the United States. Successful operation of a company as large as InnovaCare requires someone that is truly dedicated to their role. InnovaCare grew from the remnants of the North American Medical Management Company, sometimes referred to as NAMM. Dr. Richard Shinto joined NAMM way back in 1998 when he decided That There was more he had to offer to the field of medical healthcare insurance.


NAMM grew very well over the years and eventually entered into a lucrative partnership with The Straus Group. The Straus Group joined into this contract to help InnovaCare expand their coverage footprint. Soon the United States so the growth of the healthcare insurance company. The company even expanded to American territories like Puerto Rico. 2012 saw the beginning of a new chapter for InnovaCare. They separated themselves from the NAMM entity and began growing on their own. Today, they are excellent providers of coverage for many Americans. They have even expanded to the Medicare sector.


The main contributor to InnovaCare’s growth is Dr. Richard Shinto. Dr. Richard Shinto believed that if he got into the health insurance industry he would be able to provide people with a better understanding of the needs that clients have when it comes to their healthcare. His work has been an exceptional beacon to the community. In fact, he has been listed as one of the top minority executives in the industry of healthcare. Modern healthcare his work with InnovaCare meets or exceeds a standard of excellence that is not often seen in the field. Check out zoominfo.com



Another individual that is doing great things that InnovaCare Health is Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope was brought on in 2015 as the Chief Administrative Officer. She has also served in The Chief Operating Officer for InnovaCare and Aveta in the past. Her knowledge in program development and healthcare management has made her a vital part of the organization and their internal infrastructure. She has also been the COO for CenterLight Healthcare and Executive Vice President. These are roles that she thoroughly enjoyed and are further enriched by her degree from Columbia University in public health. When it comes to the leadership for InnovaCare, they only want the best. You can visit their Facebook page.



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Jindong officially Opened and launched their E-commerce Platform in Thailand, Asia

Working hand in hand with the central group, Jindong, the most prominent e-commerce firm has furthered their expansion in Thailand, Southeast Asia. The firm launched their JD CENTRAL platform. The e-commerce platform will officially debut on September 28th. After the debut, the firm will extend their Jindong services to other regions of the world. The services will include an already e-commerce platform. JD is mainly targeting Indonesia and Vietnam. The two nations are strategic regions for investment. On June 18th, Jindong officially opened the JD CENTRAL and even tested operations. The platform will be offering marketplace models and direct sales. Since its launching, sales have drastically increased.

In fact, they have exceeded expectations. The firm anticipated slow sales at the beginning. The categories that are available on the online site include fashion products, electronics, books, digital items, and musical instruments. Additionally, there are other fast moving items like toiletries, cosmetics, processed foods, clothes and many more items. According to records, about 80% of shoppers have already accessed the online platform either shopping or viewing items that are being sold. Most of them have been logging in using their mobile devices, cell phones and some using FMCG. A large number of clients have viewed the fashion category.  Jindong noted the category as the most selling.

According to statistics, Products from the Republic of China have proved to be popular. Some of the outstanding brands include Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo and OnePlus. Using their advanced technology, Jindong managed to develop the leading, most advanced retail platform. The firm has brought its outstanding logistic expertise and hastened product delivery to all Thailand residents. The organization’s warehouse management technology will be responsible for powering JD’S CENTRAL warehouses that are located in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Jindong noted that the E-commerce business will be offering the same day delivery in a few days’ time. The firm has also entered into deals with local service providers to ensure that JD CENTRAL will be offering a wide coverage. The firm assured top-class customer services to all their esteemed clients. The firm also promised on-time deliveries.

“How Renovia Completed More Than $43 Million in Financing “

Recently Renovia, a new startup focused on women’s health completed another series directed at raising capital for their endeavor. The funds will be utilized for clinical research for pelvic floor disorders. The funds will also be allocated toward development of new tools, devices, and therapies that will aid in reducing symptoms of pelvic floor disorders.


The support will aid in running clinical trials, and putting up new products that are developed, as well as corporate development. There may also be funds allocated to any new commercial development as it occurs.


Each series of raising capital is important, but Series B was significant in that it raised by funds that are focused on healthcare. Groups included the Longwood Fund, Cormorant Asset Management, Western Technology Investment, and a few others. The advisor to Renovia was BayCross Capital Group which is out of Massachusettes. Marc Beer, the Co-Founder and CEO of Renovia Inc., is thrilled with what has transpired so far.


