Doctor Ira Kirschenbaum

Doctor Ira Kirschenbaum is a medical doctor and is also the chairman of the board of orthopedics in the Bronxcare Health System. He focuses primarily on the joints and bones in the knees, shoulders, and hips, and does many replacement surgeries for each of these joints. He and his practice also focus on correcting any damage sustained to the muscles, ligaments, and bones specifically in the knees, shoulders, and hips. Doctor Kirschenbaum takes great pride in his specialty of correcting many joint and bone issues that his patients are born with. Doctor Ira Kirschenbaum has several specialties and subspecialties that makes him one of the best orthopedists in the business.

The doctor recently did an interview on IdeaMensch and the first question he was asked was where the idea for his company came from. He said that he helped bring the website BoneHone to life, as it was brought up by Medscape Orthopaedics.

When asked what his typical productive day looked like, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum said that he checks emails and social media first thing in the morning so he can connect to people in the health care industry. He then goes to work early and writes down a plan for the day and for the week, and focuses on how to improve the lives of his patients.

Kirschenbaum has great ideas, and he told us how he executes them: he comes up with the idea, investigates then executes to bring the idea to life, then makes a plan to distribute the results to people who will use it.

The good doctor said that an exciting trend in his opinion is value-based healthcare which basically states that the patient’s outcomes relate to the analysis of real cost.

A habit that makes him more productive every day is the act of focusing on each of his doctors and surgeons and making sure he connects with them on a weekly basis in frequent and focused minutes so that he can help them as much as possible.

If he were to give advice to his younger self, he would say find someone who is doing what you do, but better, and learns from them.

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Jennifer Walden: How to Take Care of the Skin

Jennifer Walden is a woman like no other. For her patients, cosmetic surgeries come first. Walden has been focusing mostly on helping her many patients to improve their appearances and acquire the beautiful looks they admire from magazines. The Texas based cosmetic surgeon has won awards in the past because of her great performance. Many who meet her believe that she is a woman like no other in the world of cosmetic surgery. While this is an industry that has always been left for the men to focus on, Walden has continued to serve with so much passion. For her, patients come first, and they only get their best when they come to seek her opinion concerning their skin.

For all the people who want to have the best appearances, Jennifer Walden, advices them to try and work on their skin. Skincare should always come first in all the aspects of beauty. People need to start working on their skin by simply making sure that they have cleaned it using a cleanser. The need to use a toner and a moisturizer should then follow, and the patient can be assured of looking young and beautiful for so many years. Aging is one of the things that give people, both men and women, sleepless nights. No one wants to have wrinkles on their skin. Without the right skincare ideas, getting ugly skin problems can be the order of the day. Aging will mostly result to worry lines, spots, sagging skin, sun damage and cellulite. When you are having these problems, it is not easy to be confident in your looks. The help of an expert should be sought at this stage.

If you are having any skin care issues, it is only right, according to Jennifer Walden, to seek the help of a physician. Some of the regimes offered by other people might be harmful to the skin. An expert in skincare will give you the ideas on how to prevent and deal with discoloration, wrinkles, sun damage and worry lines. Your skin should be looking as healthy and beautiful as it is supposed to be. Jennifer Walden says that this is only the way people will start feeling confident in themselves. This is also the only way to slow the aging process and embracing the best version of themselves.

Saad Saad Award Winning Pediatric Hero

An accomplished pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad had gotten involved with the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund in 2002. PCRF was founded in 1991 and is a non profit organization. The organization addresses the needs of Iranian children making their home in the Middle East. Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund was in a great need to find a children’s doctor who could perform heart surgery.


Dr. Saad Saad surgically got involved with PCRF in 20O3, when he was asked to perform surgery on a 15-year-old boy who was a victim of a shooting in the West Bank. Doctors at an Israeli hospital had saved the boy’s life, but more treatment was necessary to give the boy as normal a life as possible. Dr. Saad Saad described the boy’s condition as dire and thought he would be served well at a United States hospital.


The gun shots caused the skin to burn, and the boy had holes in his stomach. The holes in his belly made it difficult for the boy to eat. Dr. Saad spent seven hours performing a complicated surgery repairing the holes and other internal injuries. By 2010, Saad was about to operate on his second West Bank patient.


A baby girl, from West Bank, was born with with her intestines outside of her body. Saad spent five hours performing a kind of fig leaf cover to cover up the exposed abdominal area of her stomach. By June 2013, Dr. Saad performed sugery on a boy from Gaza Strip. A former soccer player, the boy was confined to a wheelchair after a bomb hit one of his legs. The paralyzed boy needed surgery for a nerve transplant. Only eleven months later, the boy returned to Gaza Strip to play soccer after regaining the ability to walk. Dr. Saad won awards because of his medical heroics.


PCRF had awarded Saad Saad with the organization’s Humanitarian Award in 2010. Palestine had awarded Saad their Gold Medal, and Governer Ramallah gave Saad his own humanitarian award. In 40 years of pediatrics, Dr. Saad had performed many operations. In 2018, Dr. Saad Saad had retired from medicine. Born in the late 1940s in Palestine, he believes that people shouldn’t put off anything for another day. Saad would tell his younger self that he can make all his dreams come true as long as he insists on it happening. He set his mind to success.

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