Lake Tahoe Resorts No Longer Facing Environmental or Political Threat


The Reno-Gazette Journal (RGJ) has recently reported news about an environmental and political battle that has taken shape at Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe’s north shore communities have been experiencing an epic drought, which has drastically affected resorts and businesses in the area. Furthermore, the residents of Lake Tahoe have been facing a political battle. Supporters have been wanting to incorporate the picturesque Olympic Valley, which is home to many winter sports in North America.

But more recently, supporters of Olympic Valley incorporation  have withdrawn their support for the incorporation of Olympic Valley. This is partly due to very severe snow storms that have taken a toll on the area.

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and its CEO Andy Wirth have been against the incorporation of Olympic Valley. Incorporating Olympic Valley would have resulted in higher taxes. Furthermore, it would have resulted in a decrease in the maintenance services that are typical around cold climates, such as snow plowing services. Wirth suggested that incorporating Olympic Valley would have been a very poor business and fiscal decision.

But supporters of Incorporate Olympic Valley have said that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings had an ulterior motive for being against it. Supporters have suggested that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings wanted to build more residential and commercial buildings to improve its real estate. Moreover, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings did not want its residents making influential decisions on the use of the land and instead wanted it to continue to be controlled by the Placer County supervisors who reside in Sacramento.

But now that the incorporation of Olympic Valley has been put to a halt, Wirth hopes that the community will focus on other issues, such as transportation.

As the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC, Andy Wirth works hard to make the ski resort at Lake Tahoe the most sought after resort in the world. According to his page, Wirth is a huge supporter of many environmental causes. He works to create a resort at Lake Tahoe that its residents of all ages can take pride in. According to his page, Wirth received his education at Colorado State University and Edinburgh University.