Bruce Levenson Now Filing A Sticky Lawsuit Against AIG

The sale of the Atlanta Hawks was a big event in 2014, but there are still some details being worked out. These details don’t involve anyone that currently owns the Hawks, but rather their former owners of Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment, including UCG owner Bruce Levenson. This current situation involves former general manager Danny Ferry and the Atlanta Hawks former insurance company, AIG. Due to the sale of the team, AHBE decided to buy out Danny Ferry’s contract and as part of their current policy with AIG, they were entitled to claims involving losses from such an action. AHBE filed a claim, but so far AIG has refused to honor that claim. AHBE is seeking damage compensation in court for not having been paid the amount owed in the claim, and they also want coverage for attorney fees.

Bruce Levenson formed AHBE when he purchased shares of the Hawks’ ownership in 2004. Prior to that, he had spent his career as a journalist and owner of a news publication group called Unified Communications Group (UCG). This company started out as a source for oil production news, but gradually expanded to cover other industries such as technology and telecommunications. They also developed GasBuddy, an app that helps drivers find low gas prices at stations near them.

Besides owning the Hawks, Forbes billionaire Levenson has dedicated a lot of work to foundations such as Hoop Dreams, and Jewish organizations like Birthright Israel and the Jewish Federation. Levenson helped start and supports the Holocaust Museum, a museum in Washington DC where the stories of Holocaust survivors are told. He even took the whole Atlanta Hawks team to this museum in 2014, where his mother-in-law who is also a Holocaust survivor told her story at each stop. Levenson also sponsored the Concert Against Hate in 2015.