Lovaganza’s filming efforts geared towards the 2020 celebrations for unity

Lovaganza organization is the cocktail representation of all global cultures. Its social agenda is to create a future generation with seamless acceptance among nations of diverse culture.

The initial approach towards this uprising is by using the cultural qualities of the past, present, and future, hugely represented in entertainment with music and cinema as history, art, beauty and customary laws. Lovaganza aims to be the avenue that leads to a revolution ultimately by showcasing this art to the world

They have objectively geared their effort towards achieving the realizations with three celebrations, where they will showcase the world’s rich diversity. These are:
​Lovaganza 2020 for unity
Lovaganza 2025 for peace
Lovaganza 2030 for abundance

Apart from the celebrations, Lovaganza’s strategy has taken the shape of the old CINERAMA and the exciting WORLD’S FAIRS.
The 2020 four month celebration had been previously scheduled for 2015, but was postponed to use the fast emerging technology.

To make known this festival, as well as the Lovaganza mission, a Traveling Show will begin in 2017 followed by three movies showcased in the travels. The Immerscope technology will present the films in 3D and 2D theaters.


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The first movie titled “Follow Your Sunshine” was shot in Frigiliana, set in the 1950’s and released in September 2015.
The effect of Lovaganza’s agenda resonated with the community during filming in the small town. The actors were seen wearing costumes reflecting the culture of the native city. That stimulated the connection of the people to their roots.

Caravaca, a local, noted that Lovaganza production of the film would market their town as a tourist destination for a cultural adventure.

The spectacular convoy films began at Warner Bros studios in Hollywood, proceeded to Lampoc, Disney Ranch, Lancaster, and Agua Dulce all in California. They have also shot in Barcelona (Spain), Frigiliana (Spain), Grimuad in France, Tahiti, Utah and a Maasai Village in Kenya.

The 2020 festival will be concluded in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, and America as the Hands across the World ceremony. A film to document the journey and message is currently underway in France, the United States, and Spain among other nations, before moving onto India, Africa and the rest of the world.