The Features Of Traveling Vineyard That Are Worth Looking Into

When people look at Traveling Vineyard, they think about all of the features that come with working from home. However, the features and advantages go beyond all of the usual work from home advantages. While it is good to be able to set one’s own hours and work whenever they want from anywhere they want, this is not all that Traveling Vineyard has to offer people.

There are tons of other features that people are compelled to look at with Traveling Vineyard. It is good enough to have caring wine leaders give people the training that they need to move forward. However, there are events that wine guides should take part of in order to celebrate their efforts.

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One thing that the wine guide should check out is the Harvest Committee. This is one of the most important aspects of being a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard. This is where wine guides know about all of the new things that are coming out. This is also a good thing for people that attend. They get to learn more about the wine products that are available to people. After all, the way to excel as a wine guide is to know about wine. People love to visit wine parties where the wine guide knows more about wine than the attendees do.

Traveling Vineyard is the type of job that is best for people who are very passionate about wine. They get to teach different people about different wines and the cultures that they come from. Therefore, people who visit one of these events are going to have more knowledge about their favorite wines. They can be more proud of their favorite choice in wine because of the knowledge that is gained through the Harvest Committee. Traveling Vineyard is very intent on making sure that their guides succeed.

EOS Lip Balm Flavors Out Sell Competitors

Women spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on beauty products each year. Surprisingly, one of the most popular products sought out by women is lip balm. Some women are even addicted to their favorite lip balms that are available in a wide range of delicious flavors ( and aromas. EOS lip balms are a national favorite today, but it was not so long ago that the young startup was unknown. The fact is that 3 lip balm companies held a monopoly of sorts on the lip balm market. EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth changed the whole concept of lip balm marketing and attracted an eager crowd of customers looking for something different.

The Evolution Of Smooth

Today, EOS lip balm has the second best selling lip balm on the market. This is an amazing fact, considering that the new startup company was in head to head competition with lip balm companies that were in business for close to a century. The key to their success is their marketing strategy. Sanjiv Mehra, EOS cofounder and managing partner wanted to really shake up the lip balm industry and change the way lip balm were marketed. He realized early on that women were the main consumers. Most lip balm companies were treating lip balm like a unisex product or a product used by both sexes. He decided to market exclusively to women by providing appealing looking packaging and changing the shape of the products. Obviously, it worked.

About EOS

EOS or the Evolution of Smooth is a company that manufactures lip balms, hand lotions, body lotions, and shaving cream. The company is headquartered in New York. They’ve been producing high quality products since entering the consumer market in 2006. Today, the company offers their products to customers through retail stores and through a wide variety of online stores such as racked and Ulta.

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All You Need to Know About The Traveling Vineyard

Are you a wine lover and would like something to do, at your time, to make some bucks on the side? The Traveling Vineyard gives you an opportunity to do so. The Traveling Vineyard is a multilevel marketing company founded by Geerlings and Wade in the year 2002.

Business Model

The Traveling Vineyard utilize a direct sale business method. This is allowed in 31 states and they source their wine guides from these states. Today, they have over 1,000 wine guides in various states.

Joining the Traveling Vineyard requires that you have a passion for wines and the love for hosting events. From there, you are good to go and make some extra cash.

How It Works

To work as a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard, you first have to join the company. You will then be paired with a wine guide in your state or the specific wine guide who introduced you to the network. Joining the network will cost you around $174. The $99 if for their success kit which includes a website, wine glasses, marketing materials, wine accessories, 10 bottles of wine and a carrying case. The other $75 is for a starter kit to cover your very fist wine tasting event.

Why Join the Traveling Vineyard

Fun – There are very few jobs where employees have fun while making money. However, being a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard is a whole different story. You get to attend so many parties, meet many people and make merry, then get your check at the end of it.

Money – The Traveling Vineyard gives you an opportunity to make money. For each event held, you get a 20% commission. If you manage to get more leads, the better. Otherwise, you can employ people to acquire more parties and make more money.

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