The Dedicated Team At Kisling Nestico & Redick Is Working Hard To Raise Distracted Driving Awareness With Today’s Youth:

It is a well-known phenomenon that has become a reality over the last handful of decades. This is the phenomenon of texting while driving. This is one of a number of forms of distracted driving and it can be among the most dangerous. Every year there are countless automobile accidents that occur across the United States as a result of drivers trying to send text messages while they are operating a vehicle. The phenomenon has become one of the leading causes of distracted driving fatalities. The team at personal injury law office Kisling Nestico & Redick are putting forward a new program aimed at persuading drivers to not engage in this dangerous behavior. Kisling Nestico & Redick have presented a scholarship in the amount of $5 thousand to Hudson, Ohio student Elianna Norin. Elianna is the winner of this outstanding scholarship due to coming up with what was deemed as the best proposal for helping to convince young drivers to avoid sending texts while they are driving a vehicle. 

The team at Kisling Nestico & Redick is serious about finding ways to convince young people to avoid the different forms of distracted driving. The new scholarship that the firm is offering is a big part of this initiative. The respected law firm wants to ensure that today’s younger drivers become acutely aware of the consequences that can come from engaging in distracted driving and so a $5 thousand scholarship is now being offered in order for the recipient to be able to put it towards their college education expenses. 

Kisling Nestico & Redick is a law firm of distinction that operates in the state of Ohio. The firm is known for its specialization in the area of personal injury and is highly regarded for its ability to consistently help its clients to obtain positive settlements in their cases within the personal injury realm of practice. The firm was founded in 2005 and currently has a team of thirty-plus highly qualified and experienced attorneys that work to make a difference in the lives of those who have been the victims of personal injury situations. 

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Jeremy Goldstein Co-Hosts Wine Dinner to Support Mental Illness Recovery Through the Fountain House

Recently Jeremy Goldstein teamed up with Omar Khan and Jim to support mental illness by throwing a wine dinner in which attendees were able to enjoy a fine dinner and wine while helping others. The event that was held on May 22 was in support of The Fountain House, an organization that works to support those with various mental illnesses. The organization was founded more than 70 years ago in 1944 by former patients of the Rockland State Hospital.


With the help of their supporters, they were able to acquire their own building just a year later to house their cause. The name of this organization came from the garden fountain that became a favorite feature of the headquarters. The mission of Fountain House is simple, they are dedicated to helping those with mental illness recover through various programs, advocacy efforts, and collaborations with communities around the world. The cause is so dear to Jeremy Goldstein that he serves on their board of directors as part of his philanthropy efforts in New York City.


Jeremy Goldstein founded the law firm Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates after being a partner in a large law firm based out of New York. The private law firm is dedicated to business matters involving corporations, chief executive officers, and other business professionals. Some of the issues that they advise their clients involve sensitive situations and transformative corporate events.


In the past decade, Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in several large business transactions including those that involved large corporations such as Goodrich, Duke Energy, The Dow Chemical Company, and more. His expertise in business is one of the reasons why he currently serves on the American Bar Association as the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee chair. He has given several speeches as well as published several works concerning executive compensation issues and corporate governance.


In the United States, he has been named a top executive compensation lawyer by The Legal 500 and other publications. Jeremy Goldstein attended New York University, the University of Chicago, and Cornell University where he earned his J.D., M.A., and B.A. When Goldstein graduated Cornell University, he earned his B.A. cum laude show distinction in every subject.


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What It Takes To Become A Successful Entrepreneur; MichealHagele

Michael Hagele is an American entrepreneur. He has invested in technology start-ups and also founded many hospitality establishments the US. Michael is an alumnus of the University of Lowa and the University of California where he earned himself a bachelor’s of Arts degree and doctor of jurisprudence respectively. His career journey started at Fenwick & West LLP where he acquired experience in legal practices. Today, he works as an outside counsel in the technology, internet, defense and aerospace industries among others. Because of his expertise in legal practices, his services are always in demand. Read more about Michael at

However business and technology have been his primary focus. In an interview, Michael Hagele gives an account of how a typical day appears to him. In the morning he spends much time servicing his technology clients. He then spends the afternoon in road bike ride that helps him freshen up and come up with new ideas. Later in the evening he solves popping up issues and also monitors the progress of his overseas investments.

He also points out that giving up is not a choice. He firmly believes that tenacity is one of the key pillars to actualizing ideas.MichealHagele is excited about the new trends in technology, more so, artificial intelligence. He is confident that the concept will positively affect business practices soon. For Michael, the customer always comes first. As an entrepreneur, it is crucial that one delivers quality service. It enhances customer loyalty.

Michael Hagele recommends physical activities as one way to sharpen and rejuvenates one’s mind. He is also quick to appreciate the role of social in business practices. It is vital that entrepreneurs should embrace the use of social media in their business practices. Through social media, it becomes easier to connect with your customers. It also serves as a marketing tool for your business. After a painful experience, while working in a car wash in Chicago during winter, Michael decided to work extra hard to secure a better future. He recommends a book by Ron Chernow, Alexander Hamilton which presents a tale of the birth of the US.