Neurocore gives tips to help improve brain memory

It is important to keep challenging ourselves by taking up new activities and breaking away from our regular routines, so that our brains don’t get lazy. This is according to Neurocore, a top expert in treating mental health and other brain-related diseases. According to Neurocore, our brains are drawn to the path that offers the least resistance and this makes our thoughts and process of thinking become regular and constant.

This why Nuerocore advocates for mindfulness meditation as a way of boosting our brain performance and memory. Neurocore says that meditation and taking mental timeouts goes a long way in improving the cognitive performance of our brains as well as boosting our memory. Additionally, Neurocore says that physical exercises also contribute to excellent mental health and brain functioning.

This is because exercising improves the cerebral blood flow, thereby, boosting the functionality of the brains as well as increasing the memory capacity of the brain. Neurocore adds that getting enough sleep each night on a consistent basis also greatly improves the memory of a person. This is because the brain gets enough time to cool off while re-energizing in order to recall old information and also retain new information that it is fed consistently.

State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes Is Helping Stop The Spread Of Disease In Xerém And Other Parts Of Brazil

While Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is launching a nationwide cleanup campaign to eliminate the breeding areas for disease spreading mosquitoes, State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes continues to focus on the Xerém flood situation. He wants to control the nasty bugs that are known to breed after a flood. Xerém is still trying to recover from the devastating flood that destroyed more than 250 homes and killed one of the residents. Dr. Cortes on Linked In and his medical team were first responders to the disaster which is located about 31 miles north of Rio de Janeiro.

The Capivari River overflowed when more than 8 inches of rain fell in a 24 hour period on the 6th of January. Dr. Cortes said the city needs bottled water and food as well as other necessities, according to an article posted by The medical team is helping the residents cope with the potential threat of disease that usually occurs after a flood. The clean-up process is underway, but the enormous amount of garbage in the city is making matters worse in terms of a potential disease epidemic in the area. Dr. Cortes asked the president to give the city of Xerém special consideration, so the pools of stagnant water in and around the city can be eliminated.

Xerém sits in a mountainous area of Brazil and natural disasters like heavy rains, mudslides and road closings are fairly comment events. The Cortes twitter team is trying to use sodium hypochlorite to clean up the existing water supply, but Cortes is asking for a large supply of bottled water, and the response has excellent. But the city has a long way to go before it is back to normal. The threat of leptospirosis and the Zika virus are causing concern even though the medical team is educating citizens about the symptoms of those diseases.

The Rousseff government is under attack for several reasons, so the fact that Dr. Cortes responded to the Xerém flood so quickly has helped the victims feel more connected to the Rousseff and her government. Dr. Cortes has an excellent reputation as a doctor as well as the country’s chief medical professional.

The Xerém flood is just one of the natural disasters that has devastated part of Brazil in the last 12 months. Dr. Cortes has played a part in helping the people in those areas return to a normal and healthy life. For more information about Dr. Cortes visit his LinkedIn page. He also has a Twitter account, so he is easy to reach.