The Unique Teaching Techniques Of Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is an institution that provides children with a single type of education. Contrary to other education centers globally, Rocketship education combines classwork and physical activities. Besides, the institution is a charter school that embraces technology in a significant way. Rocketship has branches in Washington D.C., Nashville, Tennessee, San Jose Bay Area, Milwaukee, and Wisconsin. Rocketship targets the children that lack basic life in society.

Rocketship Education works together with the community, teachers, parents and other funders including businesspersons and school districts. The charter management organizations fund the school to ensure every student receives the best services. For the past twelve years, Rocketship uses technology and teamwork as well as attending to the students individually to execute its educational practices. Children get the training on how to be imaginative, to learn, and explore things on their own.

Rocketship Education’s innovative approach to education has benefited over eight thousand students to achieve educational needs like the lucky ones. The primary objective of the charter school is to fill the gap between the upper and the lower class students in matters of education. The school employs high standards of innovational techniques to execute its strategies despite many challenges and criticism. One of the unique ways used by the school is screen time but only for educational purposes. The teachers engage the students and continue to master the system to make it operational and beneficial.

Zone Zero is another style applied by Rocket Education in its training sessions. The students learn to maintain silence during reading, reciting and in examinations. The launch is yet a unique activity in the school. Students take time in the morning to quote the values that make them conduct themselves, dance and sing getting ready for the day.

The launch gives them time to play hence breaking the conventional learning process applied in other schools. Retesting of the students increases performance, and hence the school takes it seriously. Rocketship school retests the students to understand the challenges facing them in different tasks. According to the Rocket Education CEO, Preston Smith, the innovation-training program has its problems. However, he is categorical that the school would continue using the method in its curriculum despite the challenges for the benefit of the students.

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