George Soros: A Real Philanthropist

Recently, George Soros earned a lot of attention for donating the most money to a single foundation by a private donor. George Soros is one of the most successful hedge fund managers alive today, earning billions of dollars throughout his career. His monetary generosity came in the form of $18 billion over the course of several years.

His chosen foundation, the Open Society Foundations, is the second-largest charitable foundation in the country. Over the years, Soros’s grown more philanthropic, wanting to help more as he gets older. He started donated large amounts of money a few years ago, and he just continued to donate.

The reason behind his tremendous donations is simple: he genuinely likes helping people. He’s not the kind of guy that donates millions as a tax dodge. His organization, Open Society, fights for democracy and human rights in over 120 nations. Recently, their focus has been on the United States.

After the 2016 election, the number of “hate incidents” rose exponentially. Arguably, the United States is going through one of its toughest times in recent decades. Open Society is all over the board, trying to help as many organizations and movements as possible. Their reach even protects art and culture.

The NY Times recently talked about George Soros’s political affiliations. Of course, he sides with Democrats and Hillary Clinton. That’s made him a target for anyone opposing the liberal agenda. He’s been called a number of horrible things, none as bad as the “movements” these hate groups accuse him of supporting.

He’s been labeled as everything from simply stupid to a traitor. Despite all the hate, many of the left consider him to be a shining light in these dark times. As long as there are shadows in America’s corners, there will be people speaking negatively about George Soros. As times get rougher, the accusations get worse. He’s been hated by many for decades, but things got serious after Trump’s victory. Conservatives went crazy and accuse Soros of anything that comes to mind. He’s supposedly helping both sides of social and racial movements just for fun.

One source claims that he’s responsible for the sexual assault accusations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. He’s apparently even responsible for Donald Trump firing some of his own people. None of these claims make any sense.


George Soros’ political influence and his philanthropy

George Soros’ political influence and his philanthropy. Any person who has been keen to follow the world politics and money matters has read about the self-made Billionaire George Soros. To many, he is a saint. He donates millions of money to different organizations around the world. Being a victim of indifference, the funds all the organizations that aim at bringing social justice. He is a liberal who would like to see the world become more tolerant to every person. He has supported lawyers who represent immigrants in legal battles, LGBT community, Drug addicts and sex workers. Many know Soros as an outspoken anti-Trump.

George Soros fled his country during the Nazi war of 1944/5. He and his family barely escaped. Being a Hungarian Jew, he was up for execution but was lucky to have made his way out of the country using some fake papers which he used to conceal the real identities of his family. He moved to England where he joined the London School of Economics. He worked a railway porter during the day and a night-club waiter a night so he could support his family and still pay the university fee. Upon his graduation, George Soros left England for the USA where he started his career in the financial world.

According to a profile published by Open Society Foundation which is one of George Soros most significant accomplishment, George migrated to the US in 1956 and built a fortune for himself. He has since been using his money to fund many democracies in Europe and Africa that aim at bringing in a more democratic world.

George came into the limelight in the early 1990s when he placed a bet against European pound and won more than one billion dollars. This bet oversaw the collapse of the pound by15 percent but put George Soros in the limelight. He started being invited to Interviews. According to an article published on the business insider, it is at that time that George Soros became a target of the unfounded right-hand conspiracies. In 1997, Soros gave an interview at NBC Nightline. The interview was titled the world according to George Soros. Some of the scholars ta the interview said that George aggressively uses his money to fight what he finds terrible in the world.

The media spotlight combined with his generous contribution to different movements has made him the center of right conspiracies. A google search of George Soros brings about 19,000 results. Through his organization, George has donated approximately $ 12 billion. All this he attributes to his great success in the financial market giving him an upper hand at philanthropy. Soros’ philanthropy dates back to 1979 when he gave scholarships to Back South African during the apartheid period. Since then, his money has become a voice for the oppressed.