George Soros, David Beckham, and David Cameron Urge The British People To Vote ‘’Remain” in The Friday Referendum

The UK poll to determine whether to stay or leave the European Union is fast approaching. Prominent world figures like American Billionaire George Soros, Soccer legend David Beckham, and British Prime Minister David Cameron strongly backed the remaining campaign. Billionaire George Soros, especially, evoked memories of the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis by warning Britain of dire consequences should they choose to exit the 18-member European Union.

The British Prime Minister also had his fair share of opinion by saying and I quote, ‘’ Brits don’t quit.” In a last ditch campaign televised throughout the world.

David Beckham, Britain’s own and one of the most revered soccer players on the planet urged citizens to vote ‘’remain” in the Friday referendum for the greater good of their children and their children’s children. He further went on to say that today’s world problems can only be solved together as one.

His wife Victoria Beckham, who is a singer and fashion icon on Tuesday, echoed the words of his husband by stating that she believes in her country and the future of her children where they are stronger together, She explicitly said that she supports team ‘’remain”. She even found herself at crossroads with ‘’Brexit” proponents after declaring that the group misquoted comments she made years ago.

In an opinion piece in the Guardian paper Tuesday, George Soros reiterated that the pound was more likely to fall by 15%. If it happens, it could well be a carbon copy of the 1992 crash in Britain’s exchange rate, where the British Pound lost more than 15% of its value.

He further said that Britain’s exit from the EU is unlikely to replicate the 1992 scenario where the weight fell, but manufacturing exports rose significantly. He predicted that 1British pound would be equal or worth to 1 Euros if the pound plummets to this level.

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Beckham, Soros urge Britain to stay in European Union

George Soros – The New York Times

At that time, The European Exchange Rate Mechanism was the tool or financial system for that matter that was employed to trim down exchange rates volatility substantially. This is when George Soros with his Quantum fund put a big fat check to bet, declaring that the British pound was overvalued against the Deutsche mark which was the German currency. The prediction came to pass, and Britain’s hands were forced; they pulled the weight out of the financial system. Soros earned an astonishing $1.5 billion in the wake of the incident.

Michael Groove, the current Britain’s Justice Secretary, on the flip side, said Soros predictions were wrong. Michael Groove is a staunch supporter of the ‘leave” campaign. He argued that economic forecasts are never always accurate, and if it were reliable, many people would be billionaires today.

Former mayor and current Member of Parliament, Boris Johnson, who is also a staunch proponent of the ‘’leave” campaign, categorically stated that he will personally apologize to the British people if they vote to leave, and recession occurs. He was exclusively talking to radio station LBC.

Latest polls conducted by Survation, for spread-betting company IG, a research market firm, suggests that the ‘’remain” was slightly ahead with %7% compare with 44% who supported ‘’leave.” On the contrary, YouGov conducted research for The Times Newspaper and indicated that the ‘’remain” campaign was 42% below the ‘’leave” drive at 44%. The study further noted that 9% of the population was undecided which could well tip the scales eventually.

World stock markets reacted to research polls indicating ‘’remain” gaining momentum. The global stocks moved up Tuesday in anticipation that the UK will stay in the Larger European Union.

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The Many Dimensions Of George Soros

George Soros is one of the most fascinating modern economic commentators on With a proven track record of financial success, Soros is a person with a lot to say about this nation’s economy. Since the very beginning of his career, Soros has argued in favor of fiscally sound policies. Recently, George Soros raised some eyebrows with an interview about the future destiny of the European Union. In the interview, Soros expressed some doubt that the EU can survive the many stresses it now faces. As Soros sees it, the crises in Ukraine and Greece demonstrated some of the fundamental weaknesses of the EU. Instead of addressing these crises head-on, the divided EU basically punted the issue down the road. Now, the EU is facing terroristic threats and the stress caused by the massive inflow of Middle Eastern migrants on Bloomberg.

Soros outlined many of the issues facing the EU in his 2014 book, “The Tragedy Of European Union.” A native of Budapest, Hungary, George Soros on marketwatch survived the Nazi invasion and the post-war difficulties in Hungary. Fleeing his home nation in 1947, Soros received a degree in economics in London, England. Since 1979, Soros began offering funds to help black students achieve success in apartheid-era South Africa. Through the Open Society Foundations that he founded, Soros has become one of the world’s most prominent philanthropists.

In the course of public communications on, Soros often mentions the many dangers Putin presents to the West. Soros believes that Putin is far more dangerous than ISIS or any other prominent terrorist organization. This makes sense, considering the fact that Putin is a head of state who commands the resources of a modern, industrialized nation. According to Soros on Forbes, Russia could experience bankruptcy by 2017. This would likely only exacerbate the many dangers associated with Putin’s rule, assuming Putin is still in power by then. Soros’s ability to analyze political events plays into his ability to believe accurate prognostications.

In the years left to him, it is likely that Soros will continue to offer expert guidance on economic and political matters. By combining a strong ethical sensibility with economic good sense, Soros has established himself as a voice to follow.
Currently, Soros has a net worth of over $24.9 billion. Unlike some of the other billionaires living right now, Soros earned his fortune honestly through transactions that were shrewd but fair. Through his acclaimed family financial office, Soros Fund Management, Soros has maintained a highly influential place in the investment world. Married and with five children, Soros is a fine example of an older person who planned well for the later stages of life.

George Soros Wants To See Leadership, Not Fear In The Face Of The Immigrant Crisis

George Soros is rare in the hedge fund because he has long been a champion of progressive causes. Most wealthy moneyman would vote for and financially back candidates that would serve their own best interest. In modern American politics, the financially conservative movement has fought to deregulate the very markets that George Soros used to make his money. Financial conservatives have also fought for lower tax rates on capital gains, the very type of income that George Soros benefits from.
Instead,George Soros draws on a lifetime of experience which leads him to back progressive causes. He is quoted as saying that his financial success allows him a greater degree of independence and that it is his obligation to take a stand on controversial issues. And right now he is taking a stand on the immigrant crisis flooding the European continent. He believes that the wave of immigrants could shatter the European Union.

The famous hedge fund managers progressive-leaning attitude has caused them to criticize Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel in the past. He is not a fan of her austerity measures and disagrees with her on a variety of issues, but he has seen a sea change in her politics. She has drifted away from her hard right views on immigration while she stares directly into the teeth of this new immigration crisis. She has opened her borders to more than 800,000 immigrants leaving war-torn Syria and she is urging her citizens to accept them into society. But she is fighting a great amount of fear among the European people.

The European Union is essentially one giant country. Once inside the borders of the European Union, immigrants are free to move around as they please. This is a cause of concern for many citizens who fear another terrorist attack like the one in Paris. Some people may even be calling for the dissolution of the European Union in the name of security.

Soros sees no need for this fear. He agrees with Finnish authorities and their assessment of any potential threat — very low. In fact, Soros himself is an overwhelming immigrant success story. As a Jewish teenager, he escaped the clenches of a Nazi regime to immigrate to the UK from his hometown of Budapest. With nothing in his pockets he made himself a success. He had to work hard and assimilate to his new culture, and he did so resoundingly well.

He has turned his life’s experience into an enormous amount of wealth and he is paying it back through philanthropy. He knows exactly what needs to happen in order to help these immigrants and to avoid an economic collapse in Europe. The countries need to come together to forge one strong immigrant policy that humanely allows immigrants into the EU at a rate that will benefit the economy.