Nobilis Healthcare Company Fighting to be among top Crème in the Industry

Most healthcare services in the United States are provided by the private sector. These companies according to Google own and operate hospitals, clinics as well as insurance companies. Although most community hospitals in the US are non-profit, 21 percent are profit. These companies are making deep investments in the economy and the industry and as a result have become extremely profitable. The US top healthcare companies are ranked in the fortune 500 companies list. This is largely due to adoption of new and affordable healthcare acts and regulations as well as new lucrative partnerships, mergers and acquisitions. Big pharmaceuticals and biotech companies have invested billions in research and development resulting in new medicine and technology. These developments have proven to be extremely profitable thus attracting deep-pocketed individuals and institutional investors. These companies are finding new and innovative ways to either maintain or improve on total sales amidst the waves of change blowing in the industry. The fact that there are about ten companies in the top 50 most lucrative companies proves the dominance of the healthcare sector in the economy. The healthcare industry is very profitable with equal opportunities for both investors and entrepreneurs. With services and developments like mobile health services, preference for services that are on demand at flat fees and data transparency, there is an ever increasing opportunities. These companies are meeting the sophisticated expectations of consumers to resist the status quo and make profits by curving out niches in the market.  However, most profitable companies are either pharmaceuticals or biotech companies. Companies that run hospitals and clinics are ranked further down in the industry and do not appear in the fortune’s list. Nobilis Health Corp is one company that has steadily risen up the industry through profitable partnerships and investments. The company is currently trading in the US stock markets. It is listed in both the TSX exchange and NYSE exchange. In 2014, it changed its name from Northstar Healthcare to Nobilis Health as part of its initiative to venture into the stock markets. The name change was aimed at removing any confusion with companies trading with the name Northstar. Nobilis owns and operatives ambulatory as well as acute care facilities, health clinics and surgical centers. It is situated in Houston, Texas, and has acquired a number of lucrative facilities to expand market share.