Recap of the 2015 Purina’s National Dog Show

The Purina News 2015 National Dog Show was another huge ratings success this year, and the winners certainly did not disappoint. The dog show has become a tradition on Thanksgiving day following the Macy’s New York parade broadcast. This was the 14th year this annual event brought a new type of sports to both pet lovers and sports enthusiasts across the nation. The event was hosted by John O’Hurley, David Frei, Mary Carillo, Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski.

As originally reported on Pets Lady, here are the winners in the seven competition groups, as well as the coveted Best in Show pooch.

The Hound Group
The Hound Group featured four winners, considered the oldest type hunting dog among other canines. The winner was Chelsea, a Scottish Deerhound. Second place went to the American Foxhound, third place to a Whippet, and fourth place was the Bloodhound.

The Working Group
These hearty and reliable dogs are best known for their utility status, being able to hunt and even protect livestock. The winner of the Working Group was a Newfoundland named Winslow. Second place went to the Samoyed, third place to a Doberman Pinscher, and fourth place was the Bullmastiff.

The Toy Group
These little competitors are among the cutest, basically lap dogs breed for competing. The winners in the adorable Toy Group were Sonnito the smooth coat Chihuahua in first place. Second place went to the Japanese Chin, third place to a Brussels Griffon, and fourth place was the Yorkshire Terrier.

The Terrier Group
The Terrier Group comprises a huge array of different variety terriers, and this years winner was Charlie the Skye Terrier. This breed are best known for their energetic and feisty personalities. Second place went to the Scottish Terrier, third place to a Smooth Fox Terrier, and fourth place was the American Staffordshire.

The Non-Sporting Group
The Non-Sporting group is the spillover from the Working Group, resulting in one of the largest and more diverse groups. The winner in this category was Ruby the French Bulldog. Second place went to the Coton de Tulear, third place to a Keeshonden, and fourth place was the Lhasa Apso.

The Herding Group
The Herding Group is made up of dogs whose sole purpose is moving and gathering livestock from one location to another. The winner in this group was a Beard Collie called Zack. Second place went to the Australian Shepherd, and third place to a Briard.

The Sporting Group
Gun dogs are bred to hunt waterfowl and game. The winner in this group was Matt the Ascob Cocker Spaniel. Second place went to the Gordon Setter, third place to a Wirehaired Pointing, and fourth place was the Curly-Coated Retriever.

The Best in Show
With over 150 breeds to choose from, finding the best of the best is a daunting task to say the least.