Eric Lefkofsky: Unleashing the Power of Cancer Data

Information is power; this something we all know. We all also know that breast cancer is a common scourge that women and medical science fight every day.Doctors all across this country and internationally treat women to the best of their ability each and every day. They have many successes that testify to their abilities, but they want to improve their success ratio. Data is essential to achieving the goal of improving the odds against breast cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky, probably best known as the founder of Groupon, has come up with an innovative plan to provide access to a wealth of data, previously out of reach. Thorough Tempus, a company founded by Mr. Lefkofsky and specifically designated by Mr. Lefkofsky to fight cancer, data on over 1000 breast cancer patients will soon be available.Mr. Lefkofsky will analyze this data and make it available to the University of Chicago school of Medicine. Where each physician previously had access only to his or her own patient information and only in a disorganized form, the entire authorized school will have this data at their fingertips.

With patient information available in a structured format, physicians can view and analyse the data, searching for patterns that can point to increasingly effective treatments. In time, doctors will be able to integrate this data with their medical knowledge to guide the decisions they must make now on a tiny amount of information. It will be as if they were able to see only half a picture and will now see an additional quarter.A lawyer by education, graduate of the prestigious University of Michigan School of Law, Mr. Lefkofsky has divergent interests which have led him to found several companies and to participate in many environments from Groupon to theater. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago, author of Accelerated Disruption and is a trustee of the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. His also Chairman of the Steppenwolf Theater Company of Chicago and a member of the board of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Sciences and Industry and World Business Chicago.