Alexei Beltyukov Gives Back to the Community

February 7th, 2016 Updates: Stumbled on an interesting article about Alexei Beltyukov and his theory about the Russian economy.  While things aren’t going that great at the moment, Alexei had a really interesting idea for Adweek.  Basically: invest in the future with up and coming entrepreneurs.  The old guard doesn’t need as much help as small business, and the next self made millionaire class.  Invest in innovation, that’s how you succeed.

Philanthropist and entrepreneur Alexei Beltyukov graduated class of 1997 from the INSEAD Master of Business Administration program that’s located in Fontainebleau, France. After graduation, Beltyukov spent five years as an engagement manager for McKinsey & Co. Prior to discovering many companies, Alexei Beltyukov was Vice President at Strategy and Business Development, Brunswick Capital, a Russian investment company. As Vice president, Mr. Beltyokuv had financed the railroad. Beltyukov also held the position, first as executive director and later, the CEO of Renova company, financing more than 100,000 railroad cars in Brunswick.

Alexei Beltyukov discovered many companies, including New Gas Technologies, Solvy, A-Ventures, and Endemic Capital in 2007. In February 2015 Beltyukov became the CEO of Solvy that is an online educational system. In 2013, Mr. Beltyukov developed Endemic Capital, a line of auto repair shops. Alexei Beltyukov wants to help Russians who want to attend business school and those who want to go into business for themselves. A-Ventures was developed to help finance those Russians who want to get ahead in business. He created a scholarship to help students who cannot afford to pay for school to be able to attend INSEAD.

Alexei Beltyukov was a member of the Advisory Council for Special Economic Zones of the Ministry of Economy since 2008. In 2009, he occupied Entrepreneur in Residence, INSEAD. In 2009, Beltyukov founded Mechanicus.

Alexei Beltyukov is grateful to the The Lister Foundation for helping to finance his education when he went to INSEAD. Lister helped The philanthropist, his wife, and his former classmates to establish his own his own scholarship called the Russian Alumni Scholarship. The Beltyukovs began the scholarship by depositing $150,000 into the fund. Those applicants who have been accepted into the MBA program are eligible. Those with a Russian focused education and demonstrated professional experience and have the potential to succeed are also eligible for the scholarship. Those who apply are required to explain their financial situation and projected cash flow in the next year in 350 words. This scholarship is for INSEAD University, only. The money awarded is up to €10,000.

Recently, Alexei Beltyukov serves on many boards and publications as shows. In 1999, he became one of the authors at the Unlocking Economic Growth in Russia. His most noted article was Unlocking Economic Growth in Russia,published in October 1999. It was a long 415 page document, detailing the ways to improve Russian economy.  Check out Alexei on Twitter to keep following his career, and his latest projects.

The Rise and Fall…Well Mostly Fall…of Kyle Bass

How many of you are familiar with the name Kyle Bass? Some of you might know who I am talking about, considering he is not liked by many. Before I get into this, allow me to give you a brief recap.

Kyle Bass is the one who gave those predictions over the submerge mortgage back in 2006. He predicted what was going to happen two or three years later, and then it did happen. Well his word seemed like a sure thing to buy into and believe.

Words can sometimes be very misleading.

After his little rise to success he then seemed to go in the opposite direction. His predictions over money and other things seems to not go right. He could have done the right thing and admitted he was wrong. He could have admitted that some of his predictions were a bit off. Instead, he did the exact opposite.

What course has his life taken so far.

Well it has not been an easy ride and things seem to be getting worse. Like I said, he has not admitted any wrongdoing, so he takes it to the next level. He has gone so far as to make bank on his wrong predictions.

Useful Stooges shows that Kyle Bass has gone on lots of t.v. shows and voiced his views, though most are very inaccurate. He takes his appearances all the way to the bank.

Kyle got famous and rich too quickly. He has more or less let it all go to his head. This happens to lots of people in his shoes. Like most people in his shoes, he is not taking any responsibility for his own actions either.

Now let’s talk about some of his posse.

Bass has also formed some very unfavorable alliances with certain people. Take his alliances with Argentian mad woman Kershner. Some accuse her of being the devil incarnate. I am not here to debate this, I am only here to speak about this alliance.

Many are not surprised that Bass has switched over to her team. He sings her praises all the time, even when she does something wrong, which does happen a lot. This should come to no surprise being that Kyle himself is not the innocent either. Birds of a feather? Bed buddies? Both? I’ll leave that decision up to you guys.


All I am here for is recapping this recent article about Kyle and his “bad boy” reputation. I encourage you guys to learn more about this guy and his choices. Who knows you might have to do business with him some day. I would not want to see you guys being taken to the cleaners over something that Kyle did or said.

You can read the full article about Kyle and is bad reputation right here.

The Company That Was Run By Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital is a company that used to employ Stephen Murray as their CEO and president. The company is one that works with clients around the world to help provide the private equity services that are necessary for successfully running a business and for the proper management of the business.

In the management field, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has combined years of experience. They have worked with many companies and have been able to provide them with the services that they needed to make their business better. They have worked with these companies and have given them not only the expert advice that they need but also the management techniques they know will be able to help the business. As a leading industry expert, they can provide all of their clients with the need to make the management portion of their business better through the best practices that they employ to improve the management side of businesses.

He worked with the company and the clients of the company to ensure that they both got exactly what they needed when it came to managing their businesses. He wanted to make sure that the company was able to provide people with the best services possible and never stopped striving for the company to become better. He wanted the company to succeed and was able to do so through the techniques that he employed to make the company more successful and the clients that it served, subsequently, even more successful.

One thing that Murray always understood is that a great business partner can mean the difference between a business that thrives and a business that fails miserably. He knew that businesses needed to be able to have the right partnerships to be able to successfully complete the issues on that they were having. He also knew that clients would be able to benefit from the help that could come from the CCMP Capital partnerships. Not only did he educate his clients about partnerships, but he used the same techniques for a successful running of the CCMP Capital business.

The companies that CCMP Capital works with knows that the best advice will come only from an expert. These companies will be able to get the best advice from the private equity firm because the firm has made itself an expert in all of the industries that it services. No matter the sector that your business is in, CCMP Capital will be able to help you better understand what you are doing with your business.