Recently, in a press release, Mr. Beer stated that he was thrilled with the participation from the investors that were a part of Series B. The groups that jumped in to be a part of raising the funds are all focused on healthcare and the technology that is so prevalent in healthcare today. He personally feels that those who did participate along with the health networks that were involved is a great representation of what Renovia’s vision is long-term.


Mr. Beer also went on to say that they are focused on utilizing a digital health platform. Over the last few years, healthcare has changed to a more digital approach. This also means that those who can benefit from Renovia’s products can access data that has been gathered about the best treatment options that have been selected by patients just like them.


The therapies that are being developed are digital, as well as any technology that will be used in diagnosing pelvic floor disorders. This is all because urinary incontinence has been noted to impact the lives of millions of women around the world. This company was founded in 2016, and it’s a great time to help more women that may be receiving a diagnosis.


Renovia Inc. was founded with the mission to help women with a first-line diagnosis of pelvic floor disorders. Renovia Inc. is developing diagnostic tools as well as therapeutic devices that may aid in resolving symptoms associated with pelvic floor disorders. Learn more: https://www.slideshare.net/MarcBeer


Shiraz Boghani of Splendid Hospitality

Shiraz Boghani is one of the most iconic figures in the hospitality industry not only in the United Kingdom but globally. Shiraz is the founder and owner of Splendid Hospitality Group. Splendid Hospitality Group is a chain of more than 19 trading luxury hotels in the UK. . The Splendid Hospitality Group boasts of owning a portfolio of luxury hotels that include the five stars Yorkshires Hotel and Conrad London St James among others. Boghani is also the co-founder of Sussex Healthcare a network of over 25 care homes in the UK. Mr. Boghani originally from Kenya started his business empires from humble beginnings. Boghani migrated to the UK from Kenya to pursue education. Read more about Shiraz Boghani on Crunchbase.

Shiraz Boghani professional background is in accounting, and he is a chartered accountant. Boghani from a tender age had the passion of serving in the hospitality industry, and it is while he was in the UK that he saw an opportunity of introducing limited service branded hotels. Boghani understands the UK hospitality industry inside out having served in the industry for more than three decades now. Boghani has played a very critical role in helping boost the tourism sector in the UK

Shiraz Boghani has achieved a lot in his long career as a hotelier. Boghani has been honored with many awards. In 2016 Boghani was honored with the prestigious Hotelier of the Year award at the Asian Business Awards. Asian Business Award is an annual event that aims at awarding top hoteliers globally. Shiraz Boghani was so excited to have won the award and thanked the Splendid Hospitality Group, family the people behind his success. Stuart Bailey the CEO of Splendid Group in a statement said the Mr. Boghani deserved the award having steered the Group from strength to strength.

Shiraz Boghani is also a philanthropist who gives cheerfully to charitable organizations and activities. Boghani and Splendid Hospitality Group as part of their corporate social responsibility and giving back to the community support the Aga Khan Foundation and the global Aga Khan Development Network. Besides, Boghani has served as a member of the Ismaili Community Council and has participated in voluntary community service.

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Matt Badiali- Generous Investor

Matt Badiali is doing incredibly great work. He is assisting the ordinary Americans to come up with solutions to financial freedom. Investment is the solution he is offering. He believes that any American need to know how to invest wisely. He specializes in natural resources such as metals and commodities. His specialization is on metals and natural resources. As a scientist, he is in a position to understand how mining activities happen. He is using that knowledge to tell which commodity or metal is likely to give good returns. Matt Badiali has been doing this job for the past one decade and a half. He has assisted many people to create wealth by taking some of the investment opportunities available.

Matt Badiali has a bachelor’s degree from Penn State University. He also has a masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. He is among the most reliable persons in the industry. If you follow him keenly, you will get some good opportunities to invest. Badiali has been around the world looking for the best investment information. He is keen on helping the people who would like to make good returns. His expertise in this field has taken him far. He can guide average investors who would not have made anything by acting on their own. Matt Badiali introduced the idea of the freedom checks early 2018.

