A Push on Employees Toward BetterWorks

Motivation is the difference between excited people and those who want to go home. Keeping employees where they’re most effective requires that they have a passion to be there. The determination, the necessary zeal is what BetterWorks is focused on achieving for you. In a recent span of fundraising, the company raised $27 million within its second stage alone. The total funding it achieved exceeds $65 million, and people are investing for one, simple reason.

The performance-management software, from BetterWorks, is redefining how businesses are keeping their employees engaged. With the help of Emergence Capital and Kleiner Perkins, the fundraiser, when it was launched, found the right people. The money is to go toward new innovations, which are to be implemented within the near future. The steady growth seen by BetterWorks is attracting more attention. People still want to get involved.

BetterWorks must continue to explain why “motivation works.” The business’s mission is to lift the spirits of employees. This, however, isn’t done solely for the sake of making people happy. The premiss is that purpose, passion and happiness lead to a more productive office. Businesses that want a competitive stance must make the most of their staff and to set effective goals for them to reach. The choice to pursue each goal comes from analyses. 

What this software, as led by BetterWorks, begins with is an examination. It helps business owners to define “who” their staff is and the reasons as to why. Questions, which focus on what drives people, are essential in these steps. The software has the answers, and BetterWorks is backed by more public funding. There could be a third round started, so what BetterWorks achieves now is pivotal. It has to continue to shine as it appeases its investors.

See what customers had to say about BetterWorks – https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/betterworks-Reviews-E948469.htm

Allied Wallet Is Connecting the World with Innovative E-Commerce Payment Solutions

Consumers as well as businesses are witnessing a technological revolution in e-commerce payment systems, which uses AI technologies and Allied Wallet is one such leading payment services provider that has created state-of-the-art merchant payment systems, which are used world-wide (Chronicleweek).

Allied’s CEO, Dr. Andy Khawaja, thrives on the challenges, which the company often faces with these new technologies as they continuously work to innovate online payment systems that will provide more efficient transactions and vastly improve the customer’s online shopping experience.

Dr. Andy Khawaja also values the company’s diverse culture of happy, ambitious employees that are excited to come to work and who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure Allied’s success in reshaping the future of e-commerce.

Recently, Allied Wallet has partnered with China UnionPay to expand their operations into European markets. Together, Allied Wallet and China UnionPay will offer China UnionPay cards to European customers that will be accepted by over 40 million businesses around the world as well as access to millions of ATM’s across the globe.

China UnionPay is one of the biggest card payment issuers in China with over 6 million cards already in use. In working with Allied Wallet, China UnionPay will gain incredible industry market share in Europe by offering new co-branded cards, which Allied Wallet will manage under the agreement.

Allied Wallet and China UnionPay are anticipating that in the first year alone, they could issue as many as 10 million new cards to European consumers, which will be tremendously beneficial to both companies.

Allied Wallet is a privately-owned company that was formed in 2002 with headquarters in West Hollywood, CA and several offices located throughout the world. Allied Wallet offers diverse global payment options, including mobile POS services, prepaid cards and an eWallet app. Allied Wallet is fully committed to protecting consumer data and has been recognized by many publications such as Fortune Magazine and Wired, for its service and commitment to their customers.

More information about Allied´s payment solutions at  https://www.linkedin.com/company/allied-wallet

Ronald Fowlkes Is A Tactical Gear Expert Who Now Gives Back To His Local Hockey Team:

To former United States Marine and St. Louis area police officer Ronald Fowlkes, mentorship is a critical component in developing quality young people. Ronald has always loved giving back to his community and his country and continues to do so today in his spare time. Ronald works very hard in the tactical gear business, a business his is uniquely qualified to work in do to his in-depth knowledge of tactical equipment from years of personal use in combat and police work. Ronald Fowlkes has recently found a very simple and easy way to give back to his community. The best part about it for him is that it is in helping out with something that he loves. Ronald is the off ice trainer for the triple-A team for the St. Louis Blues Hockey team. Hockey is one of Ronald’s great passions so he loves helping out. He is also responsible for the team’s equipment.


Ronald works daily in his business life providing valuable equipment to soldiers and peacekeepers and has a passion for making sure that equipment is well maintained and properly used. He understands how important equipment can be. Ronald Fowlkes’s roles as equipment man for the hockey team helps him instruct kids about the importance of looking after the gear they use to train and play. Ronald gained first-hand knowledge of the importance of maintaining equipment when he served with the Marines as well as with police forces in the St. Louis region. He is very passionate about passing his knowledge onto the next generation of American kids. Ronald also shares many personal stories with his kids he works with. This gives the kids insight into the fact that there are people out there every day working hard to keep them safe in this country and all over the world.


Ronald Fowlkes is a Business Development Manager in the tactical gear industry with Eagle Industries Unlimited. This company has been supplying the law enforcement, military and sporting world with the very best in tactical gear for over thirty years now. Ronald Fowlkes is a perfect fit for this type of business because he has such extensive military and law enforcement experience in his background. He was twice promoted on merit while serving in the Marines and has served for over 13 years in law enforcement positions. Simply put, Ronald Fowlkes has used in real life, the type of tactical gear that he expertly sells today. Ronald was previously deployed with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization while he was serving in the military in Iraq and he is an instructor with the United States Military hostage rescue. All of these specializations have given him huge insight into the world of tactical gear.


Enhancing Your Holiday Shopping Customer Experience through Personalized Merchandising powered by Chatbots

In 2017, the National Federal Retail Federation projects that there will be $117 billion sales outside of brick-and-mortar stores. E-commerce sales are included in these sales figures making improving online holiday shopping experiences critical for companies.

Enterprise retailers are rising to the challenge by harnessing chatbots using intelligent AI algorithms to improve customer experiences by using the chatbots to provide more sophisticated services such as customer service requests and mobile concierges.

View: https://bloghelpline.com/sentient-ai-tool-can-change-performance-website/

Retailers are using AI technologies and chatbots in two main ways:

Creating Unique Customer Experiences

Companies are now using AI technology to manage information about a customer such as their responses to promotions and loyalty programs they have participated in over the year.

The vast amount of data available to companies allow them to use AI personalized merchandising techniques to create unique holiday shopping experiences for their customers.

For example, they can use deep learning algorithms to predict what type of promotions a particular shopper prefers creating unique shopping experiences for their customers that are more fluid.

Using chatbots customers can be matched quickly with the desired product using filters and quizzes making shopping hassle-free for the customer.

Thus using deep learning and chatbots to personalize and streamline customer experiences leads to smoother shopping experiences for customers.

Improving Customer Service Inquiries

Customer expectations have been steadily increasing over the past few years. Shoppers increasingly require secure payments, friendly and efficient employees, fast deliveries, and employees with expert knowledge of the products for sale.

And Customer expectations remain high throughout the holiday shopping season regardless of the fact that they can be hard to meet due to the high volume of orders.

Handling every issue can be difficult for employees given the sheer number of orders making mistakes impossible to avoid.

Using carefully chosen data that is integrated with chatbots the same utilities can be performed with higher efficiency and without errors significantly increasing the efficiency of customer service for businesses.

With these improvements employees only need to step in when the information asked for cannot be found, when there is a conflict, or when other less common situations occur that must be handled by human employees minimizing wait times for simple requests.

New chatbot technologies combined with AI are set to revolutionize how retailers handle peak shopping seasons in the future.