Wen by Chaz Makes the Grade


Bustle recently featured a story on whether WEN by Chaz could help revitalize fine, damaged hair into gorgeous locks, like the ones seen on the popular Wen by Chaz facebook infomercials. While she was certainly skeptical at first because her hair in particular is so fine and thin, and the claims from the infomercial appear to be so over the top, her final results definitely justify all of the hype surrounding Wen by Chaz. In fact, she included before and after pictures from each of the seven days to prove it. Her overall assessment was that Wen can deliver shine and volume to otherwise fine, thin and dull hair, but that in order to be effective, you need to use Wen by Chaz daily as part of your hair maintenance routine.

WEN was created by celebrity hair stylist, Chaz Dean. He wanted to create a revolutionary hair care product that women could rely on to totally transform their hair into something luscious that you expect to see in a commercial. And, more importantly, Chaz wanted to make this experience accessible to all women without paying salon prices or having to make a special excursion to feel fabulous.

Instead, Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner delivers fantastic results with just a simple wash in the convenience of your own shower and on your own time. You also won’t have to make space in your bathroom for multiple hair care products because Wen by Chaz essentially makes a shampoo, conditioner and styling cream all in one cleansing conditioner product.