This idea was controversial but very lucrative to those who did not doubt him. Companies which deal with natural resources offer the freedom checks. To encourage exploration of natural resources found within the United States, the government offers tax exemptions to companies which do this work. As a result, these companies have a higher return rate than other businesses. They are however required to observe some requirement. They must get 90 percent of their revenue from within the United States. They must also pay investors in terms of freedom checks. Businesses which qualify to offer freedom checks are known as master limited partnerships. These companies are limited, but choosing one of them will leave you on the winning side. After the tax cut that was passed by the new Trumps administration, the revenue collected by these companies went up significantly.

Paul Mampilly’s Social Media Survey on Retirement

Paul Mampilly is an ex hedge fund manager and investor who was wondering about the state of other Millennials after looking around at the landscape. Because after all, we currently live in a world today where crazy and outlandish technologies exist: Anything is possible. Money can be transferred via Bitcoins, the digital currency which is unseesn. People walk around holding electronic devices and glued to the social networks. Where they drive electric cars powered by the sun in some cases and ride electric skateboards that require zero effort to exert.

It is truly a scene straight out of the Jetsons or some other futuristic cartoon, nevertheless Paul Mampilly didn’t want to get to the bottom of how many of his friends were secure for their retirement or who were starting to save for retirement at least. What do you found was at 45% of his respondents in his social media survey, but a little issue. What he found was that according to the National Institute of Retirement Services, a whopping 67% had no savings! The nirs defines a millennial As someone born between the years of 1981 and 1991, which puts them right now between the ages of 27 and 37 years old.

Accordingly, the response from his online survey were generally within the ballpark of the findings of the national survey, but either way as a whole the situation looks very bleak and so Paul Mampilly wanted to do something to help his friends and figure out the best way to help them. Asking around, Paul mampilly found that within his family, his aunt had a solution to the problem. His aunt recommended that he should find an employer with 401k matching so that whatever money he socked away for retirement, the employer would freely give that same amount towards his or her retirement.


Hicks of Southridge Capital

Stephen Hicks serves as CEO and principal of the investment manager, Southbridge Capital. He is also its founder, having done so in 1996. Prior to doing so he had already been active in the investment industry for many years. To date, he has been in this industry for more than thirty years. He first entered this world by obtaining his B.S. in Business Administration from King’s College followed by an MBA from Fordham University. It was while working for a hedge fund that he first got the idea for Southbridge. Fate gave him the chance to do this when this hedge fund ceased all of its operations.


The hedge fund did not close down immediately, allowing Hicks to still get paid while he started his new company that is Southbridge Capital. Today, he spends for of his time on an average day reviewing the fund’s portfolio both for his own investments and for those of his clients. And he is not the only extremely knowledgeable employee at the bank. He works with an equally as knowledgeable and experienced team. In gleaning the most current data to help them and their clients, Hicks and his team are assisted by an in-house search engine.


Currently, Hicks is most interested in the current rise of cryptocurrency and legal marijuana sales. He sees both of these things as clearly being the next big thing for investment managers. However, Hicks knows that a close eye is necessary for even these “next big things” because anything could happen and the deals could go south. He has learned in the past that it is always best to resist the temptation to put too much money in these that look extremely promising. He learned this a few years back by investing a ton of money in such a promising company known as Petals. Shortly thereafter it failed and he lost all of that money. He has also learned not to trust the government when it comes to business dealings. For more details you can visit newswire.com



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Paul Mampilly’s Transformational Work at the Banyan Hill Publishing

Banyan Hill Publishing has offered the best platform for Paul Mampilly to pursue his passion in enlightening the public about the best investment strategies that they ought to take to grow their wealth. This has been an ignored idea for an extended period, and Mampilly felt that it was prudent to provide the everyday American with the right information to allow them to make sound decisions regarding their investments. For instance, many ordinary Americans wished to invest their funds in investment strategies that would help them make a positive impact towards their growth. However, due to lack of sufficient funds to hire experts to advise them on the necessary steps to take in their investments, the end up making pedestrian decisions that make them remain in the same impoverished conditions.

