New Residential Investment Corp Sells Shares Of Stock

In the last month, New Residential Investment Corp released shares of their company stock as their first public offering. These shares were released based on the stability of the companies investment portfolio and the positive performance they have had over the last several years. The leadership team at the company is excited about this new venture and is looking forward to working harder to make their stock prices climb. They are planning on many new investments in the near future and see them as a positive addition to their already overflowing portfolio of properties.

The co-founder of the company, Mike Nierenberg is sure that their latest investments will bring in even more revenue to the company as well as give them more leverage to make additional purchases. They are looking to invest in apartment complexes as well as many more commercial properties. They feel that now is the right time for these investors as many people are moving into more community type dwellings and are selling their current real estate. These wise investments have driven the price of their stocks up and they are continuing to climb as the weeks pass. Industry professionals have seen this type of rise in price in the past and have many positive things to say about New Residential Investment Corp. If you conduct research on this company, you will find that over the years, they have grown tremendously and they are always making sound purchases.

You can invest in the company by purchasing their stocks and they feel that dividends will be paid well over time. Most of the companies investments have proven to be sound money makers and with the new plan of moving into other markets, they seem to be increasing their potential for more revenue. The portfolio managers they have in place currently have combined years of experience in order to put together the right combination of purchases. They bring their knowledge together in order to choose the investments they want to make. New Residential Investment Corp stocks are predicted to continue to go up and management feels it will last for many years. When the company started, New Residential Investment Corp began by purchasing low cost mortgage investments and turned them into income properties. This resulted in their ability to make many additional purchases over time and they continue to make these types of investments on a daily basis as well as their other efforts.

Peter Briger- Principal credit department at Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group was started in 1998 as a private equity firm. In 2007, it became the first big private equity firm to become a publicly traded company after it launched its Initial Public Offering (IPO). The group today is a global investment management company that is traded in the New York Stock Market. The firm manages over 43 billion of assets belonging to over 1,750 investors. The firm has over 900 employees and has its headquarters in New York.The firm is run by three principals; Wes Edens, Randal Nardone in New York and San Francisco-based Peter Briger. Fortress Investment Group services include asset-based investing, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions and operations management.

The assets managed by Fortress include real estate, financial vehicles, and capital that create cash flow over a long time. The firm has been in the industry long enough and has helped many people manage their financial assets. In the two decades that Fortress Investment Group has been in the investment industry, it has managed numerous cases of mergers and acquisitions. The staff at the company understand the industry very well and have a good relationship with other professionals in the industry.Fortress Investment Group helps businesses raise capital through debt and equity markets. With all information, it is clear that this company is a specialist in capital markets. Through the experience gathered managing various portfolio companies, the firm has deep institutional knowledge in different sectors.

Peter Briger

Peter Briger is the head of the credit division of Fortress Investment Group. He joined the firm in 2002 after working at Goldman Sachs as a partner for 15 years. His department is responsible for real estate and credit business. Peter Briger is listed by Forbes among the 400 global business professionals. While working at Goldman Sachs, his work was mainly focused on Asia. His role in Asia played a significant role in a deal where a Japanese banking conglomerate bough Fortress Group.Peter holds a master’s in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania- Wharton School of Business. His contribution to the success of Fortress Investment Group is significant, as he is responsible for one of the key departments of the firm.Peter Briger has been an ardent supporter of the Central Park Conservancy as well as being a member of the Princeton University Investment Company. Briger also has soft spot for philanthropy. He supports an organization known as Tipping Point which offers support to needy families in San Francisco area. He is also a board member of Caliber Schools.

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