Neurocore is Realizing Positive Results in the Treatment of Depression

The applied neuroscience field has continue to grow in the medical community and it is being applied to treat mental conditions such as depression. Researchers, doctors, scientists and clients have discovered how important this field is. Neurocore is among healthcare companies that has embraced such technologies to treat depression. Depression affects many people all over the world. There are many types of depression. It can be severe or not such that you can lead your day to day life. Clinical depression has been found the most severe type of depression. It has not yet been fully establishes what causes clinical depression. However, factors such as genetics, brain chemistry, as well as hormones can contribute to the illness. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Neurocore uses EEG to diagnose depression as well as neurotherapy to treat the condition. The best indicator of depression has been found to be increased alpha activity. Neurofeedback is being applied for patients to be able to train their brains to overcome the condition. It all starts from a comprehensive assessment using qEEG brainwave mapping technology to gain a clear landscape on a patient’s depression symptoms. Afterward, a patient is exposed to a customized program designed to address the symptoms. Some of the symptoms of depression includes social isolation, anxiety, low energy levels, lack of interest in activities, low motivation, and low self-esteem. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Depression can be caused by a traumatic event or can build up daily due to stress. Neurocore has the experience, expertise and staff it takes to achieve positive results whenever a depression patient visits one of its eight Brain Performance Centers. The centers are spread across Lower Michigan and Southern Florida. Neurocore has leveraged on sophisticated technologies, qualified staff and expertise to harness the power of neurofeedback to treat depression and many other mental health conditions. It is always looking to help people affected by depression to train their brains to function better.