On the other hand, the rich and wealthy individuals often take their money to the reputable investment managers who do the investment part on their behalf, at a cost. This makes them grow financially, and in that case, only the wealthy people manage to benefit from the professional advice of the experts regarding investment. Paul Mampilly considered this hypothesis and felt that the low-income earners were at a disadvantage. They never afforded the advice nor the expertise of the professionals, and so they never made progress in their investments. This led to his resignation decision from the organization that had employed him in the Wall Street America, to join Banyan Hill.

At Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly serves the interests of these average Americans by performing investment analysis on their behalf. Using the skills and knowledge that he managed to acquire from the long experience in the industry, Paul Mampilly analyses the market scenarios on behalf of his clients, and after every week, he publishes the forecasts of the investment market in newsletters. He then distributes them to the Americans who purchase them at pocket-friendly prices. The average citizens have benefited from this initiative because now they can access the expertise that they require to make investment choices that are sound and viable from an informed position. On the other hand, Paul Mampilly lives a happier man, knowing that his knowledge is utilized by Americans from all walks of life to make their wealth management decisions.

OSI Food Solutions Wins Rewards For Excellence

You don’t need to look very far to see how OSI Food Solutions affects the way we eat. Globally, it’s the largest provider of protein around. The beef in your hamburger comes from them, and the dough your pizza was made with might come OSI facilities too. That success doesn’t come without hard work, and that hard work is recognized. OSI Food Solutions has received an award from the British Safety Council for the importance OSI places on workplace safety. The food processing industry has changed over time, and much of that change comes from the influence of this company.

The backbone of OSI is meat processing. For over 100 years, this company has provided its clients with the beef, chicken, and pork their restaurants need. The role of a food processor is crucial, but many people aren’t aware of them. The fast food we enjoy doesn’t grow on trees. The selection of goods offered by OSI Food Solutions has expanded over the years. It now includes frozen vegetables restaurant owners need to complete their dishes. The increase in the variety of offerings from OSI has given the company a dominant position in the market. Nobody else comes close to their revenue in the food processing industry.

The British Safety Council gave OSI Food Solutions its Globe of Honour to celebrate the company’s dedication to workers. The food processing plants OSI utilizes emphasize employee safety, and the company succeeds because it values its workers. The food processing industry is built on the backs of its workers. If they’re satisfied with their job, they’ll make sure the end product is of high quality. The success of OSI’s workplace strategies has influenced other companies. When the leader of an industry does something, others are going to follow the example set before them.

The future of OSI is going to take the company in new directions. Previously, this company focused on meat, but OSI has experienced success with other products. Frozen vegetables can provide growth as restaurants seek to have their needs met by one supplier. Other potential sources of growth are coffee and dough. Leading an industry isn’t an easy feat. You need to make sure you’re giving your client what they want, but you also need to set standards. This balancing act can make or break a company like OSI. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like the company is having problems keeping up.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Knows How To Fix Brazil’s Economy

Some countries simply have better things than one another. In all cases – this is one of life’s few true blanket statements – multiple variables factor into the respective equations to explain why some countries have better infrastructures than their counterparts, for example.

Brazil’s very own Felipe Montoro Jens is a consultant on all things infrastructure, including the country’s failing infrastructure plans.

Every country, state, locality, or other types of government has ongoing infrastructure plans. Some of them are as minor as patching up potholes on old dirt roads, whereas others might be as complex and pricy as constructing brand-new interstate highways.

Felipe Montoro Jens recently featured in a Brazil-based article that reported – the statistics hail from the National Confederation of Industry, the voice of Brazil’s industrial sector that was hired by the Ministry of Planning – roughly 2,800 public works that were once slated to have either been completed or picked up were not, in fact, in progress or finished. More about of Felipe at ideamensch.com

Even though just two percent of the country’s gross domestic product was represented in those caught-up infrastructure projects, Felipe Montoro Jens reported that taking care of infrastructure issues in Brazil was traditionally difficult.

Things like companies abandoning their agreed-upon projects, financial issues, disputes over land ownership, and budget constraints were some of the most popular reasons for the 2,800-odd works that are still behind schedule not having been completed yet.

The National Confederation of Industries shared six things with the national government that could make delays shorter or circumvent them in the first place. The most important step to take was to improve macro- and micro-planning. Give teams better tools was another. The other three were improving the evaluation of modalities of execution, beefing up internal control, and start minting fairer contracts with builders.

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