Accomplishments of Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is a medical professional with a license in Chiropractic Medicine and also has experience in Sports Medicine and Physical therapy. He has a Bachelor of Exercise Science from the University of Delaware. He has contributed heavily to the growth of Healthcare industry and has been known to providing the solutions to professionals seeking jobs in the health sectors. His Facebook posts mainly consist of job opportunities in healthcare where he advertises the vacancies available for the public to apply, and so does his twitter handle.

Brian is the president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors’ HCRC, a staffing organization that he created in 2005 to offer counseling services to physical therapists, physicians and people in the health industry.

According to LuLu, Brian Bonar has made HCRC the leading full-service staffing and consulting firm for healthcare industry by ensuring that his clients are well-taken care regarding finding opportunities that suit their career. The primary purpose of the organization is to connect its customers who are medical professionals with hospitals across the United States. HCRC services also extend to Australia, Canada, Asia and Europe.

Clients are guaranteed the best employees because HCRC high-trained staff vets and verifies each and every employee to ensure that they learn everything that they need to in their profession to ensure they are the best candidates before referring them to an employer.

With the learning, the professionals are ready to join the job and market fill in the available positions, of course with Brian’s support throughout the process. Having worked in several medical institutions, Brian Torchin understands how difficult to find a job that is why he created a platform for medical professionals to search for jobs without difficulties. This agency sets up interviews for medical students and goes through the journey together until they are placed. HCRC provides them with access to many job openings by hundreds of health care companies all over the country.

It is a clear indication that those who seek staffing agencies are at a better place to finding jobs and getting employees to fill up job positions. Employers only pay a fee for the people they hire, making it risk-free.